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By Larry C. Johnson

Sometimes in life there are no good options. It is part of our nature to always assume that we can fix a problem. But in life there are many problems or situations where there is no pleasant solution. If you were at the Windows on the World Restaurant in the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 9 am on September 11, 2001 you had no good options. You could choose to jump or to burn to death. Some choice.

A hard, clear-eyed look at the current situation in Iraq reveals that we are confronted with equally bad choices. If we stay we are facilitating the creation of an Islamic state that will be a client of Iran. If we pull out we are likely to leave the various ethnic groups of Iraq to escalate the civil war already underway. In my judgment we have no alternative but to pull our forces out of Iraq. Like it or not, such a move will be viewed as a defeat of the United States and will create some very serious foreign policy and security problems for us for years to come. However, we are unwilling to make the sacrifices required to achieve something approximating victory. And, what would victory look like? At a minimum we should expect a secular society where the average Iraqi can move around the country without fear of being killed or kidnapped. That is not the case nor is it on the horizon.

We may even be past the point of no return where we could impose changes that would put Iraq back on course to be a secular, democratic nation without sparking a major Shiite counteroffensive. Therefore the time has come to minimize further unnecessary loss of life by our troops and re-craft a new foreign and security policy for the Middle East.

The Current Situation:

Iraq has devolved into a tri-partite state, split among the Kurds in the North, the Shias in the South, and Sunni tribes in the middle. While things are relatively peaceful in the North and South, the central part of Iraq is in the grips of a defacto civil war. Most of the trained and deployed Iraqi police and military forces are Shia. Most of their operations are directed against Sunni targets. The Sunnis do not feel that they have a legitimate voice in the political process. As a result they have decided to fight.

The Shia majority, long oppressed in Iraq, are not willing, nor likely, to relinquish their new status as the tops dogs. They are receiving significant intelligence, economic, and political support from the Islamist government in Iran. The Shia also are well positioned to control a significant portion of Iraq’s vast oil resources. They are not likely to share this wealth with the Sunnis.

There is no effective national government in Iraq. The current group meeting inside the Green Zone to draft the constitution has no real clout. True power is held by tribal chieftains and religious leaders scattered around country. Those leaders are playing both sides of the fence—keeping a toe in the political negotiations in Baghdad while providing money and protection to insurgents.

The insurgency in Iraq is comprised of at least 20 groups. Some of these are Baathists, some are Sunni Islamic extremists, and a few are Shia. They agree on one thing—the United States is an invader and must be expelled. While there is no single leader who can claim the status or mandate as did Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnam days, the insurgents in Iraq are as firm and serious as those we faced in Vietnam.

The continued presence of U.S. combat forces and our operations against Iraqi civilians is recruiting new jihadists from around the Muslim world. Notwithstanding U.S. efforts to win the “hearts and minds


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This is obvious to the casual observer...These guys in power in the US screwed up big time...and too many are paying the price for their incompetence... New leadership is necessary to make the tough decisions we face.... There is no good solution to the mess they have made in Iraq.

I agree. We started a war we would never win. Iraq and the surrounding area is an ever troubled area, prehistory. Who do we think we are that we can go and try to kick people to whom war and fighting is a second nature? I do not really understand how we can claim that we are in Iraq because we "are defending" America. Iraq belongs to the people of Iraq. They are, have been able to solve their problems for centuries. Who are we to solve someone's problems? Do we, really, solve our own?

American Legion is now a "Terrorist Organization!"

I consider the statement made by Thomas Cadmus, national commander of the American Legion, to be a terrorist threat and he and all members voting for this measure should be indicted and arrested immediately for threatening and declaring war on protestors against the Iraqi War!

Charlie C.
Dallas TX

American Legion Declares War on Protestors -- Media Next?

I wasn't aware 36% was now the majority of america. Oh wait, IT NEVER WAS!!!


Do you think they want to die for a total "lie" of a cause? IS THAT THE NOBLE MISSION?

Do you remember what the REAL plan is, OR DID YOU FORGET?

Get out of the way and let the United Nations clean up the mess they've been advocating for the past 10 years!!!! They were ALL doing fine before we got there, SONNY!!!!! (I'm older than you in wisdom, pathetic hack)

And that includes draw down everyone who wants out of Iraq, NOW, AND START THE CLEANUP!!!!

