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Online Discussion with General Clark

Houston, Tx.: How would you respond to Cindy Sheehan and the other family members who believe their children have been sacrificed for a lie?

General Clark: I have the deepest sympathy and empathy with Cindy Sheehan. My son served in the Armed Forces and I worried about him every day. And, I carried a burden of guilt about his service, as I am sure most mothers and fathers do. Because, after all, we either encourage them, supported them, or sustained them in making this committment to their country. My prayers and condolences are with every family who has lost a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan, or seen him or her come home forever scarred or crippled. And I thank them for their loved ones' service and for their sacrifice. And I understand the depth of their feelings I believe, because every American trusts our leaders to use our men and women in combat only, only, only as a last resort. And in Iraq, this wasn't the case. And we will probably never learn the full array of motives that lead our nation's leaders to take us to this war. I warned at the time that it was "elective"--we didn't have to do it. There wasn't an eminent threat. So why did we? Cindy Sheehan, every mother and father of our service members, and every American has a right to know. It was a strategic blunder to go there. Now America sees it in hindsight. But those in power have responsibilities to do the right thing, and when they don't they should be held accountable. Cindy is doing everything she can to hold them accountable. President Bush should talk to her and tell her the truth.

He was having an online discussion at WaPo.

The discussion was based on his OpEd this morning.

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Apparently, the page has been moved or scrubbed. I can't read the opEd.

It is encouraging to hear someone in the military be honest...Where are the rest of them... Time to speak out... We are in trouble in this country with few good options... This could escalate soon

Democrats have to be supported, pushed or coerced into doing the will of the people. 60% no longer support the war or rovebushco.
With their silence, they are covertly allowing bush to continue. They must be forced to grow spines or get unelected in 06 this is crucial
HOW is this accomplished.?? Letters aint getting it.

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