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People's Petition for an Iraq Peace Process

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A People's Petition for an Iraq Peace Process

We propose the following principles as essential to ending the war in Iraq:

First, as a confidence-building measure, the U.S. government must declare that it has no interest in permanent military bases or the control of Iraqi oil or other resources.

Second, as a further confidence-building measure, the U.S. government must set goals for ending the occupation and bringing all our troops home - in months, not years, beginning with an initial withdrawal of troops by the end of this year.

Third, the U.S. government must request that the United Nations monitor the process of military disengagement and de-escalation, and organize a peaceful reconstruction effort. The U.S. must accept its obligation to fairly compensate Iraqis for damages, assist Iraqi reconstruction, cease the imposition of privatization schemes, and end the dominance of U.S. contractors in the bidding process.

Fourth, the U.S. government should appoint a peace envoy independent of the occupation authorities to underscore its commitment to an entirely different mission, that of a peace process ending the occupation and returning our soldiers home.

Fifth, the peace envoy should encourage and cooperate in talks with Iraqi groups opposed to the occupation, including insurgents, to explore a political settlement. The settlement must include representation of opposition forces and parties, and power-sharing and the protection of women's rights as core principles of governance and economic and energy development. We believe such an initiative will reduce, though not eliminate, violence by lessening any rationale for Jihadist or sectarian conflict.

We send this message to all Americans in civil society, to our elected officials, and to the global peace movement. We demand that Congressional hearings begin to define an exit strategy now. We demand that members of Congress, reflecting the will of the people, adopt policy and budget initiatives that call for an exit strategy based on the above principles. We demand a peace envoy, peace talks with the opposition, reconstruction, the closure of U.S. bases, and the safe return home of all U.S. troops.


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Why in the world would the US or the Iraqis need anyone to "oversee" a disengagment? Here's an alternative plan courtesy of Counterpunch:

The Plan: The National Command Authority orders all US forces redeployed out of Iraq within one month and out of the theater in two months. Any commander that fails to meet the deadline will be summarily relieved, and replaced with a commander that will thereby be placed on a shorter timeline. I can promise anyone who has no experience of the military that this is perfectly feasible, and that with that kind of command emphasis, the mission can and will be accomplished.

Bring the troops home NOW!

Yeah , and who is monitoring the National Command Authority>shrub?
NO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beg, plead, crawl, whatever we have to do to get the UN to back-up and monitor a true exit strategy> gosh, ain't it awful to eat crow?
And let's de-seat the un-chosen John(Miss America)Bolton NOOOOOOOWWWW! That jerk represents NOONE

It will save lives>>> Bush must humble himself to international law.
IT'S THE WILL OF WE THE PEOPLE, not ShrubHitler anymore

Please take another look and think again. The UN wasn't required to get the troops in and it's certainly not required to get them out.

Do you really want to wait for another deceptive US display before the Security Council like the one that got us into this mess in the first place, aiming for precisely the opposite of what it purported to represent there? Do you remember Nixon's Plan? It "succeeded" six years and a million dead bodies later with people clinging to the skids of helicopters.

Do you really want to wait while the president appoints a "peace envoy"? Quoting the Counterpunch article: "The US authorities should be replaced... by a different US authority, renamed, of course, an 'envoy'. And the envoy would be the countryman of... the occupying military. This bait-and-switch is... a 'political settlement'"?! Sorry, but I still say it's 99.9% bullsh*t.

If you really want the troops to come home, the simple way is the best and safest. Just order them out NOW!

And the other 0.1% is horse cookies. Absolutely, bring the troops home now, within 90 days or less; and when the dust settles in Iraq and they have a viable government of there own choosing, let them sue the United States for reparations, which they have every right to do. The leadres of this illegal war should be held financially responsible, these are all rich men, Bush with his 1,600 acre ranch, Chaney with his Haliburton millions not to mention the book deals they will be able to negotiate from prisn, all this illgotten wealth should be confiscated for reparations.

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