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Who Will Say 'No More?'

By Gary Hart
The Washington Post
Wednesday 24 August 2005

"Waist deep in the Big Muddy and the big fool said to push on," warned an anti-Vietnam war song those many years ago. The McGovern presidential campaign, in those days, which I know something about, is widely viewed as a cause for the decline of the Democratic Party, a gateway through which a new conservative era entered.

Like the cat that jumped on a hot stove and thereafter wouldn't jump on any stove, hot or cold, today's Democratic leaders didn't want to make that mistake again. Many supported the Iraq war resolution and -- as the Big Muddy is rising yet again -- now find themselves tongue-tied or trying to trump a war president by calling for deployment of more troops. Thus does good money follow bad and bad politics get even worse.

History will deal with George W. Bush and the neoconservatives who misled a mighty nation into a flawed war that is draining the finest military in the world, diverting Guard and reserve forces that should be on the front line of homeland defense, shredding international alliances that prevailed in two world wars and the Cold War, accumulating staggering deficits, misdirecting revenue from education to rebuilding Iraqi buildings we've blown up, and weakening America's national security.

But what will history say about an opposition party that stands silent while all this goes on? My generation of Democrats jumped on the hot stove of Vietnam and now, with its members in positions of responsibility, it is afraid of jumping on any political stove. In their leaders, the American people look for strength, determination and self-confidence, but they also look for courage, wisdom, judgment and, in times of moral crisis, the willingness to say: "I was wrong."

To stay silent during such a crisis, and particularly to harbor the thought that the administration's misfortune is the Democrats' fortune, is cowardly. In 2008 I want a leader who is willing now to say: "I made a mistake, and for my mistake I am going to Iraq and accompanying the next planeload of flag-draped coffins back to Dover Air Force Base. And I am going to ask forgiveness for my mistake from every parent who will talk to me."

Further, this leader should say: "I am now going to give a series of speeches across the country documenting how the administration did not tell the American people the truth, why this war is making our country more vulnerable and less secure, how we can drive a wedge between Iraqi insurgents and outside jihadists and leave Iraq for the Iraqis to govern, how we can repair the damage done to our military, what we and our allies can do to dry up the jihadists' swamp, and what dramatic steps we must take to become energy-secure and prevent Gulf Wars III, IV and so on."

At stake is not just the leadership of the Democratic Party and the nation but our nation's honor, our nobility and our principles. Franklin D. Roosevelt established a national community based on social justice. Harry Truman created international networks that repaired the damage of World War II and defeated communism. John F. Kennedy recaptured the ideal of the republic and the sense of civic duty. To expect to enter this pantheon, the next Democratic leader must now undertake all three tasks.

But this cannot be done while the water is rising in the Big Muddy of the Middle East. No Democrat, especially one now silent, should expect election by default. The public trust must be earned, and speaking clearly, candidly and forcefully now about the mess in Iraq is the place to begin.

The real defeatists today are not those protesting the war. The real defeatists are those in power and their silent supporters in the opposition party who are reduced to repeating "Stay the course" even when the course, whatever it now is, is light years away from the one originally undertaken. The truth is we're way off course. We've stumbled into a hornet's nest. We've weakened ourselves at home and in the world. We are less secure today than before this war began.

Who now has the courage to say this?


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Personally I feel the Democrats who stand silent or continue to vote for funding and additional troops are as guilty as the adminstration/GOP. They are enabling criminals and supporting the lies. I will never vote for them and will work for their removal from office. Anyone who can stand silent in the face of the unspeakable abuse, lies, theft and destruction of the constitution and civil liberties do not deserve any office of public trust.

I believe this war was a mistake , but I am afraid if we pull and run now , we may look weaker than one might have suspected. Pulling out would be a hard decision, but Irag's soldiers should be ready to take care of their own country and maybe it will calm down after we leave and let these people in the Irag government.

Its is not weak to admit mistakes and change behavior.

Leaving Iraq now will make us look weak? As opposed to staying in Iraq and getting our buts kicked everyday by a rag tag buch of towl head insurgents with no air force, no navy, no WMDs and no state of the art weapons, that doesn't make us look weak?. It's a guerilla war stupid, they do not have to win any battles, all they have to do is keep fighting and shedding blood, our blood, until we leave.

Was this article written by the same Gary Hart that called for a New World Order? I could hardly get past the title and author when reading because my mind kept wondering what's his new agenda. I think this is another example of the false left, right wrangling that keeps attention away from the main goal of a one world government with 2 classes of people the controlling elite and the peasants/slaves.

Conyers is doing a yeoman job of trying to hold our government accountable...time to help him in the Big Muddy. The others are too busy cow towing to the mafia mentality of the current administration...

The latest numbers are out from the Harris Poll regarding the job George W is doing as President. 40% think he's doing a good job. 58% don't think he is. Isn't this about the lowest numbers of any President?

