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And What Did They Die For Once Again?

And What Did They Die For Once Again?

By Daniel Ruth

08/19/05 "Tampa Tribune" -- -- This may come as something of a shock to some of those yahoos down in Crawford, Texas, who are so upset with antiwar Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan's vigil outside the president's Godforsaken ranch, but if they were to look real close they'd discover she is committing first-degree, premeditated citizenship.

You see, we have this nagging, irritating, troublesome document called the U.S. Constitution. It's all the rage - or at least those dead bodies in Arlington National Cemetery thought so.

There, right at the top of the Constitution, there's this thing called the First Amendment.

Stop Drooling And Read

And if some of you goobers who have been shooting shotguns in the air to intimidate Sheehan and trampling white crosses in the ground honoring the dead troops who have sacrificed their lives for George W. Bush's war in Iraq could stop drooling for just a moment, here's what the First Amendment states:

``Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, or of the press; or the RIGHT OF PEOPLE PEACEABLY TO ASSEMBLE, AND TO PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.''

Sheehan has a grievance - her son Casey died in Bush's war and thus she has petitioned the Clausewitz of Skull and Bones to explain why, especially since the administration's alibis for invading Iraq turned out to be more bogus than Burt Reynolds' hair, more than 1,800 American families had to lose a loved one.

Alas, the MacArthur of Arbusto has been busy, busy, busy on his vacation, riding his bike with Lance Armstrong, attending chi-chi big-ticket fundraisers with silk-stocking GOP types and chopping brush.

We're talking way big fun.

At any rate, with that kind of breakneck pace of relaxation, the Wellington of Waco simply has been unable to find a few moments to spend with a grieving mother.

Great Country

The problem, obviously, in meeting with Sheehan is that the Commander-In-Sleep might possibly be exposed to someone who disagrees with his policies, an occurrence even more rare with this president than a Texas Air National Guard flight physical.

Irony abounds.

As annoying as Sheehan's presence may be to the Patton of Kennebunkport, what is going on down there on that desolate ranch 40 miles west of where Moses lost his knickers is precisely what makes this such a great country.

Average citizens are still free to embarrass their president.

Cindy Sheehan has proved that dissent, protest, loud loyal opposition can still happen under an administration with a reputation as a bigger control freak than Joan Crawford.

The bickering factions in Iraq could learn a thing or two from Cindy Sheehan, were she not one of those second-class citizens - a mere lowly woman.

Were the Robert E. Lee of the Beltway to meet with Sheehan, perhaps he might be asked to explain this comment about the role of women under a new Iraqi constitution: ``Hopefully the drafters of the constitution will understand our strong belief that women ought to be treated equally in the Iraq society.''


Maybe he might have to explain why 15 percent of the women serving in the U.S. military in Iraq, as well as the nearly 50 American women who have died in combat, put their lives on the line defending a country where they would not have the same rights as men.

And that may explain why clearing brush is preferable to looking into the eyes of a grieving mother and discovering more than 1,800 souls staring back at him.

Reach Daniel Ruth at (813) 259-7599. You can hear him from 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays on WFLA, 970 AM.



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"Those who are not with us they are our enemies"
Gorge Bush president of United States of America

I am

I can not not be beautiful
I am so magnificent,
That my name is the first thing in your prayer
The Allah o Akbar in Muslim morning Azan

I am the praise for Jesus, smile of Buddha
I am the wrath of Old Testament and love of new

How can I be not beautiful?

I am the cry of freedom on children's lips
I am hope in martyr,
the moment between,
the essence of tranquility

I am secret of death
the sorrow of love
and depth of solitude.

Ignoramus Man!
I am not your enemy
I am your denial

Above peom was written by Shahram Vahdany, Managing editorial of MWC News Magazine is reponse to Bush

Wasn't the same poem that was quoted by Bin Laden?
You are desperate

Just like Viet Nam, they are out in force to discredit without facts to back them up. There is an amazing fact...that if you can't win by making an argument with facts just make something up...We have seen this all before...and you can't change the truth with stupid statements like this one. It won't fly...look in the are desperate with nonsense like this.

