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Frary column points to problems with Bush

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Frary column points to problems with Bush

A troubling example of war supporters' answers to serious questions about Iraq appeared in John Frary's column (Aug. 19) regarding Cindy Sheehan's opposition to the war that took her son's life.

When confronted with legitimate questions about our involvement, Bush surrogates attempt to ignore the questions, smear the messenger, devise distractions, and change the subject. Frary managed to do it all in his personal attack on Mrs. Sheehan while arrogantly bragging about avoiding the news.

The ultimate sad reality in this avoidance of critical war concerns, is that it exemplifies how we are saddled with a president who is unbelievably isolated from dialogue. His audiences are sanitized ticket-holding boosters, he shrugs off critics, pays lip-service to military family sacrifices and is surrounded only by advisors that march to his war tune. Bush wants to force democracy in Iraq without having democracy at home.

The Vietnam parallels are unavoidable. By all indications we are headed toward a quagmire based on Bush's belligerence, inept preparation and prosecution and stubborn refusal to consider criticism. Like Vietnam, the political will to stop the war in the face of such determination to keep it going must come directly from the American people. We must forcefully confront the administration with the continuing questions of many individuals like Cindy Sheehan, hold George W. Bush personally accountable for his deceptions and actions, and defeat his supporters in the 2006 congressional elections.

Bruce Bourgoine


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Somebody hasn't been keeping up to date.

I'll stand corrected if you wish: It is a quagmire.

The real point however is that this war will drag on and on and on until those of us who see it for the deception it is are effective at changing the minds of others who are still victims of or in denial of Bush's lies. We cannot let tuned-out, mind-numbing acceptance of the war creep upon us like it did in the mid-sixties with Vietnam. We need to save lives and end this debacle now. That is a vital goal that Cindy Sheehan is helping lead us toward.

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