You are herecontent / Bush in San Diego! 2 events: Mon. vigil & Tues. protest

Bush in San Diego! 2 events: Mon. vigil & Tues. protest

Bush in San Diego! 2 events: Mon. vigil & Tues. protest

As President George W. Bush visits San Diego, let’s ask him…

How Many More,
President Bush?
Support the Troops. Bring Them Home Alive.

Two Events! Attend Both!!

Monday, August 29th; 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Coronado Island
Ocean Blvd on the beach, Hotel Del Coronado

Join Gold Star father Fernando Suarez del Solar, military families and veterans for a Candlelight Vigil outside of the Hotel Del Coronado. Bush will be staying at the hotel Monday evening, prior to his speech to a select audience of supporters at Naval Station North Island Tuesday Morning. Bring candles, banners and signs of peace. Anticipate traffic congestion. Carpool or use public transit!

Tuesday, August 30; 6:00 am to 8:30 am

North Island Naval Air Station, Main Gate
4th St. and Alameda Boulevard, Coronado

Gather at the base entrance with your signs and enthusiasm to tell President Bush: Stop the Unjust War in Iraq!

If either event is prevented on Coronado Island, please gather in Horton Plaza, 4th St. and Broadway, Downtown San Diego.

Miriam R.



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It's a shame you portray the people with you as Veterans and Military Families. You are anti-american, hate the troops follow Michael Moore Bobblehead Dolls. Move to France they hate to fight and defend their Country too. It also isn't a candlelight vigil it's a I'm gonna spit on your grave protest. Stop the lying.

On the contrary, the SHAME is on you who will not identify yourself, hiding behind your nameless, senseless and blind false loyalty to a deceitful liar! My name and the names of nearly all of the individuals posting on this site seeking the truth from YOUR president are freely and PROUDLY given in our exercise of our CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! I challenge you to identify yourself privately by e-mailing me at and explaining to me personally why I bring shame by seeking that a lying, greedy, power mad so-called leader and his gang of crooks be forced to finally take responsibility for thier actions in starting a war of agression. I'll gladly be referred to as shameful by hypocrites such as yourself. I hope you read this before you attend your hypocritical Sunday "Christian" church service later this morning! I hope you mention how some shameful liberal leftie had the nerve to reply to the post you put on this liberal leftie website and dared you to engage in some intellectual discourse explaining why seeking the truth and having those responsible for deceit and lies being held responsible is so SHAMEFUL. There is more Christian love taking place right now at Camp Casey than in all the churches in America taken together this Sunday and every day since August 6th. Maybe you should have some mud rubbed in your eyes and rinsed out so you may finally gain the vision of true Christian love. Love thy neighbor as thyself! I truly pray that you and those others who share your feelings of my SHAME will awaken from your deep social and civic sleep. I truly hope you are able to withstand the shocking reality when the truth about your president and his crooked cronies finally is so overwhelming that even the mainstream media has no choice but to report it. The day of reckoning is coming closer and will likely coincide with the Special Prosecutor's final report in the CIA agent's outing. But you probably have no idea of what I speak do you? If you have any interest let me know and I'll be happy to steer you to some posts on this website so you can inform yourself and draw your own considered conclusions. Have a wonderful Sunday. Peace!


Look, You barged in this website and obviously spoke your free speech, and that's ok. What's not ok is that you have been lied to by Bush, therefore you repeat the lies. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the lies>>> listen to all the whistleblowers Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, Joe Wilson, retired Lt Col Karen Kwiatkowski, Sibel Edmonds, etc... John W. Dean wrote the book "Worse than Watergate", read that. Watch the DVD's "Hijacking Catastrophe" and "Bush Brain", it's chockfull of Republican whistleblowers. Read what Greg Palast reported on his investigations , he is one of Michael Moore's sources. Read all the Downing Street Minutes/Memos on this site.

Read the entire site of the conspiratorial cabal the PNAC, which stands for the Project of the New American Century which plotted Iraq war before 9/11, I REPEAT>>>BEFORE 9/11/2001. Then when you are sufficiently informed , come back and have an intelligent discussion:

Where? Please give us some precise link or reference here. I'm sure that some of the people that we "portray" as veterans and military families would be happy to have a chat with the troop haters.

BTW, have you and/or your family considered joining the troops yourselves? The recruiters will welcome you with open arms.

Is that the best you can do? Regurgitating the same old tired bs with no substance or truth isn't going to get you anywhere, not here at least. You are going to have to come up with some solid arguments to make your case. But we know of course you don't have any, which is why you must feel you have to resort to invective, ad hominem attacks, and lies.

You obviously suffer from some crazy deluded notion that Bush and co and the right wing press spin (lie) machine is telling you the truth, in spite of all the information out there to the contrary. There probably is no hope for you, but try doing a little reading. Lots of great info and links to other FACTUAL information on this website alone. (You know, facts are those pesky things that the right wingers have the biggest aversion to since they make them look bad.)

You might want to get started reading now as you have a lot of catching up to do. You'll be tested next week, and no cheat sheets allowed.

Sign up and fight Bush's illegal war...They are running out of soldiers and could use a good spitter like you.

Does the president want to be another Churchill?
Even with the help from Blair, it is not possible!,11711,1558137,00.html?gusrc=rss

geez ARVY from your post here and other responses you have written, you sound like a true blue (red) fence sitter...come on, plant your feet on tierra the mighty leader of the free world says...YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US...

I guess I've just never learned to classify myself properly under other people's neat categories. I'm liberal on some things and conservative on others.

When it comes to the military, I believe in a strong defence, but not in military aggression as a problem solving tool -- certainly not so long as other options are available.

Does that really make me a "fence sitter"? If it does, I guess all I can say is so be it.

Also, please don't take every word of every one of my responses to other people's comments as being equally serious.

I tend to believe that a little humor/sarcasm/devil's advocacy can sometimes be an effective counterpoint, provided the "nose tweaking" isn't too sharp and the other person is open to any kind of persuasion at all.

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