Choose your side asshole, the train's LEFT the station and the constitution is still intact.

How did we scre the country up so much to begin with? WE DIDN'T LET THE UNITED NATIONS IN!!!! OR TO COMPLETE ITS JOB, WHICH IT SHOULD HAVE DONE SINCE DAY ONE.....Hmmm

Doug E.

We have created a hell on earth for our soldiers and the people of Iraq. What did they do to deserve this? Who gave Bush and his administration the power to do this? How did it happen? How?

We did. The American sheeple elected him and went along with this crime. Our crime is passivity (and maybe being gullible).

Perhaps it is obvious enough now to motivate us to take action to stop the criminals. It is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is the sheeple being passively led by Washington, Mainstream Media, and mega-corporations.

We did. The American sheeple elected him and went along with this crime. Our crime is passivity (and maybe being gullible).

Perhaps it is obvious enough now to motivate us to take action to stop the criminals. It is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is the sheeple being passively led by Washington, Mainstream Media, and mega-corporations.

I'm sorry, but I've never voted for a Republican or Democrat in my life.In that regard, I've done my civic duty a lot better than you have. It's time long overdue to stop seeing them as to distnct parties, as they and the MSM present them, and rather as two competing wings of the same power-expansion system. As long as they can shut other parties out,either faction can afford to finish second,based on the implicit agreement that they can never do worse than the very comfortable second place "loyal opposition" position; the loyalty being to the system that takes care of them at our expense..I never entered into that agreement, why did you? I demand that you break that agreement, I suggest that it is treason not to. I suggest there are no solutions to the problems this country faces that are not fatal the the Republican party. I suggest that there are no solutions to the problems this country faces that are not fatal to the Democratic party. These matters transcend political ideology.They refer rather to questions of character and conscience.With the possible exception of congressman Ron Paul, all Democrats and Republicans must be thrown out of office; It is a capital moral debt all voters owe to me personally and I adamantly demand it of you all . That is not to say that you do not owe that moral debt to all other of your fellow citizens, rather it multiplys your debt to me some 300 million-fold give or take.November, 2006: fate of humanity is in the hands of the American voter. Business as usual will not do this time. Choosing between the Republican and the Democrat will not do this time. This time, if you vote for a Democrat or a Republican, I,your fellow citizen can look you in the eye and call you a capital criminal.

"How" is the right question. I don't believe there's been a fair election (even close!) in the US in a good while. We use tainted machines and all kinds of technicalities to discourage fairness. If we can't get that right, to where most people actually believe the results, than we have become a classic "third world" country. Unfortunately, we've also got enough weaponry to destroy the world many times over. This is not a good combination.

I hope America is ready for what the neocons have planned for us, but I doubt it.

George Bush went into the white house and became the president of the United States, not to make our country better but to use his power as President for his own personal gain. Thats how all of this happened!





Well at least you've eliminated the war was for oil story.

Apologies, but I posted this question before and never got a reply, just thought I would try again...

Does anyone know how long it has been since Bush mentioned Osama bin Laden's name in a public speech?

I heard it was 13 months!?

If correct it is a truly breathtaking indictment of the MSM that they let Bush get away with going on (and on) about 9/11 whenever he defends his Iraq folly and no one ever challenges him on the status of the hunt for the so called perpetrator of the act itself.

The MSM needs to be dismantled after Bush & Co gets jailed. No barons, no foreign ownership.

If anything stinks it is this... Why oh why Mr Bush have you forgotten Osama?

In fact it is hugely revealing. He needs Osama out there. Ready to take the fall for the next neocon engineered atrocity.

Can't be long now...

Courage Cindy.

I've heard from several different sources that Osama died in late fall of 2001. All the videos seen of him were fake according to those sources. They say if you analyze them (videos) the imposters were heavier, shorter, etc. It was reported in the main stream press that he was in renal failure and required dialysis in 2001. If he didn't die in 2001 as those people have said he's probably dead now (2005) unless, of course, he had a kidney transplant at one of our fine hospitals near you.

Bad news on the way for Carlyle Group

Bad news on the way for Carlyle Group!

"A Mobil executive who ran the company's oil efforts in Kazakhstan, Bryan Williams, 65, pleaded guilty in June 2003 to tax evasion stemming from the case.

