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We definitely do more than sit in ditches around here, and tomorrow's main event is proof positive: at 11 a.m. we'll be caravaning from the Crawford Peace House to the VA hospital in Waco to protest its imminent closure. Texas has the nation's third-largest population of veterans, and the hospital in Waco provides what is considered the best post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and blind rehabilitation facilities in the country. Over 250,000 veterans entered the VA health care system this fiscal year; 40% of them are from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a figure that highlights the decreasing average age of vets. Yet Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson says it needs to go, along with 17 other VA hospitals around the country. As many Vietnam and Iraq vets here at Camp Casey have asked, "Is this how we treat our veterans?" Think of us tomorrow, and even better, find out about the fate of VA hospitals in your area. After all, when we send our soldiers to war, we'd better make sure we take care of them properly when they return.

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This post is enough to drive a sane human crazy. How can one even imagine the United States government, claiming to support our armed service men and women, justifying the closure of and VA Medical centers? Anyone who can not see the hypocracy of this policy really never had a clue. All you SUV driving, gas guzzling suburbanite "conservative" righties out there with your magnetice yellow ribbons on the rear bumper better look in the mirror once you have read this post if you have the "courage" to read it in the first place.

Government seems to have gotten out of hand - Rarely as of late do they seem to be working for us - the people. Issues that truly are important such as election reform and corruption within the halls of our own government take a back burner to much less important topics. Corporate lobbyists have apparently sidetracked our "representatives". This government of ours is not Republican or Democratic concern
We all need to be involved. Contact your representatives - be heard; and insure that your votes are counted.
We deserve and demand the truth from our representatives.
Urge them to pass Senator Clintons bill S-450 Voting Reform Bill.
Urge them to pass Senator Feingolds bill on Lobbyist Reform.

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