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Anti-war vigil draws protesters

August 29, 2005

Crawford, Texas: David Clemons seethes when he sees Cindy Sheehan on television, standing among small white crosses in an anti-war encampment named after her dead son.

To Mr Clemons her protest is a crushing insult to his own son, who was also killed.

"The lady is not honouring her son's sacrifice, because we don't have a draft and he went and signed his name on the dotted line," said Mr Clemons, of Winchester, Tennessee. His son Nathan, 20, was killed by a roadside bomb on June 14. "She'd better not be presenting herself as the voice of all the fallen."

However, Andre Lieurance, a retired naval officer whose son, Victoir, 34, was killed by a bomb the week before last, said he found Ms Sheehan so stirring that he might join her vigil at Camp Casey. "I just want some answers about why we're over there," said Mr Lieurance, also from Tennessee. "I don't even see the purpose any more. It's frustrating, and I'm angry."

Hundreds of protesters on both sides descended on Crawford, Texas, on Saturday for the most openly hostile exchange since Ms Sheehan arrived early this month.

Ranged against her are conservative activists and military families, including the "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy!" tour, which began in Ms Sheehan's home town of Vacaville, California, and was due to arrive in Crawford yesterday.

Its figurehead is Deborah Johns, the mother of a marine serving in Iraq.

The pro-war demonstrators will hold a rally in the little town, not far from Fort Qualls, which was set up in memory of Louis Qualls, a marine killed in Falluja last year.

Gary Qualls, Louis's father, has set up camp down the road from Ms Sheehan as a counter-protest.

He said he was most upset that war critics were invoking his son's death, along with all the 1867 others confirmed as of Friday, as a reason for the war to end.

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I would think that Mr. Qualls would be better able to channel his grief for the loss of his son and understand that people, like he, who have had "skin in the game" grieve in the own personal ways. I didn't realize that there is a scripted patriotic method to honor the fallen by insisting that more fall in their honor. I guess as a liberal leftie I fail to see the sense in that position.

I am more inclined to support the reasoned response of Mrs. Sheehan and a vast majority of Americans are as well. When Bush and Qualls and the other right wing nuts and apologists define a "noble cause" as being a "cause that is noble" or similar meaningless explanations with no substance, it merely shows the righties inability to intellectually describe the reasons for the war in Iraq. The righties refuse to acknowledge that there were no WMD. The righties refuse to concede Iraq had no part in 9/11. The righties cling to the idea that Iraq is being made safe for democracy. Yeah right, a constitution based on Islamic religious principles. All of these are all Bush and the righties have for their "noble cause" de jour. I couldn't resist throwing in a French phrase to arouse you right wing hate mongers. Sorry to my liberal leftie colleagues as I realize I shouldn't be antagonistic but sometimes I enjoy the opportunity to find some humor in all of this controversy.

If you're gonna join those lefty frog leg eaters, get it right.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. ;-)

The Iraq War is part of the war on terror. Many Dims including Her Majesty Hillary Clinton say so, too. But, it's hard to know what Dims really think because they lie so much.

One thing for certain is liberals hate America, support terrorism and love Saddam Hussein, and believe Saddam was actually working or word peace. However, in reality Hussein was a supporter of terrorism with a long history of having and using WMDs.

Gee, I wonder where he got those.

They are destroying the military, the economy, the middle class, the environment, and are sending more men and women off to die in Iraq.

What more can I say except that conservatives must really hate America.

You've missed a liberal talking point:
Conservatives oppose liberals' right to kill unborn babies, especially partial-birth abortions. You should watch one of these procedures where they pull out a baby's head and put a steel rod into its brain. That's compassion!!!

You must study correct information and not listen to neocon talking points...Then, you would know what you speak is false and leading to many deaths. Please sign up and fight the war you support. They need soldiers...too many are dying because their government lied to them.

Actually, I have signed up. I'm looking forward to blowing heads off as many Muslim terrorists as possible.

The anti-war, anti-Bush liberals conveniently ignore ANY evidence of the Iraq and al-Qaeda connections.

"There were contacts between Iraq and al-Qaeda, a number of them, some of them a little shadowy. They were definitely there." - Thomas Kean, 9/11 Commission Chairman

Commission confirms links

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