A grand jury is probing whether Mobil participated in a scheme to bribe leaders of the world's ninth-biggest nation by geographical area, Neiman said in an April 4, 2003, court filing.

Giffen paid $20 million in bribes to Kazakh leaders after negotiating a $1.05 billion deal that awarded Mobil a share of a major Kazakh field, the indictment says. Mobil, now part of Irving, Texas-based Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest publicly traded oil company, denies wrongdoing.

``Exxon Mobil has no knowledge of any illegal payments made to Kazakh officials,'' Exxon Mobil spokesman Tom Cirigliano says.

Texaco's Role

Texaco's involvement in Kazakhstan has also come under scrutiny, according to a copy of a Justice Department subpoena from April 14, 2003.

After Texaco, now a unit of Chevron, won access to a field, Giffen paid $7.5 million in bribes to Kazakh officials, prosecutors say. ``All payments made by Texaco were properly made to the government of Kazakhstan into government accounts as instructed by the government,'' says Jeffrey Moore, a spokesman for Chevron.

Edward Blessing, managing director of Dallas-based Blessing Petroleum Group LLC, which finances exploration projects, says some oil companies are still asked to pay bribes. Blessing, who worked in Central Asia, says he has never paid a bribe.

``We forget sometimes that that's an accepted way of doing business in some countries,'' he says. ``I had a Russian businessman tell me that the difference between a good manager and a bad manager was that a good manager would ask for a facilitation payment, as he called it, and he would sprinkle it throughout his organization. A bad manager kept it all for himself.''

`Play by the Rules'

Unnamed senior officials in Kazakhstan have urged the U.S. to drop the case, U.S. District Court Judge Denny Chin said in a ruling in 2002.

By pressing ahead, the Justice Department is signaling the importance of U.S. laws outlawing bribery overseas, says Stanley Marcuss, a Washington-based lawyer at Bryan Cave LLP who helped draft the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act."

Oh....BULLSHIT EXXON Mobil! That's why everyone went along with the neocons and Carlyle bought out the contract, KellogBrown/Halliburton style so you could get your damn oil reserves!!!

Don't pretend you fascists...You have just as much blood in these wars as those on downing street, idiots.

Its time to tie every single oil corruption scandal to the Neocons, and republicans.

Doug Eldritch

I can't speak from first hand knowledge, but it seems to ring true. it goes right along with things we DO know about this administration buggering their numbers- from wild salmon population (reclassified farmed salmon as wild, behold the wild salmon increase) to manufacturing jobs (reclassified fast food as manufacturing, instant increase) etc. etc.- also explains why so very secretive about photographing returning coffins, etc... HMMM...

And tell them you will not stand for their neocon tatics against the protest of this lawless war. Bush lied and everyone knows it. The American Legion are mostly made up of Veterans that did not fight in wars but were stationed in the United States. How do they know what war is?

This veteran of the Korean War will stand up against the presidnet and his ruthless, corrupt adminstraton, and the American Legion.

LAW 794 (b): Read it: ITS THE LAW!

"Let me give a short recap for those readers who are not aware of the analysis for 18 USC 794(b)

18 USC 794(b) carries a maximum penalty of death or life in prison.

18 USC 794(b) mandates prosecution of anybody who, in time of war, intentionally communicates information relating to the public defense which might be useful to the enemy.

Question 1: Were we in a time of war when CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson was outed?

Answer: Yes. Despite recent attempts by the Bush administration to shift the policy lingo from GWOT, "global war on terror", to GSAVE,"global struggle against violent extremism", we were "in time of war" back in June/July 2003. And our soldiers are still dying on the same battlefield today. We are still "in time of war". If you have any doubt, just ask the families of our soldiers who died that battlefield. Ask them if we were/are in a time of war. Next question.

Question 2: Was information that related to the public defense communicated?

Answer: The information communicated to Bob Novak outed a CIA operative who coordinated covert agents working on WMD proliferation issues. Nothing could be more related to the "public defense". The answer is yes.

Question 3: Was the information intentionally communicated to the enemy?

Answer: Federal case law has consistently held that there is no difference, for purposes of proving "intent", between communicating the relevant information to a spy and communicating it to the press, since the whole world will be notified of the information upon publication. The answer is yes.

Question 4: "Might" the information be useful to the enemy?

