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Let the Damned Thing Die

By Mark Hull-Richter

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid our elected representatives,
and their lobbyist groups can get.

Bush, as expected, vetoed the wimpy supplemental appropriations bill
giving him $124 BILLION so he could continue the occupation in Iraq
from September, 2008 on past the end of his term, AND enough to fund
the beginning of another unprovoked, non-defense, preemptive, illegal
war, this time on Iran. The bill was wimpy because, despite all the
blowhard rhetoric from our corporate-funded representatives
(Democrats, for the most part), all the deadlines and time schedules

But now, in a true fury of blowhardiness, and in what smacks of the
most unbelievable doublethink of our time, Move-On, which is
supposedly opposing the "war" aka OCCUPATION in Iraq, is furious that
Bush won't take the money!!!!!

Can you believe this BS?

Here's what to do:

Call your Representative and tell them: DROP IT! If Bush doesn't want
the money, even with minor, mild, advisory strings, tell him to pay
for the damned thing himself. NO MORE MONEY.

As Maxine Waters told the state party delegates in California, and as
no one in Washington or outside the convention was listening, "Not one
more nickel, not one more dime, not one more soldier, NOT THIS TIME!"

Cut the royal person-of-dubious-parentage (which is true, by the way)
off at whatever hundreds of billions he has already wasted, plus the
hundreds of billions the DEMOCRATS in Congress have promised him
through 2009 and beyond, and DROP THE WHOLE THING NOW!

That will end the occupation, and our butting in, in the Middle East.

Until Dick stages another phony terrorist attack....


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This crap is essentially about who is going to 'take the hit' for defunding the war (which, in MSM speak, = harming the troops)

these idiots are playing their little games back and forth over whose fault it is- (D) for not giving George what he wants, (R) for vetoing/upholding the veto.

The democrats are missing one glaring issue: the president submitted a budget proposal to congress. The congress has long since passed the budget, giving George EVERYTHING HE REQUESTED FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR for military spending.

what george is trying to do is get emergency funding- we are four years into this occupation. It's not something that just suddenly and unexpectedly came up that requires emergency supplementation.

The democrats shouldn't even be wasting their time in congress discussing this emergency supplemental. It sould be a dead issue. They've got more important things to do (many great suggestions on this very site!).

When George tries to say that the democrats won't fund the troops, they have loads of comebacks to choose from-

  • we already gave him everything he wanted for the entire year- if he's already squandered the hundreds of billions of taxpayer's dollars without funding the troops, we need to investigate where this money has gone and why it hasn't gotten to the troops.
  • after $580B, our troops are still being sent into harm's way without the proper protection or equipment, while Republican campaign donors have gotten filthy rich from no-bid contracts that they haven't even fulfilled. (fill in any number of examples of waste, fraud, and straight-up looting)
  • we have already given them enough money to fund (X), buy (#) of up-armoured vehicles, (#) of better helmets and body armour to protect our troops, (etc- list goes on) meanwhile the money has not gotten to our troops, and every day more and more of our fellow americans are being greivously wounded or killed because they don't have these basic protections.
  • after more than four years, they still have no clue about what's going on?they can't even budget for the military's basic needs? these people know NOTHING about what's required to protect our country. Their incompetence is glaring.
  • are they trying to misuse emergency off-budget funding so they can bypass congressional oversight? what are they trying to hide? what have they been getting away with for four years while the (R) congress turned a blind eye? this is why we need more investigations.

essentially, the (R) want to make the argument about who is not funding the troops. since the congress has already done that, it is foolish to allow them to frame the argument. It's so easily neutralised!

The (D) need to simply respond to every comment about funding with

1) we've already passed the funding
2)the money hasn't gone where it was supposed to
3)we need to investigate to find out where the money has gone
4) why are the republicans stonewalling our investigations?
if they haven't done anything wrong, they have nothing to hide
(this last line is especially nice because the (R) have spent so much effort getting their own base to accept that reasoning.)
5)they want to use off-budget emergency spending to hide the amount of debt they've run up with their tax cuts to the rich. (start shining a light on this issue! their conservative base believes in fiscal responsibility- this will not help them!!!)

this issue is win-win for the democrats, yet they have managed to find a way to be defeated- they have put forth a FEEBLE bill, and even then, they will inevitably end up backing down with their tails between their legs and giving Geore what he wants. Pathetic.


Democrats don't have to say WHY at all ! Just repeat that mantra over and over and over...

Wouldn't it be great if every non-neocon politician made it a point to use that mantra every time they use the name George W Bush?!

  • tax cuts during wartime- it's irresponsible.
  • sending troops into harm's way without proper equipment- it's irresponsible.
  • military is broken, nobody to protect us in the event of a real emergency- it's irresponsible.
  • running up record deficits- it's irresponsible.
  • this list can go on forever!

I love it! not only does it work so well with everything the man has done, but once it starts catching on, it will REALLY FROST HIS ASS!


Dear Speaker Nancy Pelosi,

The only new direction that we want in Iraq is out.

It has become clear that the war was a criminal enterprise from the start. The Bush administration has deceived the American people, and Congress with lie after lie after lie. Voters elected a democratic majority to congress to do two things, End the War, and impeach George Bush, and his administration. You people have done nether. Many people were infuriated at your saying impeachment was off the table. Many more were doubly angered that you would actually offer this President more money to continue his criminal endeavors in the Middle East.

His Highness has kicked you in the teeth by rejecting the generous offer. Don't be a fool and make another. There is already money in place that could be used to bring the troops home, and take care of them when the get here. That is what the majority of people want.

The next thing is that impeachment has to be put back on the table. If the president and his accomplices are not brought to account the Democratic party will be. Ms. Pelosi, you have stated that impeachment would detract from more important business at hand. What more important business could you be talking about? You have also suggested that impeachment would not serve the Democrats well in the next election. There are many of us Democrats who are vowing to never vote for another Democrat, if the Democratic leadership continues to refuse to represent us. We want the war ended, and we want the criminals in Washington brought to account. Go to it.

John J. Coghlan

How to tell it like it is, John. The Democrats have lost me for good this time. Lucy may be holding the football and promising not to pull it away, but this time ol' Charlie Brown ain't gonna try to kick it. Like many others, I'm done with the Democrats. Personally, I'm looking at Rep. Congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul who is running for President at Dr. Paul has served in the U.S. Congress since the 70's, was a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force during the Vietnam years, wants to get our troops home from Iraq and is against any further imperialistic wars of choice on nations like Iran or anyone else. He's more clear about his stance for brining the troops home from Iraq than 95% of the Democrats and 100% of the Democratic leadership. I have also pledged to activelyy campaign in Pelosi's district for the 2008 elections to help unseat her, and I will also do the same in the other Democratic leadership races in 2008.

I'm leaning towards Kucinich, but will keep my options open for other parties that are NOT Republican. Dems are imperfect with neocon lite here or there, that's for sure, but Republicans are totally lockstep NeoCON... they'd vote for Hitler if he was Republican ! Wait a second, they voted for BusHitler :-(

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