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Statement by Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson

August 22nd, 2005

The Bush White House and its right wing allies are responding to Cindy Sheehan and the military families’ vigil in Central Texas in the same way that they always respond to bad news –by unleashing personal attacks and smears against her.

This White House never wants an open public discussion, and it certainly never wants to be told that it is wrong. It always tries to change the message by attacking the messenger.

They did it with former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill when he wrote a book that suggested that the White House used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq.

They did it when Richard Clarke revealed that the White House ignored warnings about Bin Laden.

They did it in a most despicable way, as everybody now knows, when they revealed my wife’s identity as a CIA employee because they were unhappy when I spoke the truth and told the American people that President Bush’s claim was false concerning Niger’s giving uranium to Iraq, part of the trumped up rationale for our invasion.

So no one should be surprised that when these mothers and families who have lost loved ones in Iraq step up to question the President, the White House responds not with the respect due them, but with hateful attacks and smears. But enough is enough. Ours is a government of the people, by the people and for the people; and the people in the name of Cindy Sheehan are right in demanding accountability for the tragedy foisted upon our great nation by this administration. To smear her rather than hear her is un-American and undemocratic.


Joseph C. Wilson IV was U.S. Ambassador to Gabon from 1992-1995 and is an international business consultant.

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I have been astounded and horrified the way this administration has treated so many- from Military leaders ( zinni), Mr.Wilson and his wife, Mr.Clark, Senator Kerry. This is a new low - it worries me that so many do not recognize HOW dangerous this situation has become....And how much worse is it going to get?...go to my Blog Watergate Summer and see more..., I wrote a post the other night about this very issue-"HOW DARE ANYONE SWIFTBOAT CINDY SHEEHAN OR ANY MOM".... 8-21-05.....I also think women now are fair game- moms? I mean how low will he get or go? what's next...whelp take a look at Crooks and Liars- RAVE video from Utah- kids raided by Military- beat up, Dogs, and helicopters- the same night that Bush was there or arriving- I don't think it is a coincidence...I think it was a messege for our young people/kids and also for the protestors planning protests on Monday....WWII the media was the first to cave- we need to DO somthing..WHAT?

THANK YOU, Mr. Wilson! We need more real patriots like you if this country is ever going to remove this curse of neocons from power.

Ambassador Wilson,
You are a real American hero for writing your Op-Ed piece in July, 2003 and for continuing to champion the truth in spite of much character assassination and pressure from the Bush administration. The good guys/gals don't always win, but in this country they usually win in the long run. That's why I and most Americans would die for America to stop any legitimate threat to our country. It is also why so many Americans are outraged at the Bush administration's callous manipulation of that noble sentiment.
Gene Joly
Thousand Oaks, CA

Ambassador Wilson, thanks to your heroic efforts, I have the pleasure of offering
Fire Rove printable bumperstickers

Dear Joseph Wilson
thank you for standing up to bush

Mr. Wilson, You are a true American and history will note it.
Keep your powder dry.

Ambassador Wilson. thank you for you service to our country and to the truth. We, the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, stand with you, Cindy Sheehan, the Vetrs for Peace, MFSO as well as all the other groups supporting the dissemination of the TRUTH.


Mr. Wilson,

Your courage, sanity, fairness, and honesty make me proud to be one of your fellow Americans. If only those in this administration had an inkling of these qualities. And Valerie is a truly heroic American -- which of us will ever be able to do so much for our country?

Thank you both so much for your public service, and know that many, many of us will always think of you with respect and gratitude.

Mr. Wilson,

Your diligent and courageous stand against this administration is inspiring. By not backing down in the face of a wave of personal criticism and a baragge of lies you have emerged as a champion for those of us who believe America is something different from what it has become since 2000. My president does not invade a country for no reason, and I believe in an America that values honesty, fairness and justice. And let's not forget the romatic element to your plight because, along with leading the way in a fight to restore an honorable democracy, you are fighting for your wife's honor. That's a family value that I share with you.

Thank you for your personal sacrifice. Thank your wife for me as well. Please continue your efforts to bring justice to Karl Rove. My family, my friends, and everyone is safer when the CIA's secrets remain secret.

Jason Stowe
New York City

Wilson- It took a lot for you to do what you have done in the Service of America and not for any specific political group.And you, I am afraid, are still going to have to put up with a lot more of the Un-American attacks from unpatriotic individuals who put their fears above the FREEDOMS that make America the best place in the world. This country's freedoms and what we stand for are being destroyed by these misguided neo-cons. Real Middle Americans are finding they have to get up and be heard to stop our country by being stolen by the religious right. And more and more of us are. You are a great example. I hope that you earn a place in history as one of the Patriots who revitalized America. Thank you for your courage.

Your article on Bush's attacks on the families of fallen soldiers has outraged me even more than I was before. I am a firm believer that this nation has absolutly no reason to be in Iraq. I also find it odd that when Bush SR was in office that we were in a war with Iraq, and now that Jr. is in office we are enduring the same fait. This can't be by chance. The fact alone that the President of the United States makes personal attacks on the families that require answers as to why their loved ones have parished in a country that we have no business being in is obsured. In general the President's behavor is a direct display of what our government has become. Maybe, it is time for history to repeat itself.

Lexington, KY

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