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Of Course Rumsfeld's Department Doesn't Do the CIA's or Mercenaries' Work

Furor erupts over call for assassination
The Virginian-Pilot

Pat Robertson’s call for the assassination of Venezuela’s president set off a global media frenzy Tuesday, as religious and political leaders heaped scorn on the Virginia Beach-based Christian broadcaster. The Bush administration quickly distanced itself from Robertson’s remarks, but Venezuela’s vice president said Robertson should be investigated for his “terrorist statements.


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Thous shalt not not kill... unless they disagree with your extremist view of the world in which case ice the bastard.

Mr. Robertson is calling the democratically elected leader of another country a "dictator." Why? It has nothing to do with reality. It suits his purpose. Why should the Venezuelan people benefit from their oil revenues? How totally "inappropriate" is that?

It would be sad, but unfortunately it is true. He's just giving a green light to the jackels. Read The Confesssions of an Economic Hitman. He makes a "Christian" point. Why kill 100,000 people, and worse still spend our hard earned money doing it, when you can kill their leader and not miss a drop of oil.

would be branded a terrorist and hauled away.

Why is OK for Pat Robertson to make this threat, apologize and all is well?

If any one of us called for the assassination of bush we'd be hauled off to the pokey in a flash.

Robertson should be arrested. CBN should lose their tax exempt status and their books should be open to public scrutiny.

While I do recognize the walidity of both systems of "evolution" and "intelligent design", It is bafflig to have to accept the facts of the faliures of both theories within the confines of small human minds.
Pat Robertson and most of his followers clearly show both, the inherent faliure of intelligence and the other side of evolution which is devolution.
Not being able to adopt to environmental changes is the shure road to the way of the Dinosour.

Hugo Chavez, the so called "dictator" of Venezuela, takes hours of live phone calls televised nationwide every Sunday from his country's citizens.
Our so called "president" refuses to even meet for a minute with a grieving mother who wants answers why her son died in an illegal and unnecessary war.
Which is the democracy and which is the fascist state?
"Thou shall not kill." Exodus 20:13

Thank You Thank You for your most caring and insigtful comments.
This world has turned completely upside down...
Its always been a bit topsy turvy...but talk about fair and balanced.
These daze its fair and balanced only for those who say so...
After all, bush has to go on with his bike riding and fund raising...
while the masses struggle in the trenches.
Would be awesome if we had someone we knew that we could truly take part in the action. So hoping to Join Cindy Sheehan when affordable.
But her courage and tenacity has given the voice back to the people.
Thank YOU CINDY et al all those actively seeking to bring accountability to our "public servants".

If that would have been a Muslim leader calling for the assassination of a democratically elected official of a sovereign nation they'd be in shackles on their way to Guantanamo right now. Is it selective enforcement of anti-terrorist statutes?

To Bush terrorist means 'enemy,' political, or otherwise.

So, technically then, the PNAC NEO CONS could outsource this Hugo Chavez assassination "contract" to the same group that assassinated
John and Robert Kennedy??

Would it be paid for in crack money, heroin money, prostitution money or your basic cocaine money? How many sets of books does the CIA/Secret Service have to keep up with these days????

If the 700 Club joined together with Jerry Falwell's group, I bet they could have a telethon fundraiser to raise the dough.

Thou shalt not kill unless it cost less than a full scale invasion and interupts the flow of oil.

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