This kind of comments normally is not worth responding, however against my better judgement, I like to challenge you to back only this one up, for once.

That is benefit of being "Anonymous". Isn't it? Hit and run.

This kind of comments normally is not worth responding, however against my better judgement, I like to challenge you to back only this one up, for once.

That is benefit of being "Anonymous". Isn't it? Hit and run.

This kind of comments normally is not worth responding, however against my better judgement, I like to challenge you to back only this one up, for once.

That is benefit of being "Anonymous". Isn't it? Hit and run.

"persons of interest" locations: Crawford, White House, and PNAC

Source: Jim Forsyth, News Radio WOAI, San Antonio
"President Bush is actually the greatest liberator of Muslims in history, considering that there weren’t 50 million people in the entire MIddle East when Saladin beat back the Crusader hordes. But to the anti war activists, providing freedom from slavery, democratic and economic opportunity to brown skinned people isn’t worth the sacrifice of white Americans. Good thing they weren’t around when Lincoln was drafting the Emancipation Proclamation."

Better tell that to the Muslims. The don't seem to agree. In fact, a lot of them seem to hold Osama bin Laden (remember him?) in higher esteem these days than before they were "liberated".

It reminds me of that old cartoon: "We're from the U.S. governement and we're here to help you."

OOOOH...Not YOU again.
Is this all you can say?
You have a childish, white-washed understanding of history.
Is ignorance really bliss?

Number one--Abraham Lincoln, an American, drafted the Emancipation Proclamation for African Americans enslaved in--America. The democratic and economic opportunity was for Americans. He didn't pre-emptively attack the South because they wouldn't pull in line with the Northern, abolitionist thought--Congress was working, desperately working, for compromises when Southern troops fired on Ft. Sumter and states began seceding from the Union.
Number two--to ignorantly accuse anti-war activists of racism is beyond words. Anti-war activists are white, Hispanic, African American, Asian, representing the multi-ethnic U.S. soldier who is a citizen as well as many immigrants fighting to earn THEIR freedom. We are trying to save these young men and women from dying for a lie and our activism has absolutely nothing to do with denying democratic or economic opportunity to "brown skinned people".
Number three--democratic and economic freedom comes with a price for those who want it. Our Revolutionary War, which was an insurgent action against Great Britain, brought freedom to our country because our citizens fought for it. To appreciate democracy you must fight for it. Iraq has to shoulder the burden of deciding whether they want freedom or not--they have to fight for it.
Number four--did the Muslim nations come together and ask President Bush to liberate them from anything? I don't recall that reason in the list of "Why We Went to Iraq". I don't recall Iraq begging for liberation and I haven't heard of any other Muslim nation asking for his help in liberating them. That's a pretty schizophrenic accusation.

"Faced with a constant drizzle of bad news and purposely demoralizing commentary, millions of people stick out their jaws and hang tight. I am no fan of populism, but I surmise that these citizens are clear on the main point: It is out of the question--plainly and absolutely out of the question--that we should surrender the keystone state of the Middle East to a rotten, murderous alliance between Baathists and bin Ladenists. When they hear the fatuous insinuation that this alliance has only been created by the resistance to it, voters know in their intestines that those who say so are soft on crime and soft on fascism."
From Christopher Hitchens

Blaaah blaaaah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.....

You see this as a war between Islam and Christianity. This is interesting.


Very nice to meet you. You might want to educate yourself relative to the MONEY MOTIVES BEHIND THE CURTIANS. I'm a currency trader.........and we have been waiting for the truth to really unfold!
Best to you,
Currency trader
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 2005-08-27 14:03.
Were you invested in the STOCK MARKET on 3/10/2000?

The USA use to be the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY not anymore check the IMF site.

This enabled the USA to finance the great big DEFICITS!

We the USA print dollars and IT costs USA nothing.

Years ago the PETRODOLLAR was created....for OIL. (breton woods)

on 11/2000 SADDAM decided no more OIL unless it was sold in EUROS.

first barrel shipped out of IRAQ last year 2004 was shipped in DOLLARS not EUROS. The BUSH puppets switched the currency from EUROS back to USA DOLLARS.

all of the EU's countries USE MORE oil than the entire USA.

