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Bay Buchanan: Say What?

Bay Buchanan: Say What?

Cindy Sheehan is having a very weird effect on the extreme right wing apologists.

Case in point: Bay Buchanan actually praised Cindy Sheehan on The Situation Room yesterday: (hat tip Midori)


Bay: I think she deserves a lot of credit........She's very compassionate.....She's given it focus, national media...I think she's a very good spokesperson...


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The so-called Far Right has been antiwar from the beginning - since the first Gulf War. If we're going to stop this war (and, ideally, prosecute the perps) we have to realize that most Americans don't want anything to do with the so-called Far Left. But they might respond to appeals to genuine patriotism.

If this movement is a Left-Wing movement, it's news to me. It SHOULDN'T be, in any case. To my mind, taking down a lying, cowardly and traitorous administration is a patriotic movement, end of story. Not "progressive", liberal, left-wing, etc.

Why, then, do the folks who post on this site insist on referring to the "Far Right" and why do they insist on feigning shock when someone on the "Far Right" is antiwar. In a more rational world, every single conservative Catholic should be on our side (many are)- and we've already got the Pope. Pat Buchanan has ALWAYS been pro-defense and anti-war. What's so shocking about his sister respecting Cindy Sheehan?

I agree with your problem with labels (I realize that's not exactly what you're saying, but I will pretend for the benefit of this reply). I believe that the underlying desires of rational people are pretty much the same, and that the things we end up argueing about are pretty superficial, and mostly downright silly.

I also certainly would agree that anyone who calls themselves pro-life (and who among the living wouldn't!) should be anti-war...and anti-death sentence, pro-gun control, and anti-nuke for that matter!

Unfortunately, there is a much deeper context to the problem going on here - the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhour warned about so many years back has gotten the upper hand on the US power structure, economy, and media. It has much more to do with class - the rich getting richer while they grab everything they can get their hands on - than political affiliations. Same old crap that's been around since the beginning of civilization, just meaner and with better weapons than ever before.

As I understand it, the neocons actually used to be Democrats when they started out back in the 70's. Then they got frustrated because the Dems weren't hard core enough, so they switched over and eventually worked their way to the top of the Republican party. Now we have to clean up the mess they've made, somehow. It stinks to high heaven.

! Now that we are all in agreement, what is it that we agree on? I think we are trying to say we admire Pat Buchanan as an individual who speaks his mind, not always in agreement with what we think, but who does not try to pretend to be something he is not (Pat is NO Pat Robertson, who is a phony Christian and true Fascist like Bush). I have always thought Pat Buchanan was a straight-talker, I am pro-life, so I do agree with some of his issues, but not all, but I still admire his stand on his views >>> he is honest.

My Dad, who is bluer than any Democrat you will ever meet, admired Ike a great deal and still does to this day. He even admires Ike moreso today for trying so hard to warn the American people of the Military-Industrial Complex (yes, that was Ike's farewell speech)

The descent of a nation (or a party) from leadership by a man of Dwight D Eisenhower's high integrity and moral character to the abysmal depths of someone like George W Bush boggles the mind. It's beyond comprehension and almost beyond belief.

Can anyone, in his wildest nightmares, envision General Dubya leading and coordinating the combined efforts of Yanks, Brits, Canucks, Aussies, Kiwis and all the rest in a real war against a foe like the real Axis Powers? That required truly supreme leadership abilities that crossed not mere party lines but international sensitivities as well. With Dubya, I have a horrible suspicion that we'd all be practicing our Nazi salutes while he'd be "on vacation" somewhere in a deep bunker.

I agree. I think you have put your finger on a serious problem afflicting not just the anti-war movement, but American politics generally today. The polarization has become so extreme that rational consideration of valid concerns tends to degenerate into left-right "camps" with little common ground for any meeting of minds.

There is certainly nothing essentially "left wing" or "right wing" about opposition to war. We can always argue about various aspects of that opposition -- the "nobility" of various causes or the lack thereof, the waste of life and treasure and contervailing "political" priorities, etc. But exclusivity on such narrow bases only hurts the primary objective.

I say that now is a time for ALL Americans, regardless of political stripe, to take a long, hard, sober look at where their country is headed and to decide for themselves whether their country can long sustain its own best interests through costly military interventions of the kind that appear to be a major part of the current Washington agenda.

You are absolutely correct. It is no accident that the debates are framed between "left and right, liberal and conservative". The word "liberal" has become a pejorative term thanks to media system which has morphed into a virtual monopoly system that is little more than a propaganda arm of our failed two-party system. Most of the issues are really "rich vs poor" and "haves vs have-nots" and the "powerful vs the powerless".

Labels are nothing more than an attempt to mask the real debate and muddle the issues.

in the state I was living in, against the division of children and family services at that time of that state. They were snatching kids from families due to anonymous callers that phoned-in an 800# for the most ridiculous reasons , sometimes no reason at all because sometimes the callers were malicious.

In order to avoid political labels, because the parents were from all party affiliations, we called ourselves a Constitutional movement for Family Rights.

This is an essential point.
People have to start seeing through the smokescreen of...
left-right, red-blue, black-white, etc.
This is the oldest tactic of power/wealth.... "Divide and conquer". It is portrayed in the finest literature throughout time, Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Sinclair Lewis, there are too many to name...(psst!....a good reason to keep people uneducated, especially in those "liberal arts".....see the connection???)

No conspiracy theory here. Power divides people in any manner possible and creates new divisions if the old ones don't work anymore. Why? Because without those divisions, people would come together and realize their true power. It would be....what?, 98% demanding answers and change from 2%. WHAT A JOKE!
But people are too wrapped up in their petty bigotry and prejudices to see how they are being used as pawns. I watched members of my own family vote AGAINST their own best interests in this last bogus election. They were so spellbound by righteousness and stupidity and they saw themselves reflected most in this sorry, incompetent charlatan called G.W.Bush.

So, to the lurking "Pro-Bush" people on this website, I say.. wake up, take your life back into your own hands and educate yourself.
Start with Dr. Suess, if necessary. That's a fine place to start.

Democrat vs Republican, Left vs Right, Blue vs Red, Conservative vs Liberal, are all useless labels that have no real meaning in American Politics today. Their only use has been to divide and conquer the American public. Once we locked ourselves into these disastrous groupings we were divided and conquered by factions that have absolutely no love for this country!

The people villifying Cindy Sheehan are neither Republicans, Conservatives, nor Christians. They are stooges of the globalist foreign and domestic special interests, that control the corrupt Bush administration, congress, and the media! They have their reasons for wanting this war, and it has nothing to do with fighting terrorism, or spreading democracy. By masquarading as traditional Republicans they have done tremendous damage to our constitution, and pushed the nation to the brink of ruin! The wisest thing Americans can do is understand that today, there are only Americans for the constitution and those who are against it. Nothing else really matters.

Our enemies can be identified by their actions for or against constitutional government, and the rule of law. Anybody blindly supporting Bush and the war, is an enemy of our constitution and of this nation. A President who lies to get us into a war that serves special interests, deserves impeachment and incarceration, not support! This is the most dangerous threat in our nation's history! 'We the People', united in our civic duty to the Constitution and the Republic, will either bring our corrupt federal government under control, or end up living under Orwellian tryranny!

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