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Dear Senator McCain

July 19, 2005
Senator John McCain
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-0303

Re: Your letter on Iraq in response to my contact

Dear Senator McCain:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my contact and express your position on Iraq.

I find your letter very disturbing because of its gross oversimplifications and your total avoidance of the realities of President Bush's policies on Iraq and on the war on terrorism.

I am not proud that this nation was sent to war on a pack of lies - and you should not be proud of this either. I knew the lies were coming the moment I learned we were to undertake a WW II style invasion to counter a non-geographically based, amorphous enemy who was not in Iraq - and you should have known this too. I knew the lies were coming when I read in the Los Angeles Times in the Fall of 2002 that the intelligence community was coming under intense pressure from Cheney and the Bush administration, to "re-examine" their intelligence analyses - and you should have known this too. I knew the lies were coming when Bush prevented the U.N. inspectors from finishing their inspections and attacked instead - and you should have known this too.

And when we dropped 2,000 pound bombs on the heads of the Iraqis, I knew that we had unleashed an evil and destructive force that was to do untold destruction to the Iraqis while doing little to deter Al Queda - and you should have known this too. And when billions of dollars were given to, and wasted by, Haliburton, the firm that paid Cheney $18 million in severance pay, I knew we had been had - and you should have known this too.

Then, in case my own senses were not enough, we had Paul O'Neil's book, Richard Clarke's book, John Dean's book, Craig Unger's book, Joe Wilson's article, the September 11 Commission, the Downing Street memo, the outing of Valerie Plame…. Senator, how much more evidence do you need to confirm what I already knew - and you should have known?

Where have you been? Where are you now? Whose life is now worth sacrificing for the lies of this administration and for your blind simplicities? Name the soldier whose life it is ok to end so you and Bush can continue this charade. Shall it be Private Garcia, Corporal Washington, or some poor National Guardsman? Have you bothered to ask them if it's ok to die under these circumstances?

Please, Senator, do not insult my intelligence with your appeals to patriotic pride. This is the most shameful thing America has done and I am ashamed of you, of the President of the United States, of the Republican "leadership", of every so called Democratic "leader" who supported this shame, and of the millions of Americans who are too misinformed and too blinded by obscene appeals to pride and patriotism to know any better.

I spent the first 10 years of my professional life analyzing weapons systems, political-military strategy, and international conflict. So please, don't lecture me on the "two fundamental errors" we could make in Iraq when you've missed the most blatantly fundamental error of how and why we are there in the first place.

Wake up Senator and look at the realities. You, I and this nation and this world were lied to, and until we address that issue we cannot have a moral Republic or an effective policy in Iraq.



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should be sent to Biden and Kerry.

Are you kidding?? Copies of this letter should be sent to all those spineless jellyfish in the Dem camp that let these neo-con knuckle draggers in office and allow this national calamity to continue. Neo-cons can always be counted on to act like neo-cons. Why on earth do Dems have to act like neo-con republicans too.

If you think little George Stupid is bad, then thank God John McCainaic is not president, he would be nuking Iraq by now. This neanderthal did not learn a thing from 5 years as a POW. I am glad I live in Arizona and can vote against this creep.

This is the same man whom Bush&Rove et al. smiered thoughout the 2000 Repugnican primaries. Every demeaning insult known to man was thrown at him.

This is the man who backslaps Bush today. Did you say honor, integrity in this man?

Sadly enough John kerry seriously considered this spineless politican for V.P. This last 5 year period has tought us something real well. While the Repugnicans can't be entrusted this country anymore, the Dems are not the answer we all craved for.

Very sad... I wish one could say I am wrong.

This is the same man whom Bush&Rove et al. smiered thoughout the 2000 Repugnican primaries. Every demeaning insult known to man was thrown at him.

This is the man who backslaps Bush today. Did you say honor, integrity in this man?

Sadly enough John kerry seriously considered this spineless politican for V.P. This last 5 year period has tought us something real well. While the Repugnicans can't be entrusted this country anymore, the Dems are not the answer we all craved for.

Very sad... I wish one could say I am wrong.

This is a man who is willing to use Rove in 2008....
Check out New Yorker May 30 issue page 71. It talks of McCain using Rove in 2008 even after all that Rove did to McCain in 2000 S.C. primary.

Dear Robert
very well written letter...I agree with you 100%. I have received very similar letter from Congressman Charlie Bass. I think these people are completely lost and have no more brains in their heads
What can we do??Is there anything we can do? writing to the politicians means absolutely nothing but vaste of our time
Take good care

Well said. Thank you...

Have you thought about running for office? Clarity...we need this kind of message right now...If you run for office the media has to run the ads...maybe someone would back you. No more hedging or political correct...we are in trouble... The White House, the Congress and most of the states are clueless...not to mention the media that uses a twisted logic that confuses Americans....we need Clarity and you have it.
I have typed your letter and will pass it aroung at the PDA meeting.

