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Crooks & Liars: Move America Forward Launched by Republican Shills


Move America Forward ( the Hate crowd ) was outed today by Keith Olbermann as having been launched by a Sacramento P.R. firm which has strong ties to the Republican party. Later in the segment Dana Milbank said that they were part of the Orin Hatch for President campaign. lol That's grassroots for you. This diary at Kos was the first one that I found which uncovered the scam.

The Swift boating of Cindy is led by Sal Russo and Mr. Puke himself Mark Williams. These people are bottom feeding scum suckers of the lowest kind. Their Creepy Caravan is nothing more than Republican operatives trying to combat a powerful message by Sheehan in the only way they know how to respond. S-M-E-A-R. Here's much more information about MAF's antics from the Center for Media and Democracy.

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Russo Marsh & Rogers seems to have a vested financial interest in Iraq...

Nice link! From that article:

The Office of Media Outreach, a taxpayer-funded publicity arm of the Department of Defence, also sponsored the [Move America Forward] tour.

Once again, our own tax dollars are funding this pro-b*sh, pro-imperialism propaganda!

I shredded my old Republican Party voter card today! I found it in my wallet, so I thought I'd make it a permanent deletion since I switched my voting party back to Democrat. I'm not saying Democrat Party doesn't make me upset sometimes, but I will NEVER vote Republican again. They are too loyal to the party line rhetoric no matter how terrible and heinous it is.

I love you! Thank you for YOUR intelligence!

August 25, 2005


Regarding: Pro-War, Anti Cindy Sheehan Caravan.

To whom it may Concern,

The caravan billed, You do not speak for me, Cindy, to pro-war protest against Cindy Sheehans anti-war protest is a farce.

According to, a public relations watchdog, the pro-war caravan to Crawford, Texas was sponsored by the non partisan group, Move America Forward.

To bill the caravan to Crawford as a non partisan, grass-roots drive of concerned citizens is a bold faced lie.

The Move America Forward group and caravan is organized and financed by the GOP backed Public Relations firm; Russo, Marsh & Rogers located in Sacramento, Ca.

Sal Russo is the chief strategist of Move America Forward, according to the groups website. He was, also, the groups creator.

Russo, Marsh & Rogers have worked on many election campaigns involving Republicans, including the recall election putting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Governors office in California.

So, as this group portrays Cindy Sheehan as a pawn for the liberal agenda, keep in mind that everyone arriving in Crawford as a member of the Move America Forward group is a pawn of the GOP agenda to promote their war.

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