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Pro-Bush Demonstrators Planning to Show Up Some Day

Camp Qualls, the pro-Bush camp in Crawford, Texas

This picture is straight from the web page of the National Review Online touting the existing of "Camp Qualls", about which we are told: "Granted, the site is much smaller than the anti-Bush crowd, but it’s growing each day."

I guess the crowd is still in the process of amassing! For the record, there are three pictures on the web page. None of them shows a single human being!

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If you build it, will they come?

Obviously not.

A House for All Nations that represents peace and goodwill for all mankind will attract millions of people. The parties and creative events that will take place around this site in the future will be phenomenal. This World Peace Centre/Center for Unfolding Potential should be built very soon. It should be built under the conditions of peace and absolute non-violence.

People are losing their taste for war right now. The Real Delicacies of Peace await...

...and even if you were to see a few standing around, it's still speculative as to whether any of them are human.

or on vacation

I can hear a bugle playing in the distance...Yes it's the Pro-War Cavalry on their way right now. The band is playing "Onward Zion Soldiers !" at a frenetic pace.

Watch out...The First Brigade of Brainwashed Cindy Slanderers - Freeper Division is on their way right now.

They are most certainly a fearful storm in a teacup.

Instead of bodies, they send placards. Nice laziness going on there.

But then what do you expect from the "bumper sticker" crowd?

Anyone who saw "Countdown" with Keith Oberman knows that they were exposed. The group was started by a Republican PR Firm even though they state on their website that they are "non-partisan". The PR Firm goes by the name of Russo Marsh & Rogers. They were also responsible for the push to stop theaters from showing Fareheit 9/11.

Here's a link:

Who is Sal Russo?:

Thank you Cindy for being the voice of many!

and they are accurate! They are supporting his conspiracy and corruption and cronyism in exchange for American sons and daughters. And notice the smaller sign way in the back on the fence "Support our troops". So they put Bush ahead > that speaks for itself.

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