Answer: A CIA operative involved with WMD proliferation and the name of a CIA front company used for such intelligence purposes were exposed. This law does not require that the information communicated... must be useful... to the enemy, 18 USC 794(b) only requires that the information... might be useful... to the enemy. The answer is yes, the information might be useful to the enemy.

Question 5: Who is the enemy?

Answer: The terrorists.

Please note that the statute does not require the perp to communicate directly to the enemy, 794(b) only requires that the perp intends for the information to be communicated to the enemy.

There's no wiggle room. Everybody in the Government who holds a security clearance had to sign a non-disclosure agreement which warns that they can be prosecuted under 18 USC 794 if they violate that agreement. Not that 794(b) requires the information communicated to be classified, it doesn't.

The non-disclosure agreement warns about violating 794(b), so let's not pretend it's an obscure law. Everybody involved was aware of it. This is the United States Code, federal law of the land.

Once you understand 18 USC 794(b), air tight convictions for the Plame leakers become apparent. There's nothing to argue about. There's no wiggle room. The law was drafted to stop espionage, to stop people from exposing our intelligence assets. Maybe you're familiar with them; the CIA, NSA, FBI, departments of our Government we the people pay hundreds of billions for, to protect us from being attacked here at home, and to protect our soldiers abroad.

18 USC 794 has been used to put traitors away for life.
It's the law of the land.

Their ruse involved spinning the Plame leak as revenge and political payback connecting it to the decision to go to war thereby causing "we the people" to become divided. Then they threw a complicated statute into the mix, the IIPA, which allows convincing arguments, both for and against conviction under these facts, so the political smokescreen expanded to an opaque impenetrable thickness.

The national debate that went into the IIPA was intense. Focus that same amount of media energy on 794(b), and there will be a genuine revolution in this country. Imagine the talking head pundits stuck for words, silenced by facts, unable to divide an educated population. Most Americans, spanning the entire political spectrum, are capable of understanding that these controlling federal laws, 18 USC 793 and 794, have been broken, if those laws were sufficiently explained to them.

Following such a national debate, US citizens will demand to know why the Bush administration risked prosecution under such punishing laws. And they will also demand to know why Joe Wilson hasn't been calling for prosecution under these laws.

Once we the people start asking the right questions, the Government and media spin trance fails, they lose control of our minds, and we begin to think for ourselves, to use our minds instead of allowing our minds be used by the enemy.

They created "wiggle room" where there was no wiggle room by guiding your attention, from both liberal and conservative media sources, to the irrelevant Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

Violation of 18 USC 794(b) can lead to the death penalty or life in prison, a much greater punishment than under the IIPA. So you would expect that those involved with outing a CIA operative and a CIA front company might think twice about breaking this law. And this leads to
the following questions about motivation which really get to the heart of this intricate ruse:


No. They aren’t' that stupid. These are intelligent people who have procured the Executive Branch of the US Government. 18 USC 794 has put people like Aldrich Ames away for life. This is a very serious law. Nobody in the Bush administration was going to break it just to bitch
slap Joe Wilson. That's the fecal toast Joe Wilson and David Corn originally served over two years ago, a meal that has been uniformly consumed by America, so please don't eat it anymore. It's a lie, and a rather bad one at that.

Focus on the penalty; death or life in prison. The motivation of a bitch slap does not fit the crime. The Bush administration must have had a greater motivation to risk prosecution under 794(b).

Furthermore, they had to know they were turning Joe Wilson into a star the liberal media would canonize. They did no harm to Joe Wilson, and they did no harm to his wife. This so called outing" scandal is actually cover for their conspiratorial treason, the betrayal of her network and the work it was doing.

Valerie Plame Wilson = Double Agent

Plame and Wilson are double agents in the "Intelligence war" going on between the treasonous Bush administration and divisions of US Intelligence and the military.

The Plame/Wilson double agent status becomes obvious when you examine Joe Wilson's actions under the electron microscope of motivation:


“Naming her this way would have compromised every operation, every relationship, every network with which she had been associated in her entire career. This is the stuff of Kim Philby and Aldrich Ames.

Depleted uranium nuclear waste - thousands of tons of it. Our troops are breathing it, eating it, and sleeping in it. As many as 2/3 of them may never have normal children again.

See article printed today (Aug 25th)

Birth defects caused by DU will be with us for decades. Some people think most of Iraq is now uninhabitable because of DU. Liberating the Iraqis to live in a poisoned land.

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