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Video of War Opponent Debating on Street With War Supporters


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It is time we mobilize with a clear agenda and away from this unproductive reacting to a government that has grown consistently away from humanity. It would seem logical to create a new political movement to replace the republic and move toward a more refined and truer Democracy. Elected officials no longer speak for those they are elected to serve and are progressively obsolete in a society that has outgrown the reasoning for a republic styled system of government. The reasons for a republic are grounds that no longer exist. We need to band together and discover a ‘new patriotism’ and reclaim the freedoms by which this country was established on and for. One only has to read Plato to discover that The Republic was perfect for a time before our current possibilities of communication. Greedy gold people are fighting harder than ever to suppress the emerging bronze people: stifling and suffocating education, controlling the media and arts through corporate power, price fixing (oil), and a created confusion of expanding chaos. We are all buying into a perspective of perceived values. Only through intelligent and active participation with a sense of purpose can we defeat those that seek to suppress us and have humanity fall into their idea of a new world order. There is power in numbers and there are more of us than them. And while they promote from within, they will ultimately be undone by their nepotism. We can shatter their realty by ceasing to react to them and begin binding our dormant potential to end the old order formally and completely. We have the resources to recreate this planet into a perfect Eden. There is a collective intellect available to reorganize priorities and shift the global mind away from the inherent fears that keep us separated. There is an industrialized world that is more than capable of inducing an economy based on supply more than demand. We can only move on if we dare to eliminate the lower ideals and challenge human greed, war-madness, and the lust for power that dominate human awareness and political ambitions. We must collectively decide to go the second mile beyond reactionism. We must recreate an image of America, a representation that has become identified in the minds of the rest of the world as imperialistic and self-serving. This country has fostered an unbelievable wave of anger and bitterness as a result of a representational system of rule that has put personal concerns and interest before others and subsequently harmed the county’s citizens as well as our global community. We must end the resulting tyranny without further bloodshed; we must end it by the will of the people and an intelligent design of a real democracy. No longer will we tolerate politics without principled leaders, riches without work, power without conscience or industry without morality. No longer should we complacently sponsor social systems and industrial policies that only serve the privileged few and deliberately separate and divide instead of unite. We can have unity without uniformity. We can feed the hungry, school the uneducated, and heal the infirmed; but we must asphyxiate the authority of a guardianship that has become antiquated, gluttonous, sinister, and useless to the public it was designed to serve. How can we move on without new and effective leadership?

These people are nuts. The fat woman who said that outrageous accusation in front of her daughter is a lunatic, and her costume is a violation of the U.S. Flag Code.

I'm glad I wasn't there. I would have started shouting and shoving these stupid idiots.

These people who are pro-life but will "spread democracy" over Iraqui graves are beyond help.

Two Ideas 4 ECs

Building One Global Community 4 All People



the Donkey Party is Lost & the Elephant Party is Very Sick


Please forgive the fools, for their foolishness prevents them from forming coherent thoughts, making rational arguments, and acknowledging the irrefutable truth.

Just keep remembering that they are in the minority.

John Perry

How brave the lady was with the picture to face the pro-war individuals alone! She did well as they ganged up on her. The fat lady wanted to talk about abortion. I'd like to address that. We've had a Rep. President and a Rep. majority in the Congress for years so if they were serious about the issue it could've been addressed long ago. The problem is that we've dumbed down the public so much that they think of abortion as a means of birth-control not considering the seriousness of ending a life.

How calm she is...a lot of self control is needed. She finally went away from that ignorant woman.

That's amazing how these people reacted:
They have no answer coming from their own mind, they simply denial facts and have no other explanation than the Tv news propaganda...

What do these people think or don't think??
That everybody in Irak is happy with the occupation, that they forget the attacks on Falloudja...( that's when the army lost the war and the support of the Irak people )

The other thing they don't get is that Irak people are not under-educated, they know they desserve sovereignty, freedom etc... But they also know this won't possible until the US forces leave the country.

The media is the key to end this as we all know, so keep on fighting every day sending email to the media and elected officials!

The level of fear and anxiety that exists in these folks is astonishing. Their immediate reply to anything that doesn't line up with their point of view is that your wrong. Where does this come from? Are they medicated?

I have always contended the argument for war was shallow in defense and this video proves it. Somehow Bush was smart enough to know that there is a group of Americans who have serious inabilities to processing truth from opinion. When you factor in propaganda as a motivation tool, you have supporters who feel as though anything Bush says is a national truth that is law in stature. So much could be said of Bush supporters from watching the video. In some ways, by given the extreme Bush supporters exposure and limited power, the truth, and I mean truth, comes out as to what these people are about. The truth can be the best tool for upcoming elections. Just look at the wealth of mistakes and lies we have to use as facts to what the Republicans and this administration have done to this country.


We need more of this! I have a huge amount of respect to anyone that can keep their cool the way that woman did against the pro-Bush crowd. I'm quite sure that in her place I would have lost my cool and started responding in kind to the mindless twits who were obviously uncomfortable with her views. That kind of reaction never works to change people's minds. It just reinforces what they already believe and makes them all the more comfortable with their assumptions.

The fact that she was courteous, well spoken and respectful of the views of others may be...just may be what these people need to hear to get them to get their gears rolling and start questioning the some of crap that they've been swallowing for so long.

Pass this on! This is exactly what all of us need to do more of.


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