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Sheehan's voice just first to be heard

Sheehan's voice just first to be heard

Aug. 28, 2005 12:00 AM

Cindy Sheehan isn't trying to speak for you or me. She is speaking for herself.

The difference is that she is speaking about those things that many of us have been speaking of for the past three years.

She is just the one who finally got the attention and the support that the anti-war movement has been needing to bring the war in Iraq and the questions and death surrounding it to the forefront of the American consciousness. Jennifer Burnett, Goodyear


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Cindy speaks for herself and America haters everywhere. The terrorists are no doubt pleased to watch and listen, and are emboldened by her and her supporters, especially her anti-Israel and anti-Semitic supporters.


The same ol' predictable talking points.......get a brain!....and then........ a life.

Same old, bigoted liberal "get a brain" response.


Liberals are smart, sophisticated, latte-sipping elites. Conservatives are stupid, assault-rifle carrying, SUV driving, beer-sucking Neanderthals.

Lets not go here! We may have a kinder nature, which I don't think we should debate. We may have more thoughtful ideas about humanity but lets not point fingers. We need to help this right wing see the truth by giving accurate information!

My liberal friends and acquaintances are very snobby. When they find out I'm a conservative, they look at me with an expression of horror and utter disgust - as they would look at a pedophile... oops, I meant a stupid pedophile. I've gotta get some new friends.

You are not well informed. You need to be smarter than Bush. Get informed if you love your country. Just study the evidence. You have been spouting talking points that are lies...that is because you allow yourself to be lied to...DSM proves Bush and his administration planned the war far in advance, trying to justify it by saying terrorism linked to 911, but they are liars...the full consequences of the law should prevail. Government lies caused thousands of innocent deaths. You should learn. Sign up and fight the war you support. They need soldiers.

Pleeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee! Stop with conspiracy theory stuff! It only hurts your credibility. Also. if President Bush is as stupid as you liberals say he is, how could he pull off a conspiracy of this magnitude?

The anti-war, anti-Bush liberals conveniently ignore ANY evidence of the Iraq and al-Qaeda connections.

"There were contacts between Iraq and al-Qaeda, a number of them, some of them a little shadowy. They were definitely there." - Thomas Kean, 9/11 Commission Chairman

Commission confirms links

That may be but show the evidence!

George W Bush and his PNAC crew have done more for the cause of America haters around the world than anyone else I can think of EVER. Their worldwide standing today is closer to legitimacy than ever before.

Not only have the polemics of Osama bin Laden (remember him?) been vindicated in the eyes of many, but he himself has achieved hero status through the inept and misdirected "anti-terrorist" measures Bush has employed.

I would be very concerned if America was loved by those who hate America now - especially the Islamic community. I would love to hear you ideas about dealing effectively with terrorism. I hope they're better than Bill Clinton's "do nothing" policy.

If you don't want America to be loved by "the Islamic community", you've certainly got the right man for the job. I can't think of anything I could add or do better, except perhaps to help Uncle Dick with his plans for nuking Iran.

And, if you hold Iraq responsible for terrorism, I wouldn't say the Clinton did nothing. In fact, when it comes to killing Iraqis, especially children, his sanctions have got Bush's little war beat by a country mile.

The first thing that must be understood about terrorism is what most of the top U.S. generals already understand. It's a methodolgy and not like a nation state that can be targeted and defeated by purely military means. Like it or not, sooner or later, you have to look to the root causes to find any real solution.

Thank you for your kind and intelligent response. There are a number of theories on the root causes of terrorism. To me it's another manifestation of evil, and it's a little too convenient to blame terrorism on the U.S., our leaders and our foreign policy. Evil has always existed, and terror has existed in various forms for thousands of years. If America did not exist, evil and terrorism would still exist.

I agree terrorism cannot be defeated purely by military means. However, the U.S. military can, and will, help plant the seeds of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. Ultimately, I believe democracy, not war, will choke out terrorism.

And thank YOU for your reasonable arguments. It's certainly more productive than some of the name calling that passes for debate here and elsewhere.

I'll go along with you to the extent, at least, of agreeing that terrorism is evil almost by definition. But I'm not sure that really gets us anywhere toward a solution.

As for democracy, it's not something that can readily be imposed on others at the point of a gun, again almost by definition. And I don't think that we can simply dismiss U.S. foreign policies from the list of actual and/or potential root causes -- at least not as the terrorists themselves see them.

Not an valid excuse for blowing up innocent civilians, I hasten to add, but, then again, I'm not so sure that all of our excuses for doing likewise have always been valid either.

Maybe there's a slightly more intelligent solution to be found if we're truly interested in finding one.

Your points are well taken. I would like to belive that a more intelligent, nonviolent solution could be found to remedy terrorism. No sensible, compassionate person likes war. I mourn each drop of blood spilled and each life lost in Iraq. And, while I have faith in humanity, unfortunately, it seems the world is inhabited by many evil and lost souls. I don't know that we can reason with them.

That would certainly be ideal. Like you, however, I have serious doubts that we can avoid violence altogther. I expect that any intellegent solution will probably need to include some forceful elements.

I only hope that we can target them somewhat more precisely and with a little better results than we seem to have managed so far.

We certainly can do better, but the best-laid plans go wrong, and war always gets messy.

Read the project for the new American century and see what terrorism is!

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