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By Forming Human Mural of “Impeach”

People from all over New Jersey are gathering this Saturday, April 28 in front of the State House in Trenton at 125 W. State Street to prompt the New Jersey Legislature to pass a Resolution for the Impeachment of President, George W. Bush and Vice President, Richard Cheney by forming a Human Mural to spell out “Impeach”.

The Trenton demonstration joins with over 125 other organizations across the country, as part of a National Impeach Day, demanding that impeachment of the president and vice president, to be put back on the table , and for our elected officials to act responsibly by restoring our Constitution and Civil Liberties.

In latest polls, completed by Zogby, 53% of the American Public want to see Bush impeached for falsely leading us into war and for other violations to the American spirit such as : Torture, Warrantless Wiretaps, Rendition, Indifference to disaster victims, Subversion of our electoral process, Dishonor & neglect of those injured in service to our country.

Thus far, 10 states have proposed impeachment, while 6 have introduced resolutions, with a multitude of towns, cities and counties in different states having already passed resolutions, with high expectations for New Jersey Legislature to be the 1st state to pass the Resolution for Impeachment.

A coalition of Impeach groups from New Jersey have organized the rally to gain support for the drafted resolution of General Assembly State Majority Leader, Reed Gusciora , to impeach in accordance to Thomas Jefferson’s Manuel of Parliamentary Practices, Section 603 in hopes for the Assembly and Senate of New Jersey will come to the aid of our country and move our Congress to do what is necessary to protect our democracy.

In addition to the Human Mural of Impeach, the day will be highlighted with other activities between the hours of 1 PM to 4 PM, with numerous speakers and a plane towing a 7 foot high banner with “IMPEACH” over the capital at 2:30 then proceeding over the governor’s mansion at Drumthwacket.

For further details about the day go to :

Have questions or need more information : 856-858-4997

North Jersey - Hutch :

Central Jersey - Alan:

South Jersey - Joanne & Cheryl :

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For directions and everything you want to know about our event, click
Impeach Them

Saving Our World One American at a Time.

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