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Another Mother for War

Friday, August 26, 2005

There was something truly repulsive about the way Bush and his handlers latched onto poor Tammy Pruett, the Idaho mother whose husband and four sons have already served or are still serving in Iraq.

I have no doubt but that this woman, despite all the smiles and cheering at the rally at which she received the presidential peck on the cheek, spends lonely nights wondering darkly what is happening to her three sons (her husband and one son are back from their tours). Any parent would, knowing their children were living in a shooting gallery and were the targets.

It was a travesty for Bush, as a way of striking back at the powerful anti-war protest by Cindy Sheehan and the other Gold Star Mothers who have lost loved ones, to parade this particular mother before the media and to quote her as having said that “…if something happens to one of the boys, they would leave this world doing what they believe, what they think is right for our country.

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If her kid comes home in a box she'll be a little more receptive to reality. It's great to bask in the warm spotlight of patriotism but when that drug wears off she'll be left alone to face the cold reality of truth. Time will show her that she stands alone in her loss, and that her loss will be measured against a lie.

Did you tell Tammy, Mr Wrongo , that her family would die for your PNAC global domination plot? Did you tell Tammy her family would die for a conspiracy that violates the Constitution of the United States and the Nuremberg Principles? Did you even mention the Project for a New American Century to Tammy AND her family of soldiers? Did you tell her the PNAC plotted ALL of this BEFORE 9/11? Do they have a clue what they could die for?

Even though he is home, he could be sent back. Even though he is home he has been exposed to depleted uranium which embeds in bones and organs, bonding to DNA to cause cancer and birth defects. Even though he is home he has been "vacinated" with dangerous "anthrax vaccine" and other experimental substances which can have terrible consequences. Was he in an area where banned chemical agents were used by our government against the population in violation of all international and domestic laws? Even though he is home he carries the memories and will never be safe again.

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