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Hold Bush Accountable for His Iraq War Lies

From United for Peace and Justice

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Downing Street Memo Offers Proof of Pre-War Intelligence Manipulation
Join the Conyers' Initiative to Demand a Resolution of Inquiry
Take Action TODAY and on June 16th (details below)


By now you've probably heard about the Downing Street memo, the minutes of a meeting between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and top U.S. intelligence officials in July 2002, where -- more than half a year before the Bush administration started it's war on Iraq -- the Bush administration's efforts to manipulate intelligence data in order to justify going to war are laid out. It's concrete proof of what the anti-war movement has known all along: The war on Iraq was based on lies.

Now, in a critically important new development, Rep. John Conyers, Jr. is convening a hearing to gather more testimony about the Downing Street Minutes and the Bush administration's manipulations and lies. On this Thursday, June 16th, Rep. Conyers, the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, and other members of Congress will use this hearing to address a set of Constitutional questions raised by the information disclosed in the Downing Street Minutes.

Rep. Conyers is prepared to lead the fight to pass a Resolution of Inquiry which would direct the House Judiciary Committee to launch a formal investigation into whether sufficient grounds exist for the House to impeach President Bush. The hearing on Thursday is part of this process, and there are several ways you can join this effort:

1) Take a moment right now to sign on to a citizens petition/letter campaign initiated by Rep. Conyers. It is directed to the White House and demands answers, it demands the truth. Hundreds of thousands of people have already signed the letter, and we want to help expand this effort. The names gathered by this Thursday will be included in the delivery of the petitions to the White House that Rep. Conyers will do after the hearing.

2) Urge your representative to join this effort. Close to 100 members of Congress have already signed on. Now is the time to push the people who represent you to take a stand, to do the right thing!

To get the most up-to-date list of the members of Congress that have signed on to the Conyers letter, and to send an email to your member of Congress, visit

3) On Thursday, June 16th, there will be a demonstration in Washington, DC in support of the hearing and petition delivery by Rep. Conyers. If you live in driving distance of Washington, D.C., try to attend this important gathering. Or consider organizing a solidarity demonstration in your city or town. The details of the Washington protest are still being worked out, so be sure to check the web site for the exact time and place, as well as downloadable flyers for the event.

You can also find more information there about the hearing and petition campaign, and other news about developments related to this.

For more information about the Downing Street Memo, including the full text, visit

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