EU countries start dumping the US DOLLAR as their reserve currency (the currency to buy and sale for international trade). They start buying EUROS to build their reserves.

Inflation starts the more the dollar falls. Dollar buys LESS and LESS!
US Government doesn't include FOOD AND ENGERY in the Consumer Price Index. Shhhh don't tell the american public that!

Smell the INFLATION for the past 4 years in your grocery bill and your energy bill.

Uncle Al removes ability of issuing any 30 year bond 3 years ago. The 30 year bond is always used a HEAD read for INFLATION. US TREASURY called in past issued 30 year BONDS with HIGH interest rates. (the bonds that have call options). Make the deficit look pretty!

Iran dumps USA DOLLAR

Venezula dumps USA DOLLAR

North Korea dumps USA DOLLAR

China dumps the USA DOLLAR (pegs their currency to a basket of float, NOT USA DOLLAR)

MORE and MORE countries dumping the USA DOLLAR

My ..MY.....even SAUDI ARABIA starts holding less and less US DOLLARS, limiting investments in the USA.


IRAN announces NEW OIL COMMODITIES exchange to open in 3/2006....only EUROS for OIL no DOLLARS.......hmmmm......View all the WHITE HOUSE negative media about IRAN lately past 1 year. Wonder if BUSH will invade IRAN before the exchange opens?

Bush was warned by Buffett and EX_FED Volker, Robert Rubin also; about using the dollar as a weapon.

At present IRAQ is our 4th largest importer of oil NOW! Geee I wonder why they are blowing up the oil wells over in IRAQ?

Why are the military bases located around the pipelines in IRAQ and the newly created BTC Afghanistan pipeline project? Hope your BTC AFHGANISTAN pipeline (1000 ft of pipeline quicker road to export more economical) from the Caspian Sea basin gets done soon. This pipeline plan was available years ago but no country could manage to build it. Why? Because of the on going fighting in AFGHANISTAN with the Taliban. And infact our US government had many meetings with the Taliban prior to 9/11 regarding the unrest and the pipeline project.


And if you think your job is SAFE well check back in 2 years? Oh yeah and after you drop off the unemployment time frame they don't count YOU as unemployed even if you HAVE NOT FOUND A JOB. You aren't included in the governemnts unemployment numbers. These oil prices will stop the US ECONOMY dead in the tracks. 66 dollars a barrel was the inflation HIGH of the 70's at todays current prices........

Interest how about 9 percert on a 30 year bond coming to a venue near you....

SO YOU PRO BUSH SUPPORTERS ...don't forget to send him a little thank you card for all is great finance venues.
Maybe it would be less costly if the troops would have stayed AT HOME?

PS....Bush "needs" DEMOCRACY in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN for the OIL and the safety of the Pipelines not for the people of any flavor! Think he will ever get his IRAQ democracy .....maybe if you bring back the draft add 800000 more troops. Add senators and congress individuals ship them over too. Laura Bush's skills are much needed at the Baghdad Lirary !

» reply

» reply
how BUSH makes it LOOK to military families
Submitted by the currency trader (not verified) on Sun, 2005-08-28 14:41.
Submitted by Arvy (not verified) on Sat, 2005-08-27 14:43.
It's the status of the U.S. dollar and related macro-economic impacts (not merely oil per se) that's at the heart of the "noble cause" in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Sadaam's big sin had nothing whatever to do with any (purely imaginary) military threat. It was his threat to base the sale of Iraq oil resources on the Euro or a "basket" of currencies rather than on the U.S. dollar. In that respect at least, the war is already a lost cause unless they move on to "nuke" Iran as Cheney threatens to do.

