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Village Voice Shows New York Times How It's Done

Unlike some publications in the Big Apple, the Village Voice has been treating the revelations of the Downing Street Minutes with the level of dignity and importance usually only afforded to Michael Jackson or Paris Hilton.

April 29: "Blair and Dubya: War and Words"

April 30: "Bush, Blair Decided in '02 to Invade Iraq and Worry About
Justification Later, Say Brit Papers"

April 30: "Phony War, Real Deaths: More About the Blockbuster British
Memos About Bush-Blair Pre-Invasion Plotting."

May 1: "Runaway Betrayal: How The Bush Regime Cooked Up Its
Justifications For War. Read About It In The British Press."

Also see:
The Bush Beat

The credit goes to:
Ward Harkavy
Senior Editor
Village Voice


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