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Were you invested in the STOCK MARKET on 3/10/2000?

The USA use to be the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY not anymore check the IMF site.

This enabled the USA to finance the great big DEFICITS!

We the USA print dollars and IT costs USA nothing.

Years ago the PETRODOLLAR was created....for OIL. (breton woods)

on 11/2000 SADDAM decided no more OIL unless it was sold in EUROS.

first barrel shipped out of IRAQ last year 2004 was shipped in DOLLARS not EUROS. The BUSH puppets switched the currency from EUROS back to USA DOLLARS.

all of the EU's countries USE MORE oil than the entire USA.

EU countries start dumping the US DOLLAR as their reserve currency (the currency to buy and sale for international trade). They start buying EUROS to build their reserves.

Inflation starts the more the dollar falls. Dollar buys LESS and LESS!
US Government doesn't include FOOD AND ENGERY in the Consumer Price Index. Shhhh don't ttell the american public that!

Smell the INFLATION for the past 4 years in your grocery bill and your energy bill.

Uncle Al removes ability of issuing any 30 year bond 3 years ago. The 30 year bond is always used a HEAD read for INFLATION. US TREASURY called in past issued 30 year BONDS with HIGH interest rates. (the bonds that have call options). Make the deficit look pretty!

Iran dumps USA DOLLAR

Venezula dumps USA DOLLAR

North Korea dumps USA DOLLAR

China dumps the USA DOLLAR (pegs their currency to a basket of float, NOT USA DOLLAR)

MORE and MORE countries dumping the USA DOLLAR

My ..MY.....even SAUDI ARABIA starts holding less and less US DOLLARS, limiting investments in the USA.


IRAN announces NEW OIL COMMODITIES exchange to open in 3/2006....only EUROS for OIL no DOLLARS.......hmmmm......View all the WHITE HOUSE negative media about IRAN lately past 1 year. Wonder if BUSH will invade IRAN before the exchange opens?

Bush was warned by Buffett and EX_FED RUBIN about using the dollar as a weapon.

At present IRAQ is our 4th largest importer of oil NOW! Geee I wonder why they are blowing up the oil wells over in IRAQ?

Why are the military bases located around the pipelines in IRAQ and the newly created BTC Afghanistan pipeline project? Hope your BTC AFHGANISTAN pipeline (1000 ft of pipeline quicker road to export more economical) from the Caspian Sea basin gets done soon. This pipeline plan was available years ago but no country could manage to build it. Why? Because of the on going fighting in AFGHANISTAN with the Taliban. And infact our US government had many meetings with the Taliban prior to 9/11 regarding the unrest and the pipeline project.


And if you think your job is SAFE well check back in 2 years? Oh yeah and after you drop off the unemployment time frame they don't count YOU as unemployed even if you HAVE NOT FOUND A JOB. You aren't included in the governemnts unemployment numbers. These oil prices will stop the US ECONOMY dead in the tracks. 66 dollars a barrel was the inflation HIGH of the 70's at todays current prices........

Interest how about 9 percert on a 30 year bond coming to a venue near you....

SO YOU PRO BUSH SUPPORTERS ...don't forget to send him a little thank you card for all is great finance venues.
Maybe it would be less costly if the troops would have stayed AT HOME?

PS....Bush "needs" DEMOCRACY in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN for the OIL and the safety of the Pipelines not for the people of any flavor! Think he will ever get his IRAQ democracy .....maybe if you bring back the draft add 800000 more troops. Add senators and congress individuals ship them over too. Laura Bush's skills are much needed at the Baghdad Lirary !

It's the status of the U.S. dollar and related macro-economic impacts (not merely oil per se) that's at the heart of the "noble cause" in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Sadaam's big sin had nothing whatever to do with any (purely imaginary) military threat. It was his threat to base the sale of Iraq oil resources on the Euro or a "basket" of currencies rather than on the U.S. dollar. In that respect at least, the war is already a lost cause unless they move on to "nuke" Iran as Cheney threatens to do.

The really SAD part is the soldier who calls home speaks with his mother about all the GREAT THINGS he is DOING in IRAQ. I'm building a school and giving candy out. Soldier then belives in his duty. The mom feels proud. The mom doesn't realize that behind the CURRENCY CURTAINS what is really going on....only what the son is telling her. Most americans can't even invest their own 401K correctly let alone figure out the currency international market. They don't understand that ALL exchanges are marrried to one another. SO BUSH gets away with using these soldiers any way he wants too. As for Cheney the little red devil ....he belongs in the CASPIEN SEA burried under his oil finds!

Wait till these american military moms spent time and invest hours in to the real truth! They will realize their loved ones have been used as pawns "to try" to protect the american dollar verses euros = oil!

This reminds me of the WIZARD OF OZ!

I often wonder why the "powers that be" don't just tell the truth about real underlying issues. I strongly suspect that most Americans would quite willingly support any actions that might be necessary to resolve economic threats to their "favored nation" status.

Of course, popular perceptions might not always reflect exactly those of the most privileged class. And I suppose, as you suggest, some subjects are too complex to put into the perspective required to justify wars. On the other hand, one shouldn't underestimate the perceptiveness of ordinary folks. With a little educational help, they saw through the social security flim-flam quickly enough.

Nothing upsets me more than to realize BUSH has taken advantage of the average american financially (ie. no stockmarket knowledge - nada). Sadly, families will realize it starting next year BIG TIME!This is HOW he is getting away with it all the lies!
the currency trader

do I hear 100.00 a barrel...wait to you see what orange juice is going to cost you.

stick together in this world>...the Neocons are at it again with a PNAC draft! To these yoyos> here's the finger SALUTE.

Nuremberg told me so> Just say NO!!!

The library needs some ENGLISH and READING help ms bush.

The twins can work in the altra SAFE MILITARY bases (the ones you run to the BOMB BUNKERS in (exercise will do those twins good).

Signed very truly yours,
the democratic insurgents of IRAQ!

We need clones of him with clones of his T-Shirt! He's great!

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