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Day 2 – Nick Kimbrell Continues His March to End the War

On Thursday, May 24th, Nicholas Kimbrell, a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, began a five day march from Charlottesville, VA to Washington DC to protest the war in Iraq. The walk will began at UVa's storied Rotunda and ends Monday at the White House. Read his regular updates here.

Day 2 - After a good night's rest in Madison from his first day's trek of 23 miles, Nicholas Kimbrell broke his camp and resumed his march for peace. His blisters have been born, and, he says, have "taken on a life of their own." Nonetheless, he's in high spirits, bolstered by the unexpected kindnesses and generosity of strangers, like the veteran Marine who pulled over and offered Nick a sandwich and thanks to him for undertaking his peace march – even as his own son, also a Marine, is serving in Iraq. And the two state troopers who pulled over to offer him water – and rides – quickly declined. Lots of Rolling Thunder riders, advocates of POW-MIA and veterans, rumble by en route to their 20th annual pilgrimage to the Pentagon and Capitol events to commemorate Memorial Day; some honk and wave, others maintain a stoic gaze.

It's hot, 98 on the highway, and he's being careful to stay hydrated. The sweltering heat is something Nick is sharing with the troops he is marching to bring home: today's temperatures in Iraq ranged from a daytime high of 112 in Al Kut to a low of 75 in Tall Kayf.

On a break, Nick took time to catch up on current events: Bush's Rose Garden press conference (where, paraphrasing old military vernacular for payday, "the sparrow shit") and the reappearance of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who again demanded the US pullout with a call for Iraqi unity. "To our Iraqi Sunni brothers, I say that the occupation sows dissension among us and that strength is unity and division is weakness," he said. "I'm ready to cooperate with them in all fields."

Nick reached Culpeper, the county fought over more than any other county anywhere during the Civil War. The spring splendor of the Blue Ridge foothills is stimulating Nick's senses and mind. "It's amazing! My mind is really running. I have a visceral affinity with the mountains. Sometimes I don't even think about the war. I just know I'm doing what I have to do."

In pursuing his peace march, Nick is enriching the legacy of his alma mater's founder, Thomas Jefferson, who wrote:

"I have ever cherished the same spirit with all nations, from a consciousness that peace, prosperity, liberty and morals have an intimate connection." -- Thomas Jefferson to George Logan


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Dear Nicholas,
We are with you in spirit. I was just telling my husband this morning that we should be speaking out against this war in front of the WH especially during this Memorial Day weekend when the ones who fought for us, fought for our freedom to speak out against injustice! The majority of the people (the employer) have spoken and our (employee, (Bush) wishes not to hear us! With this sort of arrogance and belligerence, we must be heard louder and clearer than ever!
We admire what you are doing and we know that our soldiers want to home with their families as soon as possible and they will thank you for it! They've been deceived over and over by this lying administration and we must hold them accountable!
Good luck to you, sir, and be careful with yourself!
We'll be watching C-Span news on this.
Laura and Dean DeRosa

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