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Cindy Sheehan is ALL of US

"Cindy Sheehan is all of us" -- An open letter to President Bush

An Open Letter to Mr Bush from Fernando Suarez del Solar. Fernando’s son, Jesus, died in Iraq on March 27th, 2003.
En Español

To the President of the United States

I write to you in order to call your attention to the current situation in our nation. Because of the immoral and criminal war you initiated against the innocent people of Iraq, the nation is divided. We can all support efforts to vigorously resist international terrorism because no one has the right to take the life of another in the name of some "freedom." Through a series of lies you involved us in a war whose primary justifications--WMDs, a connection between Iraq and the attacks of September 11, 2001, biological weapons--you have been unable to sustain over the last thirty months during which more than 1800 brave and noble U.S. soldiers have died (among them my beloved son Jesús Alberto) and thousands of Iraqi children, women, and old men have been killed.

I remember well when in May of 2003 you stood on an aircraft carrier dressed as a pilot in our glorious air force. It was the end of major combat operations in Iraq and the banner read "Mission Accomplished." But just yesterday you had to repeat the same rhetoric and said "We will stay in Iraq until we accomplish the mission."

Didn't you tell us that the mission was accomplished? Then why are we still in Iraq? Why have more than 1800 soldiers of our glorious armed forces had to die?

Today, outside the confines of your ranch in Texas, a mother like more than 1800 other mothers sits and demands that you, the president of all Americans, face us and personally explain to us why our children have died. You do not have the moral and civil courage to face our tears but you have the nerve to continue to send more young people to either kill or be killed in Iraq.

I ask you, Mr Bush, if you believe that this war is for "Our Freedom" and "Our Values" why don't you send your daughters to fight for freedom? Why don't your closest associates send their children to defend these values? Why are the children of immigrant families dying? Why are children from working families who are the least privileged dying? Why Mr Bush? Why?

Why don't you admit once and for all that you lied? You lied to the American people and to the world when you invaded Iraq because of their WMD. If you accept that you lied, you will save many innocent lives by ending the war you started. Or are you incapable of showing us the slightest human quality of humility and decency?

Cindy Sheehan is all of us. She is our representative but across the United States there are more than 1800 faces like hers who wait to meet you and receive your apology and your heartfelt explanation. Do you have the moral courage to do it? Or will you continue to send more young men and women to die for your vested interests? How much longer will you continue to massacre innocent Iraqis?

When you will stop your crimes, Mr Bush? When?

Can you sleep with so many innocent lives on your conscience? Can you face your own daughters? I hope that God forgives your crimes against humanity and that someday you find respite from the grave crimes for which you are responsible.

Awaiting your reply not to me but to all the victims' families,

En Español
Carta al Sr.. Bush.

Sr. Presidente de los Estados Unidos de Norte América, Presente.

Por medio de este medio quiero llamar su atención sobre la situación que actualmente estamos viviendo en nuestros país, situación de divisiones entre la población y todo esto gracias a la guerra inmoral y criminal que usted inicio contra el pueblo inocente de Irak, una cosa es el ataque frontal contra el terrorismo internacional, lo cual definitivamente apoyo, ya que nadie, NADIE tiene derecho de quitar la vida a otros en nombre de una "Libertad " y usted de una forma por demás mentirosa nos involucra en un guerra donde sus principales razones,"Armas de destrucción masiva" "relación de Irak con Sep. 11" "Armas químicas" no las ha podido sustentar a lo largo de estos largos 29 meses, en los cuales han muerto mas de 1800 valientes y valiosos soldados Norte Americanos,entre ellos mi amado hijo Jesús Alberto., y cientos de miles de niños,mujeres y ancianos Iraquies.

recuerdo muy bien cuando el Primero de Mayo del 2003 usted se monta en un portaaviones y anuncia vestido de aviador de nuestra gloriosa fuerza área, el termino de las operaciones militares en Irak y dice,textualmente, "Misión Cumplida". mas sin embargo, en este año, usted repite su retorico discurso y anuncia que "Continuaremos en Irak hasta el cumplimiento de nuestra Misión" entonces? no según usted esa misión ya estaba cumplida? por que entonces continuamos en ese país? por que han tenido que morir mas de 1800 soldados de nuestro glorioso ejercito?

Y hoy, a las afueras de su rancho en el estado de Texas, una madre, como hay mas de 1800, se le planta y demanda que usted, si usted, el presidente de todos los Americanos, nos de la cara y personalmente nos explique por que motivos han muerto nuestros hijos? no tiene usted el valor moral ni civil de enfrentar las lágrimas de nosotros los padres,pero si tiene el valor; que le da su investidura de continuar mandando cada día mas y mas jóvenes a morir o matar a Irak,

le pregunto yo, Sr. Bush, porque ,si tanto piensa usted que esta guerra es por "Nuestra Libertad" y "Nuestros valores", porque no manda a sus hijas a combatir en el nombre de esa "Libertad" porque no están los hijos e hijas de sus colaboradores mas cercanos defendiendo esos ideales que usted tanto pregona? porque solamente están muriendo los hijos de nosotros lo emigrantes? los hijos de las clases trabajadoras que son las mas desprotegidas? por que Sr. Bush? Por que?

Porque no Acepta usted, de una ves por todas, que mintió, que mintió al pueblo Americano, que mintió al mundo entero al declarar la guerra contra Irak por las supuestas Armas? y asi, al aceptar usted su mentira criminal,salvara muchas vidas inocentes al poner termino a la criminal guerra que usted nos involucro, o sera que su calidad de ser humano no le alcanza a tener un gesto de humildad y decencia para con nosotros ?

