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Slandering Cindy on MSNBC

Mark Williams appeared on Hard Ball today and was about as obnoxious a ---- as I've seen. He-well I can't call it a debate because he filibustered the whole segment, so much so that Nora lost control of the segment. Coleen Rawley was on to talk about Cindy Sheehan and his idiotic "You don't speak for me, Cindy!" tour but he quickly sunk to the lower depths of vitriolic speech.



I knew that when these right wingers went over to Iraq they would come back and thump their chests like they are experts now.'

Here's a little bit of the debate thanks to Bob at Yellow Dog:

O'Donnell: "Mark, if you don't mind, you're making the case that Cindy Sheehan is hurting the morale of our troops?"

Williams: "She is aiding and abetting the enemies of this country and the people who killed her son. And right now Casey Sheehan is spinning in his grave!"

I'll be back with more soon. I have to take a shower.

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What a pathetic display by Williams. His desperate, vitriolic tirade is just another indication that the Bush crowd knows the end is near and that the largest fraud in the history of American government is about to crash and burn while the entire world watches.

Perhaps Dick Cheney's recent declaration the the insurgency is "in its last throes" was actually a freudian slip. Perhaps what he was actually talking about was the Bush cabal's insurgent attack on America.

John Perry

Great! keep it coming! the more people like him open their big mouths, run over memorials to fallen soldiers, chant "we don't care" about the military personnel that have given their lives for these lies, etc, the more they show their true character(their supposed strong point!) I can't imagine anyone watching that performance and not being completely turned off to anything he had to say. give them enough rope, they'll hang themselves.

I'd like to send her an email.

I just sent Nora O'Donnell an email detailing her inability to host an adult show. You can email:


I've got to thank O'Donnell for letting America get a gander at the frenzied behavior of this guy Williams. He so aptly demonstrates the rabid mentality of those who support the maniacal policies of our despotic President.

Someone once said that when your enemy is defeating himself, don't interfere. I wonder how many percentage points in approval ratings this despicable individual and his ilk will cost Bush.

Bring 'em on!!

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