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Sheehan Returns To Central Texas

August 24, 2005
KWTX Channel 10 Central Texas

After spending nearly in week in California after her mother suffered a stroke, anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan returns to Central Texas Wednesday afternoon to resume her vigil near the President’s ranch.

Sheehan is the Vacaville, Calif. woman who is demanding a meeting with the President about the death of her 24-year-old son Casey, a 1st Cavalry Division soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Sheehan’s protest has attracted international attention and has sparked both local and national controversy.

She began her vigil on Aug. 6, but interrupted it late last week after learning of her mother’s stroke.

President Bush has said he sympathizes with Sheehan, but says he disagrees with her call for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

He told reporters Tuesday in Idaho that most military families do not share Sheehan’s views.

Bush supporters set up their own camp in downtown Crawford over the weekend, called “Fort Qualls

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Cindy seems to be a wonderful person. I'm an old ninny from the 60's and 70's, though, who saw many a local or national effort sabotaged by the star-power handed over to the media leaders. Everyone with any kind of life has some baggage! The right wingnuts will spend a $$$bucket o' bucks to make Cindy Sheehan look like an Al-Quaeda leader, whose evil nature is only second to Osama bin-Laden, hisself'.

So, the righties are going to erect 500 SIGNS directly across from Camp Casey. Wow! What a demonstration of support for the President. 500 inanimate signs.

Do these right wing-nuts realize just how ridiculous their conduct looks? Can you imagine the meeting that took place to come up with this "counter demonstration"?

OK - we have an unlimited budget! Let's get to work to counter this lefty liberal anti war thing. I know, we'll sho 'em! We'll make up and erect 500 signs supporting our beloved President Bush and erect them right across from their camp. Yea, that will show all those liberals we MEAN business. How dare they accuse our beloved President Bush of lying and deceiving Congress! No liberal lefty is going to do that on my beloved President Bush's front porch!

Then we'll pack them up and take a convoy of our gas guzzling SUV's from California to Crawford, Texas and erect them right in front of thier liberal faces! Ahah, that will show them who's right. All in favor say zeig, Bush!

What we need (if we may have one second of lightening up)
is someone to turn those signs into burma shave jingles
jibbing bushco. write it on the back .

Here lives bush
a right wing wacko
take a wrong turn
and you'll be defacto

Heres lives a man
who missed his service
di da da da
di daa daa dat
......... anyone old enuf to remember burma shave signs?

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