The USA and the UK need to get out of Iraq now. Bush and Company seem to be snagged on just how to turn power over to the Iraqis. Here are some suggestions: 100 cheap and easy ways out of Iraq: Just do or say:

Abandon ship, About-face, retreat, Aloha, Apologize for overstaying one's welcome, and just leave, Auf weiderzahn, Au voir, Back out, Bail out, Beg off, Be Gone with the Wind, Blow it off, Blow the scene, Bow out, Break it off, Bring the troops home, Bug out, Butt out, Call a halt, Call it quits, Cancel plans, Cave in, Chalk it up to experience, Change the course, Chao, baby, Check out, Chicken out, Choke up, Clear out, Close up shop, Cop out, Creep away, Cut and run, Declare victory and come home, Depart, Desert the desert, Disentangle, Draw back, Drop out, Eat crow, Eat humble pie, Eat one's words, End this fool's errand, End this tomfoolery, Evacuate, Exit, stage right, Fail, Fall back, Flake out, Flee, Fly away, Fly the coop, Forsake, Get back, Get cold feet, Get out by sundown, Give up, Go away, Go fly a kite, Go jump in the lake, Good widdance to bad wubbish - (Elmer Fudd cartoon), Got to get away, Hasta la vista, baby, Head for the hills, Hit the road, Homeward bound, Hurry home, It's all over but the shouting, It's all over now, baby blue, Just say no, Just walk away,

Leave, Let's call the whole thing off, Pack it in, Pick up your marbles and go home, Quit, Rehire Saddam, Relinquish control, Renounce imperialism, Retreat, Return home, Reverse the course, Sail away, Say good bye, Shut it down, So long, its been fun, Split, Stop, Stop rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: abandon ship!, Surrender, Take a powder, Terminate the visit, Throw in the towel, Turn tail, Turn the lights out, Wilt under pressure, Wimp out, Wind down, Withdraw with honor, Yankee, come home.

Yours truly,

James K. Sayre

"All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing". Evil is prevailing in this country and I don't mean the religious, "Satan" type of evil. The evil that prevails is the I-N-M-J syndrome that says, "It's Not My Job to be a catalyst for change, It's Not My Job to stand up for what's right, It's Not My Job to go against the status quo." Where are the men and women of principle? Where are those individuals who relish a good fight and have the balls to stand up and say, "Stay the Course is the worst idea I've ever heard and it's not working. Here is a legitimate plan for withdrawal that will bring our troops home and yet provide assistance for the fledgling Iraqi government." We need leaders with some brains not butt kissers. Sending more troops is like pouring water on a grease fire--it doesn't work because it spreads the fire even further. Why not establish bases in Kuwait, Qatar, or Yemen close enough to provide support for the Iraqis and yet leaving the task of protecting their populace to their own police, army, and guard units? They were doing it before the U.S. came along. What is the mysterious criteria Bush is waiting for that will illuminate his dim bulb letting him know it's time to "stand down"? Why not pull out and see what will happen? All the hand-wringing doom-sayers in Washington and the Pentagon would have us believe the Iraqis are little children incapable of taking care of themselves. Co-dependency is a crutch and as long as the U.S. is the crutch the Iraqis will never completely accept responsibility for their own protection. We need leaders who can THINK. It's a sad state of affairs when the common man has more common sense than those they have elected into power.

pnac this is what they want.

Approval Ratings for President and Congressional Leaders Continue to Drop, According to Latest Harris Poll
Wednesday August 24, 7:30 am ET
The War Jumps to the Top of the List as the Most Important Issue for the Government to Address

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- President Bush's job approval ratings are at their lowest point of his presidency as only 40 percent of U.S. adults have a favorable opinion of his job performance, while 58 percent have a negative opinion. This is a decline from just two months ago in June when the president's ratings were 45 percent positive and 55 percent negative. Much of this decline can be tied to the public's opinion on important issues. The war has climbed to the top of the most important issues list and the economy is now the second most important issue.


George W. Bush and his complicate media, together, have been “catapulting the propaganda

When the house is on fire , the first thing to do is put out
the fire. The house is on fire.

Bush overheard the other day saying
"Exit strategy???? Exit strategy??? We aint got no exit strategy.
We aint got to show you no stinking exit strategy."

The only un-insane exit strategy is Bush exiting the White House,
with rove, cheney, rice and the other corporate criminals,
Hopefully in handcuffs. Bring on them indictments.

Here's an email I sent to MSMBC. Norah O'Donnell seems to think that anyone at Crawford is an extrememist, well she can join the army and go to Iraq. I'm not sending my children there. Be my guest, Norah, take their place.

Here is a copy of the enlistment forms for any of your staff who think the war in Iraq is the place to be. If you are going to spout about how extremist the anti war protesters are then join the army. Otherwise, I have a suggestion, shut up and get out of the way because this country has made up its mind. We are through sending out youth to be slaughtered for oil and profits.

Norah O'Donnell

And to think people have been laughing at me for years whenever I say there's really only one party in Washington.

How much more evidence do we need folks?

