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The MSM is too cozy with arms manufacturers to give honest coverage of the peace movement. It doesn't matter to them what the paople want.
What matters to them is what their corporate sponsors want.


When I saw that display... Mrs. Pruett gladly offers up her sons and husband to the fight for liberty. I guess the same thing viewed on grainy, black and white film lacks the character of today's slick version.

Almost believable... just exactly like the NAZI propaganda films enlisting girls and mothers for their great sacrifice to come; to the Reich and Fuehrer!

There's a German word for the cheap and almost baroque way the Bushies trotted out Mrs. Pruett and her sacrifice, down to the sons walking together in full Iraq regalia... in slow motion. It was like watching an action film with glistening hard-nodies on the way to "kick ass and take names!"

The German word for all that maudlin schlock is: plump

It seems that Sheehans most prominent message is that "American isn't worth dying for" the video of that little piece of wisdon from Sheehan will be aired alot in the next election so quit worrying about media coverage. You will get more than you want of her face on TV in 2006.

I for one don't want any president, democrat or republican listening to Shehans message, sorry but I alread fought for this country and I believe it is worth fighting and dying for. There is a miserable few of you who don't agree and that's fine, we'll take care of it for you.

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