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Call on President Bush to develop a success strategy for Iraq

Dear Sussel,

Cindy Sheehan's courageous protest outside George Bush's ranch in Crawford, TX has captivated tens of millions of Americans from coast to coast. Her poignant and heartfelt pleas have focused the nation's attention on Iraq in a way that nothing else could.

Yet after 28 long months of our occupation of Iraq, and after 1,873 brave American soldiers -- including Casey Sheehan -- have lost their lives, President Bush has still failed to develop a success strategy. This cannot continue any longer.

Shortly after the Senate reconvenes in early September, and when George Bush returns to Washington from his five-week vacation in Texas, I am personally going to deliver our petition to the White House, calling on President Bush to spell out his plan for Iraq. And I want your name to be on it.

Call on President Bush to develop a success strategy for Iraq -- sign my petition now!

I'm proud to stand alongside my colleague Russ Feingold from Wisconsin as a co-sponsor of Senate Resolution 171, calling on President Bush to define a timeframe for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Because it's time -- in fact, it's more than time -- for President Bush to clearly lay out a strategy for the American people that can succeed in Iraq, defuse the terrorist insurgency, and bring our brave men and women home.

That will only happen when the President brings credibility, accountability, and responsibility to a war that has been lacking in all three.

Credibility: It's time for President Bush to stop using sound bytes like "Mission Accomplished" and be honest and truthful with the American people.

Accountability: We need to hear from the Bush Administration about exactly how many Iraqi forces are needed; how to meet that goal; and by when.

Responsibility: We must honor our soldiers and their families -- including mothers like Cindy Sheehan -- every day, by giving them the equipment they need while they are deployed and the health care they deserve when they come home.

Add your name -- today -- to the petition that I will deliver to the White House next month!

More than 40,000 Americans have already signed my petition, urging President Bush to develop a success strategy for Iraq.

But we need tens of thousands more to make our voices heard, loud and clear.

We need tens of thousands more to stand with us, urging President Bush to set a timeframe for withdrawing American forces.

We need tens of thousands more to stand with Cindy Sheehan and all the grieving mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and family members who have lost loved ones in this war.

Thank you so much for your support. I'll keep you updated on our progress in collecting petition signatures and will let you know exactly when we'll be delivering them.

I look forward to carrying your name with me to the White House in September.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer


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1964 - LBJ said, "I don't want to hear any more about this coup shit. I've had enough of it, and we've got to find a way to stabilize those people out there."

2005 – Bush is thinking, “I don’t want to hear any more about this constitution shit. I’ve had enough of it, and we’ve got to find a way to stabilize those people out there.

Stop the funding, absolutely. Congress does not need little George Stupid's permission or cooperation to stop this insanely stupid war, all they have to do is cut the funding. When it was all said and done US involvement in Vietnam never ended until congress grew a pair of cajones and stoped the funding.

Dear loyal subjects, serfs, and cannon fodder,

There has been much talk recenty about the need for a "Success Strategy" in Iraq. As your emperor, I wish to alleviate any fears you may have. Our "Just and Noble" Cause has been accomplished.

See, long ago, there were a bunch of French Loving "girlie men" that came up with this insane doctrine that "All Men are Created Equal."
Well, any rich person, especially a British Ruling Class person will tell you that this is a lie. The Powerful have a God Given Right to rule whomever they conquer. So, we rich Americans began working in secret to purge this French nonsense and bleed this wealthy country dry. You see, we put our faith in God to pick the natural born leaders. That's why you have "In God We Trust" on your money instead of that stupid French "Liberty" & "Freedom" crap.

Since World War II, we the Rich have taken over the media, your religions, the banking, the corporations, the military, the real estate, the medical industry, and the prisons. We have set up over 100 military bases world wide and have mercenaries paving our way all over the planet. You pay for it all through your taxes, but we tricked you into letting us do it in secret with no oversight. We called it, "National Security" and you trusting fools fell for it.

We set up a "grading and sorting" system to weed out all the undesirable slaves from the useful ones. We called it public education. With this system, everyone fights everyone else for a 1 in a million shot at having a quality of life. Most of the weaker slaves have nervous breakdowns, turn to alcohol/durg abuse, or resort to crime to survive. We set up "ZERO TOLERANCE" policies to always keep you in fear of being "Discarded."

We set up modern "Gladiator" and "Entertainment" systems as rewards for the good slaves. We have so demonized the "liberals" that still try to demand their "Consittutional Rights" that they are afraid to go out in public lest they be attacked by our "Loyalists." We have so many para-military cops on the streets, there is no way you can do anything to stop us. They are there to "Protect and Serve" the Rich.

Yup, we are just one more 9/11 "al Qaeda" attack away from declaring Martial Law and purging this country of all the people we rich white people don't like.

So, from our perspective, this all has gone very well indeed. We're rich and can have anything we want, do anything we want and nobody can do anything about it.

So, like I gave the finger to the press, I would just like to close
with a hearty Texas "Fuck You All!!" and say, "God Bless the Rich and Our America!! The rest of you can go to hell!!"


Emperor George W. Bush

Hey Emperor,

Thank you for defending your position that we should stay the course in Iraq. The more you speak about staying in the country, the lower your approval ratings will fall, and the more people will protest against the war. Keep it up Dubya!

The 64% of this country who's had enough of this war.

I will not sign this petition, George Bush has screwed up so much that I refuse to give him the right to define a success strategy for anything, much less Iraq. The only exit strategy we need for Iraq is simple, all US troops out of Iraq within the next 90 days.

I see no evidence that there is anything we can do to solve Iraq's problems, the best thing we can do is get out of the way and let Iraq solve there own problems in there own time and in there own way. These people are not children they are perfectly capable of solving there own problems. The continued presence of US troops is what drives the insurgency, the sooner we leave the better for everyone.

The only success strategy this self serving hypocrite would ever come up with would be for his benefit, for increasing his political fortunes, for covering his sorry ass and all the mistakes he has made; it would not be for the best interests of Iraq or the best interests of the American people. The only thing I will call on George "shit for brains" Bush to do is to resign! Damn strait you will not get my signature on this petition!

Let me put it another way - I'll sign that damn petition if our multi-tasking president can kill two birds with one stone. If King George can ride his mountain bike a mere six miles from the Baghdad International Airport to the Green Zone and address the Iraqi parliment, congress, or american sponsored cluster-F#$k, THEN I'LL SIGN and not a second sooner.

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