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By The Heretik


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lets get real about the issues since we went to war all americans have had to tighten their belts because of an economic squeeze. From HUD housing for low income people to Pell Grants, teachers are at strike in our state because they dont have the resources anymore. Gas prices are high but the strategic oil reserves are bulging. Halliburton and other oil for defense commodity traders are sucking up all the money from the U.S. and taking oil from the Iraq land where it is free to pillage. Trillions of dollars are being laundered into the war effort but medicare in its six year revamping will cost double last year, and its beginning to skyrocket, social security is in jeopardy because dick & bush have opened the loked box and stolen all the funds. Congressman John Conyers has got the ball in his corner. I would like to see more, and soon. Our prisons are closing and the state has been asked to trim the budget across the board.

I am a follower of Christ and his teachings...

Jesus said if people wished to follow him they would practice his teachings, living a life of compassion, tolerance and understanding and loving kindness and peace ... " I am the way , the truth and the life".

His teachings were the Teachings on the Mount : Happy are the peacemakers for they are the children of God; blessed are the poor and the hungry for the kingdom will be theirs and woe to those who are rich ... the first (the rich and powerful) shall be a last and the last first. Jesus

It just shows again, what kind of person were dealing with. Look at all the Right Wing actions since he stole the 2000 election, there Insane. They may look UNCOMFORTABLE but they lockstep anyway. And in the Morning they feel fine.

We Know that Bush had, even before 9/11, stated that "Saddam tried to Kill my Daddy". He wanted to be elected because he wanted to finish what Daddy started.

I felt this was an 'intentional effort' for revenge against Saddam from the beginning. (Saddam did supposedly try to kill the elder Bush, and since "W" is such a 'simple minded' person, on other complex reason is required!) My statements were not received well by my fellow Baptist Deacons! Now we have 'the smoking gun'. Maybe, just maybe, the wheels are beginning to come off the Bush wagon! My country will survive this adminisration's gross errors.... It will never recover from them in my lifetime. Any delay in impeachment will only make the matter worse. Impeachment of Bush, and removal of his appointed cronies is the only way the United States can reagain it's standing in the world's eyes

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