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TV Station Rejects Ad, Says There's "No Proof" Bush Lied About WMD

By David Sirota

This is really incredible. A CBS television affiliate in Boise, Idaho is refusing to air an ad by critics of the Iraq War because, unlike the American public, it says "there is no proof" that President Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. No proof? I mean, really? No proof?

How about the CIA's October 2004 report, which CNN noted said:

"Saddam Hussein did not possess stockpiles of illicit weapons at the time of the U.S. invasion in March 2003 and had not begun any program to produce them...Iraq's WMD program was essentially destroyed in 1991 and Saddam ended Iraq's nuclear program after the 1991 Gulf War."

How about President Bush's own top weapons inspector, David Kay, in 2004? Again, the excerpt from CNN:

"David Kay said Sunday that his group found no evidence Iraq had stockpiled unconventional weapons before the U.S.-led invasion in March...'My summary view, based on what I've seen, is we're very unlikely to find large stockpiles of weapons, he said on National Public Radio's 'Weekend Edition.' 'I don't think they exist.'"

I could go on here, but instead, if you want more, just go read the piece linked below that I wrote in 2004, when this issue was settled.

Seriously, folks - are we actually still having this argument? Or is this really once again another transparent effort to simply silence criticism of the war?


TV station rejects ad, says there's "no proof" Bush lied about WMD:


CNN on the 2004 CIA report declaring there are no WMD in Iraq:

CNN on Bush's top weapons inspector declaring there are no WMD in Iraq:

Previous article going over all WMD claims and debunking them:



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Nothing the MSM does surprises me anymore. The only time I go to them is when I want to see what they're not reporting.

They've done themselves in. The lying MSM will go the way of liar-in-chief George Bush. Buh bye.

Thank God for the internet.

I believe that Bush and Co. did lie about WMD and, in general, the reasons for going to war in Iraq. That said, the failure to find WMD, and indeed the non-existence of WMD in Iraq, does not serve as proof that Bush lied.

We can all agree that lying is different from asserting something false. The former requires intent to deceive. The quotes above about 'no WMD' etc. proves false reasons for going to war in Iraq; however, no intent to deceive is supported by those quotes.

But there is reason to think that intent to deceive was involved: namely, the DSMs. A full inquiry into all of this is needed, and I hope will happen.

I challenge the CBS station to provide evidence that W. told the truth(any) about starting this occupation of Iraq.

If there is no proof that George Bush lied about WMDs, then there is no proof that there are insurgent attacks occuring every day in the country. There is no proof that we have any of our men and women on the ground being killed daily in Iraq and Afghanistan. If that's the best excuse the media can come up with, no wonder Bush's job approval ratings are tumbling and more people want an end to the Iraq War!

TV stations must regularly have their licenses renewed by the FCC. The renewal is usually just a formality, and is almost automatic.

I think local citizens should organize to protest this station's renewal, on the grounds that their propaganda and lies aren't serving the public interest.

Even better, there should be an organization to coordinate local protests of the worst corporate media propagandists. is keeping track of the lies. The airwaves belong to us citizens, and the broadcasters use them with our approval!

We need to retake control of what is OURS, from corporate media outlets, who are lying to us to further the agenda of the wealthy.

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