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Arianna Kicks Kurtz' and Milbank's Butts

CNN Transcript.

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Dana Milbanks still does not get it. Cindy Sheehan and a number of us protested the Washington Post's failure to cover the Downing Street Memos, something the so-called journalists declared "old news" right away. Now we hear in referrence to Cindy:

KURTZ: Is it true that she's not your biggest fan?

MILBANK: It is true that she had a protest outside the "Washington Post" with bullhorns and all to say we were not being sufficiently sympathetic just a month ago.

It had nothing to with being sympathic. It had to do with the fact that the Washington Post is so pathetic that it cannot cover the news. It finally did a spin job on the Downing Street Memos. But it never covered them.

The Downing Street Memos and Plamegate are Bush's Watergate and the Post won't cover them. Sad isn't it. We cancelled our subscription to the Post.

I was at that protest in front of the Washington Post with Cindy Sheehan, along with 80 other people. Why the protest? Because the once proud newspaper that broke Watergate was rolling over for the Bush administration. It's coverage of the Downing Street Memo was relegated to the last page of the classifieds. Want to read something not surprising? Do a google search on the connections of the Bush family to the publishing wing and board of directors of the Washington Post. Sickening. Just like Dana Milbank.

Cindy Sheehan has gotten more people in support of her than she has in support of her son... Cindy doesnt matter... Casey does

Cindy Sheehan has a question that we all want answered. What is the noble cause that Casey fought for? Why are we in Iraq? Give us an answer. It's an easy question. Very straight forward. Answer it. The lame excuses the bush administration and dana milbanks have come up with just doesn't cut it. And now doctors in Iraq are demanding an inquiry into continuing breaking of Geneva Convensions. Terrible terrible fighting. This must end.

Washington Post and its stupid, fucking lying corporate media. There is nothing credible about anything they write. There is one part of the Washington Post editors who say the truth sometimes, but how big is that percentage?


Please. The downing street memos got barely any coverage in the Post, and this is something that needed scrutiny, along with Cheney's statements over a month ago. Answer the damn questions and then people will care. Otherwise, we're going to sink these corporations!!!!!

Doug E.

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