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Coming Back to Crawford

By Cindy Sheehan
Huffington Post

I'm coming back to Crawford for my son. As long as the president, who sent him to die in a senseless war, is in Crawford, that is where I belong. I came here two and a half weeks ago for one reason, to try and see the president and get an answer to a very simple question: What is the noble cause that he says my son died for?
The answer to that question will not bring my son back. But it may stop more meaningless deaths. Because every death is now a meaningless one. And the vast majority of our country knows this. So why do more young men and women have to die? And why do more parents have to lose their children and live the rest of their lives with this unbearable grief?

The presidency is not bigger than the people's will.

And when the people speak out, it's the president's reponsibility to listen. He is there to serve us, not the other way around.

This isn't about politics. It's about what is good for America and what's best for our security and how far this president has taken us away from both.

I'm coming back to Crawford because -- now and forever -- this is my duty for my son, for my other children, for other parents, and for my country.

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Good morning Cindiy Sheehan. We are so glad you are going back to Crawford. We have kept a daily vigil by keeping you and your loved ones in our prayer. There is no doubt you have armies of angels around you. We are making arrangements to come see you in Crawford to support your/our cause of getting out of Iraq. Blessed one the support for you grows stronger. Some conservatives speak bad of you. It is to be expected because when you seek the truth and justice, the enemy is ready to beat up on the just like you.

As far as the Palestinian situation in Israel remember that the oldest one (Esau, now the Palestinians) will serve the younger one (Jacob or Israel, now the Israelites). They are the same blood and they need to settle their conflict and live in peace. All we can do is pray for peace.

Thank you for going back to Crawford and may the blessings of the Eternal be with you, your loved ones, and all those that you touch.

I'm glad you're back! I am so tired of the mindless bullshit that comes from the Wx gang of arrogant, ignornant, lying murderers. For after watching their actions over the past two years - how can you describe them otherwise? Stay the course, we will WIN!

Then compare me to Stalin. Compare me to whoever you want. I WILL NOT GO AWAY.

When they trash her, it's a signal that she's telling the truth. Now, she has them crawling back into the hole they slithered out of...Go Cindy!

If Bush's lips are moving...he's lying.

In that case I hope he says that Cindy is smart and intelligent. An asset to this country... and one of its finest. What would you say then?

You wouldn't recognize truth if it bit you. If you could read, you'd be able to figure it out. You think he cares about you?