Aside from a few good apples, the Democrats in Washington are just the same monkey in a different suit.

Real blood is being shed, real limbs are being blown off and real lives are being snuffed out in the swelter of Iraq, all so a few small-minded American neocon motherfuckers can push their self-serving agenda across the Middle East.

And the vast majority of Democrats are standing around inside the Beltway with their thumbs up their asses.

Have you had enough yet America? If not now, when?

The Democrats either need to put forth someone with an unequivocal, loud and clear, national media, anti-Dubya "we're gonna impeach your ass" agenda or you all need to go the hell home.

Stop playing politics and do your damn job. Serve the people that pay your salary.

If you're easily offended by foul language too fucking bad.

Either we take the gloves off, start fighting back and stick the Patriot Act up Dubya's ass or we stick our heads in the sand and wait for him to stick the Constitution up ours.

What's it gonna be?

John Perry

Exit strategy - What do you think we should do liberals?

Give us a way to do that, you just bitch, bitch, bitch, and bitch some more but you present no ideas of your own. We can not leave now and anyone who thinks we can are IDIOTS!!!! Not now...Iraq is on the cusp of a Constitution that will be approved by majority and the minority of Iraqi's and you libs HATE IT!!! As do the terrorists. You HATE the fact that things are going GREAT in Iraq regardless of what your media tells you. Just like the terroists that are murdering innocent people. (These are non-Iraqi's too.) You HATE the fact that Bush is a man and has a pair unlike Clinton. Just like the teerorists do.

Boy you left wing kooks sure have the same veiws as the terrorists???? That is strange...NOT!!!!

God Bless you goofballs. I am glad to see that you are having such an impact on the war effort...NOT!!!! You left slanted polls aren't fooling anyone but you MORONS!!!

HAHA!!!! Laughing our way into power, THE GOP!!!!! See you at the polls in 2006....

Nice to hear from you, Mr. Rove.

Not sure what planet you're on, but I hope the weather is nice.

Exit Strategy
This is really Bush's responsibility, since he started this disaster. Millions keep asking and he keps stalling. Gee, that wouldn't be because the real plan is to never leave, would it? Most of us caught on to that bullshit a long time ago. 14 permanent American military bases (while they're closing them down stateside) and the world's largest American Embassy seem to indicate that we should not hold our breath waiting for an exit plan from Dubya. But here's a suggestion anyway: Gradual withdrawl over six months, multi-national peace-keeping/Iraqi training force to get the Iraqis on their feet.

You are obviously not paying close attention to the news. There are still strong disagreements among Iraqis about how it should be written. As it stands right now, it will be based primarily on Islamic law and set the rights of women back into the stone age. They actually had more equality under Saddam than they will under the new Iraqi constitution. Not exactly something to cheer about or be proud of.

There were no terrorists murdering innocent people in Iraq before we got there. George W. Bush and his PNAC buddies are the ones responsible for turning that country into a terrorist magnet. And THAT was EXACTLY the plan going in, which is why you will never hear him publicly announce it: Create a haven for an endless stream of terrorists/insurgents where they can come and kill innocents at will, and Dubya will have a perfect excuse to "stay the course" indefinitely.

"Left Slanted" Polls
Typical Bush apologist response. When are you fucking geniuses going to figure out that you cannot divide everything into left/right, liberal/conservative right/wrong and us/them? The polls indicate what AMERICA thinks, across the political spectrum. Unlike all you kool-aid drinking, Rush listening, Bush boot-licking spinelss wussies.

"Bush is a man and has a pair unlike Clinton"
Another typical blind Bush follower response. When you haven't got shit to stand on, trash the guy that left office almost 5 years ago.

If your "president" has such "a pair", why can't he answer a simple question for Cindy Sheehan and all the other mothers who want to know:

What is the noble cause that these kids are dying for?

It wouldn't be because there ISN'T a noble cause, would it?

Crawl back into your hole, you nameless wimp, and come out when you have a clue.

John Perry

you'd better stop moving that deck furniture around and start looking for a lifeboat. Your ship is sinking fast.

That question is being answered every day, Gary, all across this country. Just step outside the beltway and have a look around. But, its not being answered by anybody at the top (as we're seeing, it's not always the cream that rises to the top). It's being answered by the Cindy Sheehans, the Ray McGoverns, the John Conyers, and millions of other like-minded Americans.

So, don't worry, Gary, your questions ARE being answered. I hope you LIKE the answers.
One more thing: we didn't just stumble into a hornet's nest--we attacked it with our eyes wide shut.
And, one last thing: it's not just that this administration "did not tell the American people the truth."--this administration LIED to us.
R Ap

You tell it like it is.Im with you all the way.

Thanks for the positive words Michael. I think most of those right wing wackos are actually smart enough to know they're wrong, but their redneck pride will never let them admit it.

I discovered something yesterday that is an absolute must see. It's a three minute short film called The Battle for America. I dare say it is the best three minutes you will spend this week. Maybe this year.

Pass it on!

John Perry

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