Cindy Sheehan es nuestro rostro allá en Texas, es la portavoz ,pero en toda la unión americana hay mas de 1800 rostros que están esperando ver el suyo frente a frente y recibir una disculpa, una explicación valiente y honrada, tendrá usted el valor moral de hacerlo? Continuara usted mandando mas y mas jóvenes a morir por sus sucios intereses capitalistas? continuara usted masacrando a un pueblo inocente?

Hasta cuándo parara usted de sus crímenes Sr.. Bush? Hasta cuándo?

Puede usted dormir tranquilo teniendo en su conciencia las muertes de tantos inocentes? puede ver usted de frente a sus hijas? espero que dios le perdone sus crimenes contra la humanidad y que algun dia encuentyre usted el descanso que no ha de tener hoy gracias a sus horrendos crimenes.

En espera de su respuesta, no a mi, sino a nosotros las familias de sus victimas.


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Thank U Cindy & All in Texas

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Get Up... Stand Up Nows the Time...

I am some what at awe because President Bush is just ignoring all these mothers and fathers of our dead brave American Gi's.
It is time to clean out the house of representatives and elect people that will impeach the whole Bush administration. There are not enough negative adjectives to discribe Bush and what he has done to our country. The majority of citizens in the United States believes George W Bush had lied to congress and the people of the United States to invade Iraq. His approval rate is down to 36% and dipping. Nixon's approval rating was down to 39% during Watergate and Nixon resigned. The Downing Street memo's and the CIA leak in the White House are proof that this administration was planning the invasion of a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. For that matter there is proof Bush was planning the war when he was a Governor.
It is time for all of us to stand up to Bush. Cindy Sheehan deserves the support, our Troops deserve our support. Keep emailing your Representatives in congress and the Senate asking for an investigation into the Downing Street Memo's... Ask them to begin impeachment proceedings. NOW IS THE TIME, BEFORE ONE MORE SOLDIER/MARINE IS KILLED. REMEMBER, IRAQ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11 so "WHAT NOBLE CAUSE" IS OUR TROOPS FIGHTING AND DYING FOR? (ask this of your represntative). - http://www.senate;gov

Thank you for your letter and for ADM for posting it This is one of the best websites to keep up with the daily changes. We need more info in Spanish to educate our largest growing minority in USA Unfortunately many hispanics are republicans buying lies about family values etc. this will change when rovebushco turns on 'illegals'
& immigrants in order to win 06 election, as Dean warned us last Sun.

Why has bush ignored the borders for 4+ years? The rage is building as contruction and many other industries are being taken over by workers from other countries willing to work for less. Its a real issue which is provoking a lot of anger in middle America.
Roveco will turn this anger blaming Democratic party for the illegal immigration situation even though bushco has done nothing to amend it. Is it possible they let it get really bad so they can use it in the 06 election?

The radical right convinced millions of Christians that democrats were secular, atheistic, deviant, traitorous, pinkos etc who wanted to take christianity out of American lives. This manipulation of anger and scapegoating especially with control of the mass media works very well to gain voters.

Roveco will make dems look like they are soft on protecting borders.Dems will be portrayed as allowing or supporting illegal immigration thereby causing all the job losses and also allowing terrorists in. After all if you oppose the war you are on the side of the terrorists right? With us or agin us as the shrub says.

The repubs captured the south by convincing white rural southerners that it was the dems who were responsible for the disruption brought by the civil rights movement. Thats what George Wallace was all about if anyone remembers him. He gained trememdous support from working class Americans by posing the dems as the party who was undermining their style of life with civil rights legislation etc. Later the same issue crops up with affirmative action.

The main idea here is the ruling elite divides the country into warring elements which diverts attention from their real agenda.
The radical right needs a continuous supply of people to scapegoat

They used the gays in the last election, thereby diverting attention from education, medical care,environment,dificits,the war. They will focus an attack on antiwar activists as well. When times are bad its good to have someone to blame.Other regimes found a group of people to scapegoat.

We have to change the hearts and minds of our democrat politicians
Sen. Feinstein from "liberal" california says she is "not sure" if Cindy's message is helpful. Im not sure if Diane Feinstein and many other Dems are helpful in changing the course our country is taking. They are hedging their bets just as kerry, hillary etc are doing. WE need to organize in large groups to change this self serving posture of democratic politicians.

In contrast Sen.Barbara Boxer has been very outspoken and courageous calling Condy Rices integrity into question around truth telling in a CSPAN televised hearing. Barbara Lee, Cynthia McKinney,John Conyers, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi and Robert Byrd have also spoken out quite strongly against the bushco policies.

Russ Feingold and more recently Chuck Hegel demonstrated integrity and patriotism in taking a stance against the war.Polls indicate that 60% are now against bushcos war. How do we get the rest of theDems to drop their silence about or support of occupation of Iraq?

Today Dan Ellsburg says the next 911 type incident will enable bushco to run this country however they please. In an interview on KPFA of Ellsburg also said that there is another much stronger version of the patriot act already written and ready to use.

Obviously the question is; At what point, as the polls go down and as antiwar movement grows, do the neocons decide another "pearl harbor" like 911 (PNAC) is necessary in order to whip Americans into line?

We are in the process of losing our democracy This is not an exaggerated claim at all. Cindy, the Veterans and their Families,and the other patriots at Camp Casey are demonstrating the kind of courage required of the rest of us. It takes courage to stand up to what is happening. God help America.

I'm thinking of driving to Camp Casey when I get off work at 7 tomorrow morning. I will be able to take off for 36 hours instead of the usual 12. It's 400 miles, after a twelve hour shift and I wont be able to go home and get my mail for another three weeks or so if I go to Crawford. I haven't slept very well the past couple of days either, so I'm having a real struggle to decide. I hate to miss my last chance to see this bit of history in the making.


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