Good morning Mrs. Sheehan, I am sorry for the loss of your son and i am sorry for the loss of those other men and women who have died in the conflict in Iraq. You question the president as to what noble cause your son died for, the answer to that question goes far beyond what the president would tell you. For it you must take out a history book of the United States over the past 230 years and you will begin to understand. Read, in depth, the parts about how our founding fathers fought for Freedom. They faced the greatest most well trained force in the world at that time...and they won their Freedom. Since then, millions of young men and women have shed their blood over many foreign lands for this cause, Freedom. Freedom is not a thing that is given to you openly, it is not free, it has cost the lives of many to keep what we have now, having been born and raised the US you might not think this, but now having lost your son you know the price of Freedom. What more Freedom do we need you ask? in our Declaration of Independance it states that ALL men are created equal and that by God everyone has the right to Life, Liberty and the persuit of Happiness. When we say the pledge of allegiance we put our hand over our hearts and speak while honoring our flag and those who have fallen for it. At the end of the pledge it says "Liberty and Justice for ALL". In no where in those first two paragraphs of our DOI or our pledge does it say that Freedom is for Americans only. In Iraq many have been under tyranny for so long, they'd be killed if a soldier on a street thought they wore the wrong color robe that day. Now they no longer have to fear that we are there, yes you may hear about all the bombs and casualties of American troops or innocent people dying, our troop count is nothing compared to the enemies that we have already slain. This will be a long war, war is hell. Your son volunteered to give his freedom to fight for those who didn't have it, who never tasted it. He died proudly for the cause of Freedom. I honor your son and the many other men and women who have fallen and those who still fight everyday. I am 20 years old, i am an only child, in my family name im at the bottom of the totem pole, im single, and i am in my 3rd year of college. In January i am honored to say i will heading into the Marine Corps, I will gladly pick up a rifle and go fight in Iraq because i believe in Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all. I know my nations history very well and i will be greatly honored to be apart of it. If i get sent to Iraq and should it be the case i am killed, ill go knowing i was doing the right thing by helping those people who could not help themselves. I know full well the ramifications if i should fall, my family name ends, my parents will not have grand children, and i will never know what it would be like to be a parent. With all these things and more on my mind, ill gladly still go and fight. Your son is now in a far better place than you or I could ever imagine, he will no longer see anymore wars or death ever again. Everyone wants peace, but for that you must fight against those who bring evil into this world. the only thing neccessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. Your son was a good man and he did something and many others are still. Everyday that goes by and no attack against our homeland has been made our men and women our doing there job, they take the beating so we don't have to. your question shouldn't be "why are there all these meaningless deaths?" no there not meaningless, theyve all died for an honorable cause of Freedom. The question you need to ask yourself and each other is, where do we find such men? President Bush is our commander in chief, i may not agree on all his issues, but i respect him and i believe in Iraq he has made the right choice to fight against terror and free those innocent people from the suffering that has consumed them, they deserve what we have. The best advice i can give you is to go home, go into your closet and take out your flag, if you don't have one get one, go outside and you hang it high, if you do it, many will follow and then you shall see the power of Freedom. Good will always triumph over evil, help us by showing your pride for God and your nation and lets all show the terrorist what fear is. My name is Kris Chachula and i am honored to know that i will get to defend Freedom and fight against the evil in this world, I will be honored to take your son's place on that front line.

Hello Kris,

What makes you think we are the world's police force?
When we should have gone in with world support our chimp went in alone -with support of loonies like you --and now LOOK !!!

Hello Kris,

What makes you think we are the world's police force?
When we should have gone in with world support our chimp went in alone -with support of loonies like you --and now LOOK !!!

I applaud your knowledge of U.S. History and your understanding of the values of liberty and freedom. Without those freedoms we could not express our pleasure or displeasure with our government, we could not protest what we see as unfair, we could not speak without fear of retribution. Kris, your desire to fight for a "noble cause" is honorable. Let me tell you about my son, Jordan. Jordan is in Iraq for his third tour of duty and he will point blank tell you that what is happening on the ground is anything but a fight for liberty and freedom. He has personally dealt with corporate employees who are gouging millions upon millions of dollars not only from the American taxpayer but from Iraqis; corporations who pay Iraqis the equivalent of $100/month for skilled labor positions. Jordan has talked with Iraqis who see the American military presence in Iraq as a humiliation and a disgrace. They ask my son, "Where is our freedom?" because they can't go out without fear of murder or kidnapping, they can't move freely in their country, they wait in lines for hours for gasoline, they swelter in summer heat without electricity, they drink filthy water for lack of purification. Time and again my son has told me that this "noble cause" has created a human disaster of mega-proportions, in Iraq, that will take decades to repair. Your dreams of grandeur and your romanticizing of this military engagement is anything but realistic. If you want to realistically approach your enlistment know that you are going to a country that does not welcome your honorable intentions nor appreciate your presence. Understand that your sacrifice is made upon the altar of fabrications, lies, deceit and corporate greed--liberty and freedom are not on the list. I only tell you this, as the mother of a soldier who has been there 3 times, so you will know what you will be facing.

First of all, welcome back Cindy and all those who voice their opposition to this administration.

To Kris: The Declaration of Independence stated our determination to remove ourselves from the rule of England and create our own governing body, independent of any other country. It does not give us the right to then take over other countries and demand our system of government be imposed on them. Remember, "spreading democracy" was never George Bush's rationale for going to war with Iraq. It was WMD's, which has proven to be a big fat lie.

