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So Many Noble Causes

Cindy Sheehan, of course, wants to know what precisely is the "noble cause" for which George Bush has been saying her son died in Iraq.

This might make you wonder: what other presidents have used that exact term—"noble cause"—to describe what other wars?

Here's one:

Ronald Reagan accepted the endorsement of the Veterans of Foreign Wars today... Defending American motives in past and recent wars, Reagan called the Vietnam War "a noble cause"...

—"Reagan: 'Peace Through Strength,'" Lou Cannon, Washington Post, Chicago, Aug. 18, 1980

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Union Busters excel at stirring up stuff. Watch for them. Stay peaceful. Have the cameras running.

Stay Cool, Stay Together (never send ANYONE off by themselves . .
even to go to the bathrooms!!), and Stay Focused!!!

And always remember that the obnoxious angry guy/gal that keeps trying to get everyone to "storm the other side", "tear down their
signs", "Attack the cops", "burn something down" or "blow something
up" is the CIA/MI5/MOSSAD/FBI Quantico Trained "agent provocateur."

They are very good at what they do. Their job is to make you give in to your animal instinct, thus discrediting your movement in the
"eyes of the people." And believe me, the WORLD is watching!!!! ;-)

Keep to the High Ground. Remember to "Breath!!!" Drink lots of water and wear some sort of head gear. Keep the morale up.
Keep singing!!!!

"Power to the People!
Power to the People!
Power to the People!
Power to the People, RIGHT ON!!!"
- John & Yoko Uno Lennon


For the Newbies - Looks like Camp Casey is going to be hit with a standard "Divide & Discredit" operation that I am sure many a "NEO CON" hopes will be the "flash fire" to give the cops "a reason" to bring in the riot troops.

There is a bunch of so-called, "White Supremicists" coming to "join" the Anti-War movement at Camp Casey. Their "raison d'etat" is that they view the war as supporting Israel.

Now, I am surrounded by "White Supremicist" groups here in North Carolina. I don't know any of them that are against this war and I sure as hell don't know any of them that would join a "woman's protest". Most of these cats are VERY Patriarchal. So, I am highly suspect at the "sincerity" of this new "support".

This is called a "divisive" tactic. Here is how it works:

1. A group with a "negative" image in the minds of the general population claims to share your cause and asks to join your movement. This has the immediate affect of polarizing your group into those that say "all are welcome who share our cause" and those that say "those guys should not be allowed to join in, they will hurt us more than help us." Your movement is now fighting amongst themselves. You cannot fight a battle on two fronts.

2. The secondary implication of this tactic is that if you allow the group to join, you will have a "power struggle" as the new group tries to incorporate as much of their philosophy into the movement as possilbe. Thus, energy is wasted trying to maintain the original intent of the movement.

The greatest risk here is when the new group "takes over" the movement and begins a rhetoric of "The end justifies the means" and "We have a right to do to them what they are doing to us", which basically reduces to, "they are either going to do something stupid in the movement's name" OR "they are going to incite the movement members to do something stupid." Either way, the movement is discredited in the eyes of the general population.

3. Third, and the opposition's favorite, is that if you refuse to allow the new group to join, they will confront you violently and demand to be included, thus neutralizing the original movement.
You are seen in the eyes of the general public as fragmented and ineffective. In my experience, during the fuss, someone always "over reacts" and the next thing you know, you are surrounded by tear gas.

The main defense for such an action is to stay cool, stay focused and non confrontational. Let the cops do their job which is to protect you while you are protesting. And have a smirk on your face to rival that of Franklin or Voltaire as you realize that you are really getting to these PNAC NEO CON jerks by just being cool and asking the same questions over and over. ;-)

The desperate acts of desperate men.

"Wake me up when September ends"
- Green Day


The so-called white-supremicists, "Stormfront" have some interesting registrations on their website,

Domain ID:D904136-LROR
Created On:11-Jan-1995 05:00:00 UTC
Last Updated On:11-Jan-2005 00:55:16 UTC
Expiration Date:10-Jan-2006 05:00:00 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC (R63-LROR)
Registrant ID:20232497-NSI
Registrant Name:Stormfront Inc.
Registrant Organization:Stormfront Inc.
Registrant Street1:PO Box 6637
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:West Palm Beach
Registrant State/Province:FL
Registrant Postal Code:33405

(full story)

"Who are you?
Who? Who?
I really want to know!"
- Who Are You by The Who


Have Cindy Sheehan , Joan Baez, somebody who can gather a large crowd quickly to spread ALL ground rules on the microphone, megaphones, whatever , including #1 ground rule>>> STAY TOGETHER, DO NOT GO TO BATHROOM ALONE

U.S. aggression has always taken place under the guise of a "noble cause" (or other verbal equivalent) and is always so recorded by "official" historians.

One needn't look very far to know why that is so. See, for example, Louis Wolf's work on Government Manipulation and Distortion of History.

Are some causes more noble than others?

A fire fighter dying in the rescue of a victim.

A police man dying in the rescue of a person from a burning car.

An airman who died in a bomber over Germany in WWII.

A special forces solder dying in El Salvador or Columbia.

A solder dying in the hot pursuit of Ben Laden in Afghanistan.

A solder ordered to patrol in an unprotected vihicle in a street in Iraq tomorrow 8.28.2005

Are some causes more noble than others?

A fire fighter dying in the rescue of a victim.

A police man dying in the rescue of a person from a burning car.

An airman who died in a bomber over Germany in WWII.

A special forces solder dying in El Salvador or Columbia.

A solder dying in the hot pursuit of Ben Laden in Afghanistan.

A solder who is ordered to patrol in an unprotected vehicle in a street in Iraq tomorrow, 8.28.2005

Well, how about "Firemen" fighting "Cops" in New York because the city brought in cheap labor to finish the WTC job and cut their overtime?

How about the "cops" that tried to rape my wife and her best friend
after following them home from a party and trying to force them to have sex or face DWI charges???

You mean the "ollie North" "Drugs for Guns" guys that were doing illegal "black ops" operations under Bush & Reagan??

You mean the corporate mercenaries that are outside of any Congressional oversite that are securing Opium and Oil fields for BushCo?

You mean those "brave" soldiers that gunned down unarmed kidz at Kent State?

You mean those "brave" paramilitary DEA/SWAT guys that raided a legal and authorized RAVE dance party in Utah last week?

SOMBUNAL - Some But Not All - Some military and cops are cool, others are not. One of the first symptoms of a Fascist State is the blind glorification of the Military and the Police.

"A policeman put on his uniform
He'd like to have a gun just to keep him warm
Because violence here is a social norm
You've got to humanize yourself"
- Rehumanize Yourself by the Police


I see your points. Very well taken.

Just trying to get the discussion going.

I just am very much sorry for the people who have to rely on "noble" causes, defined by the government, in their grief. One always is
asking;" Why did this happen for heaven's name"

I'm not exactly sure that I would classify patrolling in an unprotected vehicle as a noble exercise in itself, but I will certainly grant that individuals are often nobler and more honest than the governments that send them into wars.

On the other hand, I suspect that most soldiers on the spot would tell you that they're far more concerned about protecting themselves and their conrades in arms than they are in advancing any of the dubious "causes" that placed them in harm's way in the first place.


That's very valuable advice.

Sole reader perhaps?

Thanks for the kind words! I'm embarrassed to say that Sole doesn't
ring a bell with this ol' brain.

Turn me on! Is there a "newbie" intro work you could recommend?

"It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw
I’ve gone to look for America"
- America by Simon & Garfunkel


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