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Pelosi The Bitch Lawbreaker
Nancy Pelosi had a chance to disallow Bush the capability to declare war on Iran without Congressional approval in the funding bill recently but voted to leave it so Bush can declare war himself, as a dictator. As Pat Buchanan says in "Nancy Pelosi, The AIPAC Girl" , if anyone is responsible for Bush starting this next war the blame rests squarely on Nancy Pelosi In fact I believe it is Pelosi's love affair with Israel and her personal greed which causes her to allow Bushfraud to jump on another Arab nation for the Neo-Cons on a whim over a mere invented pretext, and probably at the behest of Israel. Fuck Israel! If it means more U.S. die or more Israelis die, just let the Israelis die for a few decades, they've had their way since their re-inception. Let them do some dying for awhile now!
I'm so sick and tired of the United States being used by Israel decade after decade I don't care if Israel continues to exist or not. Rather I care for the welfare of the United States, its troops and citizens.
AIPAC and Nancy Pelosi and all supporters who do business with AIPAC are exactly treasonous traitors. Has anyone wondered why in the hell AIPAC has managed for so long to avoid being required to register? They've been in court over and over with the F.B.I. over illegal spying on America. Why in the hell are they tolerated? Why in the hell aren't they prosecuted? I sincerely hope the CIA's "Fifth Column" of semi trucks loaded with computers can find every chicken shit congressman and congresswoman's secret bank accounts, including offshore ones, who have taken money from AIPAC and raid them the way the late Vince Foster's accounts were raided when he may not have taken money from them in the first place.
As I showed on www.informamerica under "The Mossad In The CIA" these foreigners with dual citizenship are a threat and don't care about America, just care about using America like a whore. They spy on us, money launder us, bleed the U.S. Taxpayer to death, break into and spy on U.S. telecom systems, and instigate phoney war. Right now I've so had it with fucked up Israel I care less if they make a damned glass parking lot out of that place which blew the U.S.S. Liberty and nearly forty of our troops out of the water in 1968. Please GOD Blow this fucking Israel shit place to hell forever and make another DEAD SEA out of Israel.
Nancy Pelosi, you rotten fucking bitch , I sincerely hope you go square to hell forever you filthy rotten piece of stale shit bitch! Every real American hates your fucking ass to death! I honestly hope someone murders your filthy stinking stale soul to death you traitorous bitch. Everyone hates you with maximum passion you g.d. whore.
Please read "Nancy Pelosi, The AIPAC Girl", by Buchanan.I've never used such dirty rhetoric on this or any site, but anyone who has watched this country's charade-love affair with filthy Israel over decades becomes appalled at the non performance of so called lawmakers who are really lawbreakers. Now you see why folks lose what little religion they have left! Get rid of Israel, the thorn in everyone's side, and Pelosi, too, they're too damn much trouble and expense.


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