Thank you for your comment and support for my presidential race :). Actually I was a delegate to the 1968 Democratic Presidential Nominating Convention from the 3rd Cong. District of NY - northshore of Nassau County - we live in Calif now. I was one of the first Democratic Party insiders to speak out against Pres. Johnson and the Vietman insanity, and we dethroned him. I intend to have the same success in this campaign, only we're not inside the Republican Party, so it's a bit trickier. Now I'm a bit up in years to start a political career but I intend to join with people like you and Rep. Conyers, Cindy Sheehan, etc. to end this madness in Iraq and impeach Bush & Co for their crimes angainst the American people and against the Iraqis.

Thanks again,
Bob Rodino

Thank you, THANK YOU!! Your letter was excellent and I HAVE to believe that united WE can dethrone Bush and break the Iraq insanity. You give me hope...:)

Great letter, Mr. Rodino! I have only one correction. When you mentioned the 9/11 Commission, you forgot to add "Omissions and Distortions".


I agree with the should run for president because you're never to young to run.
Let me tell you a story about us being too old. Right after the Nov election I was at a young couples house woking on their kitchen. At the time I did not know their political leanings and in this polarized society I am usually careful how and if I broach the subject of politics. So I casually asked them what they thought of the results of the election. Well rather then a ho hum they were a little shy to say anything perhaps wondering what my leanings were. After a few minutes of careful remarks we quickly realized we were on the same side of the fence and then spent time lamenting 4 more years of George Bush. When i got ready to leave I said from a senior (hate to admit it) how pleased I was that young people were interested in what was happening to this great country of ours and their immediate response was they were glad to see that people my age were still Democrats and hadn't turned Republican!!

Seriously, how can the average over-worked, under paid, disappearing middle class American citizen fight the U.S. corporate/military complex (which Eisenhower rightly warned us about at the end of his Presidency) that owns and operates our federal and state governments? You must know that getting 50% of our cynic laden population out to vote for a President on any given election is considered a miracle these days! Now we have Presidents who get CIA briefs, have corporate business dealings with terror countries (Saudi Arabia), and have kin (Jeb) and political advocates (CEO of Diebold) who can “guarantee

"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."
-- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

Thank you Anonymous for this brilliant contribution!

Would all Americans also have a slightest idea of what happened in history beyond the own county border, instead of only being able to patriotically numerate all 44 Presidents, Bush might never had reached the White House or had definitely not been re-elected in 2004. Fear is an amazing drug. Sorry for being arrogant just this once, but we sissy old Europeans overlook quite another portion of history and despite our undoubted faults seem to have a somewhat more unobstructed view on some things in the world, as we are not necessarily supposed to be predominantly patriotic. Ok, I apologize for potentially insulting anyone with the above statement, but it seems that 4,000 years of documented uninterrupted massacres on European soil gradually unfolds some sort of insight of which qualities define human existence after all.

How about emailing the Goering quote to every single American citizen and looking what will happen? ;-)


We need a clean sweep. Throw the bums out.

Thank you for your letter. I live in Arizona and have written him numerous times to find out what his justification for still backing bush is. Now I know. His dismal staff hasn't bothered to send me one of those generic letters I usually get from him

McCain trustworthy, don't be fooled. He sold out to bushandco.

Both Senators McCain and Kerry should know better and both for obvious political reasons have supported this shameful war in Iraq. Wasn't if Kerry who said, "How can you ask a man to die for a mistake?" Unlike the neo-cons behind this war who tutored Bush on foreign policy, these men have seen war first hand and know how terrible and devastating it is. You have to question their motives in continuing to support this travesty.

Congressman Bass,

I again urge you to support Representative Lee's "HR 375". It has become more evident that the people of the United States are beginning to question President Bush's reasons and possible lies, for invading Iraq. The "Downing Street Memo's" and the Investigation into the White House "leak" seems to be part of the answers to the question on the minds of many Americans.

Mr. Bass, the presidents approval rating is down to 36%, lower than President Nixon when Nixon was in the middle of "Watergate". This only proves that the people are wondering if Iraq is the place for our Troops to be. To allow President Bush to try and connect 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq as if Iraq was responsible for 9/11 is ludicrous but he keeps on saying they are. This president is out of touch with the rest of the nation. It is time to act.

The upcoming demonstration in Washington DC on September 24th 25th and 26th will bring together a nation of concerned people. People like Cindy Sheehan who want answers to what is the "noble cause" that our men and women are dying for in Iraq? I ask you Congressman Bass the same question,
What noble cause is our men and women dying for in Iraq? Over 1800 GI's have given their lives for our country, I hope they didn't die based on lies.

Thank you

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