Wrapping yourself with the American flag to justify a grudge match between Bush and Saddam dishonors the real reason we declared our independence. Our troops are to be supported for the difficult task they have been assigned. But the taskmakers should be sent packing for their dishonest iniation of war, their incredibly incompetent strategy for winning the peace in Iraq, and thier continued incompetence and arrogance. They do more dishonor to the American flag than anyone.

Dear Kris, Your read on American history is quite interesting. Have you ever thought that perhaps the colonist in the 18th century were the insurgency against the imperial British??? What makes you think everyone in the world wants our democracy as if our democracy was worth sharing? Our democracy, as it stands now, has nothing demo-cratic about it! There is virtually no public accesss or discourse to those who hold and control seats of power. Those seats of power are basically available only to those who are networked with multi-corporate interest and the millions of dollars for their campaign and advertizing expenses. As my 81 year old mom says, "Often times it's not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that get's you somewhere in life!"

You seem to make be blind to the fact that Jefferson and Adams were diligent about the seperation of nationalism and religion. Ironic that you would put God and flag as if honoring one is the same as honoring the other. Again, our Founding Fathers shed blood to no longer be governed by a King who had authority over the Church of England! Even as we speak, The majority Shiite are having the upper hand in the so-called new constitution that will be close to a Conservative Muslim directed theocracy, somewhat like what is current in Iran. Ironic, isn't it. says the "noble" cause for dying is to give them freedom and they are choosing, so far anyway, a religious oriented doctrine that limits human rights!

So, Kris, if you want to go fight and die for that, go knock your self out! But know, even though you'll be doing it with the aid of my tax dollars, you will NOT be doing it with my moral and ethical support of this illegal war of aggression based on fabricated lies of WMD and Bin Laden/9-11 connections! Good luck. You'll need it!

Somewhat misguided thinking. The part of fighting for freedom you have missed is.............WE FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM AND WON. Until the Iraqi's are willing to take on the fight then they cannot and will not have freedom. Do you think when we fought for our freedoms, we had organized troops? Our forefathers had an idea, they banded together and they fought for that idea.

Why do you and all the politicians let Iraq off the hook? If they want freedom so damn much let them have their own rag tag groups that go out there and slay the enemy.

It's time we quit force feeding the rest of the world. We should bring our troops home today. Let the Iraqi's stand on their own collective two-feet and fight, or fold and be told what to do, how to think. But damn it bring our troops home.

No, not misguided. Your right we did fight and win for our Freedom, but the British never had guns to are heads telling us what to think and when to think it. Thats right the iraqi's are afraid, they are afraid because they fear there enemy. We are not letting Iraq of the hook, We fought against slavery and it ended (it might have been against each other, but it happened). Hitler was on the verge of wiping out the whole Jewish community, but we stopped that from happening to. We are not force feeding the rest of the world, most of the countries you may think we force feed have asked for our help and they depend on the support that we give them. The bottom line is were not just there to free the people either, were there to kill terrorism, and i gaurantee you it will not stop with Iraq. these terrorist target innocent people, there whole job is to strike fear into the world. so if we do it your way, they win, we lose. They have just underminded the whole might of the US. Now they know they can't be stopped. Our soldiers go and fight knowing full well what lies ahead of them, they know they are going to have to face hell but they do it not just Iraqi's can be free, they do it so no terrorist is going to come knocking on your door with a bomb strapped to his chest. They are there to take the threat away from here. I assure you just like Germany and Japan found out in WW2, YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE US!! What are you going to say when another bomb explodes somewhere in the US? opps why didn't we do something, well we are now so that never hopefully has to happen.

