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Step It Up! Take Action Against Climate Change -- and for Peace!

UFPJ - It's time to bridge the divide between the peace and justice movement and the climate action movement! For far too long, our groups have been working on one or the other of these issues, but now is the time to acknowledge the ways in which these issues are linked and the need for people throughout the world to take action to end both war and climate change!

This coming Saturday, April 14th, peace and justice activists have an opportunity to join with tens of thousands of people throughout the United States who will be participating in Step It Up (, an exciting national day of action against climate change. The demand: Step it Up Congress! Cut carbon 80% by 2050. We believe it's time for the peace and justice movements to lend their support to these efforts!

Please join United for Peace and Justice, and many UFPJ member groups including Peace Action, CODEPINK, Global Exchange, Climate Crisis Coalition, and others by participating in local actions on April 14th to say NO WAR, NO WARMING! Send the message "Fight Climate Change, Not Wars for Oil."

You can join one of the more than 1,300 protests planned throughout the country on April 14th. ( And there is still time to organize a protest in your community. ( One idea is to have an action at a local gas station. What better location to send a message about war, oil and the consequences of oil addiction than a gas station? And every neighborhood has one!

Here are some gas station action ideas:

* Leaflet motorists and hold up signs (e.g., Fight Climate Change, Not Wars for Oil; No War, No Warming; Congress: Step It Up - Cut Carbon Emissions NOW; etc.);
* Organize a time-limited die-in at the pumps;
* Put up crosses or cardboard tombstones at a gas station, with the names of people who died in the Iraq war;
* March from a gas station to a nearby recruiting station or a nearby Congressmember's office.

Click here for flyers and other resources to use in your actions:

Let's get the peace and justice movement involved in this great day of action!

Oil is the critical link between war and climate change.

There would have been no invasion of Iraq if that country's main export were broccoli. It was the U.S. addiction to oil that drove our country into the Iraq war and will fuel future resource wars, unless the U.S. ends its addiction. Additionally, the U.S. military is the largest single consumer of petroleum in the country, so as the military grows, so does our addiction to fossil fuels.

Oil is also the main cause of climate change. Our addiction to greenhouse-gas-emitting oil is melting the Arctic and Greenland before our eyes, destroying Indigenous cultures and peoples. It is disappearing small island nations as sea levels rise, and it's creating extreme climate events and super storms like Hurricane Katrina around the world. In fact, as the situation gets even worse, as people run out of water and eco-systems wither, climate change is an emerging global security threat that could make current wars pale by comparison.

Meanwhile, who suffers from war and climate change? In both cases, it is the poorest people, people of color and people from the global South, who suffer the most, and it is oil companies, Halliburton and other corporate pillagers who reap the profits.

To end future oil wars and stop the impending climate crisis, we need to take dramatic steps to end the U.S. addiction to oil and other fossil fuels. What if we shifted the billions of dollars being spent every month on war and destruction in Iraq to investment in clean, efficient, jobs-creating, and renewable energy sources? Let's make it happen! U.S. out of Iraq and into Kyoto!


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Stop funding the terrorists!

No more Oil Wars!

Energy Independence Now!

Drill in Anwar.

Build more nuclear power plants

Use More coal.

Use more natural gas

Turn trash into energy

Double the efficiency of windmills and solar cells.

If France can do nuclear power so can we.

If Brazil can do biomass/ethanol power so can we.

If Australia can do LNG power so can we.

Domestically produced energy will end the recession and spur the economy.

Stop paying oil dollars to those who worship daily at the alter of our destruction.

Preserve our Civil Rights and defend our Freedom by ending dependence on foreign oil.

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