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Bush's Signing Statement on the Supplemental Surrender Act of 2007

By David Swanson

Well, it's possible Bush has begun keeping his signing statements off his website, because this is the only statement he's put there about his signing of the Supplemental Surrender Act.

I assumed he would find dozens of little things in the bill to reverse. If there was anything with any good to it in the bill, I was sure we could count on Bush's lawyers to find it and reverse it. But Bush just praises the "benchmarks" - which of course he wanted all along, and leaves it at that. "Dis heer briar patch ain't so shabby, Master Obey."

Now, it's true that Nancy Pelosi had threatened to sue if Bush tried to reverse sections of this law with a signing statement, and it's true that people were watching. Maybe Bush decided that there was just so little he didn't like in the bill and such a spotlight on the issue at the moment that he'd be better off simply violating the law without announcing his intention to do so.

If you have the stomach to go to and read HR 2206 you're sure to find things Bush opposes. There's probably yet another ban on torture in there. The Associated Press reported that the bill contains a commitment to leave Iraq if the Iraqi government asks (which it already has). Maybe Bush has decided that announcing his intention to violate laws is more trouble than it's worth. If so, that's something of a victory against the formalization and codification of dictatorial power. But it doesn't guarantee lawful behavior. And lawful behavior is genocide when Congress passes bills like this one.


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All he needed was the money and approval for more troops--and we're
headed for full war with Iran. And with all our troops in
the middle east -- and now moving south so it is reported--and with
the mighty war ships and more troops on them -- and with the approval
for CIA movements into Iran -- who cares about Iraq anymore!
It's Iran. Also, what about the benchmark for oil that everyone
were so upset about. Notice no mention of that little subject
which I am sure if it were not in this bill Bush would add it as a
signing statement.

With all our troops sent to middle east the time would be just
right for another false flag event here so Bush could declare martial
law. And he would call on all the UN troops stationed here as
planned long ago to quell any uprising of American citizens. There
was the recent article about Russians in Virginia--in unmarked uniforms at a store who when asked who they were said "its classified". Having worked in the Forest Service I know there are lots of foreign language troops stationed there.

Unfortunately the members of Congress all serve the NWO cause if we
havent figured that out yet.

We better get busy imagining a safe and peaceful world to reshape this
situation to our advantage. We can also imagine everyone in the military deciding they dont want to keep on killing anymore.

Any other ideas? seeing a safe world, alcyone

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