What are you going to say when another bomb explodes somewhere in the US?

see: Fear Mongering

Kris, to use your own words, "The bottom line is were not just there to free the people either, were there to kill terrorism, and i gaurantee you it will not stop with Iraq." Do you know why? Instead of making our country less prone to terrorist attacks, as our President promised, our actions in Iraq have created a terrorist state which did not exist previous to March 2003. All of the evidence has shown that Saddam was not supporting terrorist activities in his country. Granted, he was a very bad man but Kris, there are bad men all over this world--in Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Somalia, Venezuela. Is the United States responsible to take out all the bad men or just the ones handpicked by a vengeful President? It was an honorable thing to support this mission in Iraq when we believed, as some did, that our country was in IMMINENT danger of another terrorist attack. It is dishonorable, to our troops, that this entire farce in Iraq was based on lies, fabrications, deceit and manipulations. My son is an honorable young man, he loves his country, he would protect it with everything he has but he has lost faith in those in command who have proven to be untrustworthy of his devotion. You sound like an honorable young man and your parents must be extremely proud of you. I only ask that you examine the FACTS before you leap blindly into a situation you have glorified in your mind.

My prayers are with you...
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:10

Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Matthew 5:11

For when two or more are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive.
--Unknown Native American author

In case Cindy doesn't realize... her son re-enlisted in the army! In 2003 Casey re-enlisted specifically with the intentions of being sent to Iraq... he sent himself... president Bush didn't force him to go... nor anyone else for that matter. You liberals are clearly misguided... you probably get all your news from this site.

to Congress and the American people (Casey Sheehan included). That, in my opinion, is the point.

Unfortunately, as I recently saw on one of the three network news broadcasts last night and as I've seen repeatedly in news reports on this subject (and in Bush's attempts at rebuttal), people are focusing too exclusively on Sheehan's belief that an immediate withdrawal is the only proper course of action.

But the big question: what is the noble cause for which we are fighting? Is the one that needs answering. There is no answer, because the ever-changing "justifications" are based on LIES.

Seriously, it would be a great day when not only the "president", but also the American people and the media would grasp the difference between lying and getting laid in the White House!

The truth is: Bush & Co. LIED, not only to me, but also to YOU and everyone else in this country and the world. When an ordinary citizen lies to someone (anyone), he has an issue to resolve with that person and with "God." But when the highest-ranking gov officials in this country LIE to Congress, the People and the WOrld, it's really out of "God's" hands--it's no longer just a "sin", it's a criminal offense and must be prosecuted as such.

I love hacks who come to this site and have the courage to leave their real names. The only rebuttal the Pro-War Right has to fling is insults; you have no substantiative proof that the justifications for this war are anything but falsehoods. Do you want us to believe WMDs were found in abundance in Iraq? Do you want us to believe that Saddam and Osama were in cohoots? Do you want us to believe that Saddam was in the process of imminently attacking us? Instead of throwing your "dumbie" grenades, how about giving some meat to your arguments instead of something inane like "you probably get all your news from this site".
As for Cindy, it is true her son re-enlisted in 2003 and knew he would probably be going to Iraq. Anyone with intelligence knows if you enlist/re-enlist you're going to Iraq (why do you think recruiting numbers are down?)But, in 2003, the rationale for the war hadn't fallen apart yet. We didn't know that WMDs wouldn't be found, we were being told there was a connection between Saddam and Osama, we were still being told Iraq was going to attack the U.S. Our soldiers believed their Commander in Chief when he said our country was in danger. You're looking at this issue from a 2005 viewpoint and the FACTS NOW prove that the reasons given for the pre-emptive invasion of Iraq were fabrications and exaggerations. That's the bottom line of this protest, anonymous, our young people (even those who re-enlisted back in 2003/2004) were lied to and were dragged into a military conflict based on those lies. That is why people like Cindy and myself (whose son is on his third tour of duty in Iraq)are protesting the needless deaths of these brave and courageous young people. We don't question their heroism or committment; we question the motivations and honesty of our current administration.
Please, hurl some FACTS instead of baseless insults.

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