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University of Virginia Student to March to DC Over 5 Days for Peace

UVa Graduate Walks from Charlottesville to D.C. to Protest Iraq War

Controversial Commencement Address by Author John Grisham Helps Inspire Five Day Peace March

On Thursday, May 24th, Nicholas Kimbrell, a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, will begin a five day march from Charlottesville, VA to Washington D.C. to protest the war in Iraq. The walk will begin at UVa¹s storied Rotunda and end Monday evening at the White House.

Inspired by John Grisham¹s controversial commencement day speech to the UVa graduates of 2007, Kimbrell has chosen a Memorial March to illustrate his ­ and a majority of Americans¹ ­ steadfast opposition to the violence in Iraq. Grisham spoke of the "fifty-eight thousand boxes" that returned from Vietnam; and in his second of three lessons urged, "When politicians get the itch to go to war, don¹t believe what they say."

Recognizing that the time to challenge the Bush administration¹s initial claims to invade Iraq has long passed, Kimbrell has chosen to walk the hundred and twenty-five miles from Charlottesville to Washington to protest the war¹s continuation and escalation. "From the very beginning," argues Kimbrell, "this conflict has been mired in a web of falsity and deceit. We bear the responsibility to end this war ­ to end our participation in this poorly planned and improvised campaign of violence, to stop our military¹s little-supervised and wasteful spending, and to repair our nation¹s unprecedented fall from international grace."

Kimbrell, a co-founder of Virginia¹s Students for Peace in Iraq, hopes to demonstrate that beyond the daily sacrifices of our troops, their families, and the most devoted anti-war activists, all Americans must begin to talk, walk, and fight for peace. "We already have 3,422 boxes," says Kimbrell, "as nation of individuals we are directly responsible for each additional life ­ American and Iraqi ­ taken in this cataclysmic misadventure. As a recent graduate, I¹d like my first steps forward to be the small but difficult steps towards peace."

Kimbrell, born in New York City and raised in Arlington, VA, graduated with high distinction from the University of Virginia in 2006. On May 20th, he received his master's degree in English Literature. He plans to move to Beirut, Lebanon this fall.


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Please have Nicholas call the Washington Peace Center: 202-234-2000. We want to support his peace walk as much as possible! At the very least we should meet him Monday evening.

~Pete Perry
Washington Peace Center

the sickening truth about 'why' exactly the DINOCRATS don't want this war to end too very soon, is first, they and their co-conspirator campaign contributors who fund them, make too much money off the war, and secondarily, these same DINOCRATS are making a very dangerous miscalculation: that if they prolong the war into the election season, the mounting death toll and bad news will be the death knell for the
GOP murderers.

well, guess what, DINOCRATS? your razor thin majority in 2008 is going to be FUCKING GONE if I read voter opinion polls correctly, that being, we all feel GODDAMNED BETRAYED BY YOUR SORRY LYING CHICKEN SHIT ASSES, and we're not voting for you anymore.

So, kiss your razor thin majority ADIOS in 2008, you selfish, treasonous sons of bitches. You just joined the GOP with your capitulation and your lying about what you would do in your first 100 hours in office. You just signed your own political death warrants, and We The People are going to 'execute' you politically by not voting for your scummy, treasonous, self serving asses in 2008, if there is an election.

Hear us roar, you DINOCRAT MURDERING SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone quoted that , maybe on this ADS forum. I wish I could remember who to give credit for it. It should be the rallying cry of ALL voters in 2008.

The Dinocrats need to know that a broom sweeps BOTH ways!

This is the new Iran Contra scandal of this decade, democrats will officially lose in 2008

Sadly the GOP has officially won

difference, with this current bunch of spineless Dem's that cave to the RePukes then apologize for getting in the way of their agenda, the end result is the same as if the RePukes still had the majority..
Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official...
~Theodore Roosevelt~

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