» reply
The really SAD part is the so
Submitted by CALLING MILITARYT MOMS! (not verified) on Sat, 2005-08-27 15:15.
The really SAD part is the soldier who calls home speaks with his mother about all the GREAT THINGS he is DOING in IRAQ. I'm building a school and giving candy out. Soldier then believes in his duty. The mom feels proud. The mom doesn't realize that behind the CURRENCY CURTAINS what is really going on....only what the son is telling her. Most americans can't even invest their own 401K correctly let alone figure out the currency international market. They don't understand that ALL exchanges are marrried to one another. SO BUSH gets away with using these soldiers any way he wants too. As for Cheney the little red devil ....he belongs in the CASPIAN SEA burried under his oil finds!

Wait till these american military moms spent time and invest hours in to the real truth! They will realize their loved ones have been used as pawns "to try" to protect the american dollar verses euros = oil!

This reminds me of the WIZARD OF OZ!

» reply

» reply

It's a shame that your blind fidelity to leftist conspiracy theories blinds you to the truth. The facts are out there and reasonable, clear-thinking people will make up their own minds.

MA mom

You are a f-ing, stupid lost cause. Go back to your fantasy
and bake some cookies with red, white & blue candy sprinkles.

Get off this list.

Do you have anything intelligent to say???

To MA mom.....

Not to you! What's the point?......your brain is too washed.
And you can't seem to speak from yourself.

You only quote information by ardent supporters of the powers that be.

Christopher Hitchens??.....His political views have more to do with being on the right side of power than with any heartfelt convictions. Do some research on him, he slips and slides ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Thomas Keane of the 9-11 Commission???.....the "company man" who play-acted an investigation, then concurred with the "president's" assessment.

Give me a break !!!!!!!!!!

You're still looking for big strong men in suits to tell you they will take care of you and protect you from the mean world.
Grow up.

You have nothing to say. You're just regurgitating quotes and articles that corroborate with what you WANT to believe is true.

Get back to your cookies, I think they're burning.

Well, well, for a warm, fuzzy open-minded liberal you sound a little intolerant of opposing viewpoints. Got any substantive ideas or solutions? Or, will you just spew insults and clichés, and yell "NO MORE WAR" and "IMPEACE BUSH?"

That sounds like a damn good place to start.

And, by the way, don't pull the "tolerant" bullsh*t....
THERE ARE MANY THINGS THAT SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!!!!!....did anyone ever teach you that?

Over and out.

Another conspiracy WACKO heard from!!!

The anti-war, anti-Bush liberals conveniently ignore ANY evidence of the Iraq and al-Qaeda connections. One must conclude they hate America and are pro-terrorist.

"There were contacts between Iraq and al-Qaeda, a number of them, some of them a little shadowy. They were definitely there." - Thomas Kean, 9/11 Commission Chairman

Commission confirms links

Hey Cindy-

Why don't you ask why millions of babies have been murdered in America??? Any, why doesn't the mainstream news publish a daily body count for abortions? In America alone, hundreds of thousands of babies die (are murdered) each year. For what???

Check the abortion statistics reported by the CDC.

Good news from Iraq: You won't see this in the mainstream news

Today Show: US Soldier in Iraq Zaps Media - "I'd be Depressed Too if I got my
News from the Newspapers"

Iraqi Sunnis Battle To Defend Shiites

Iraq national news agency launched by Reuters

One Small Step for Iraq, One Giant Leap for Iraq's Free Press,3566,165229,00.html

Women Find a Voice at Iraq Radio Station

Iraq still 'offers plenty of business opportunities'

"Despite the upsurge in violence and mounting insecurity, a state enterprise in
the restive Diyala province is doing roaring business."\2005-08-03\10472.htm

Successful Polio Vaccination Campaign Reaches 4.4 million Children


Ministry of Health designates 450 billion dinars for purchasing medicines and
medial supplies

USAID/IRAQ: Reconstruction Weekly Update

Iraq’s southern marshlands are slowly recovering

Helping schoolchildren and handicapped

U.S. soldier honored with title for helping Iraqis

Army reimburses more than $1 million to Iraq reconstruction

Iraqi Infrastructure : Multi-national forces report on Iraq reconstruction

Sanitation : Najaf projects focus on supplying more potable water

Iraqi Education : Another 43 Iraqi schools funded and approved for

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