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Only One Thing Left to Conclude: The Media Want the War

By David Sirota
Huffington Post

Back in May when ABC News openly justified the media's refusal to cover the Iraq War, I thought it couldn't get worse. Then, a few months later, we saw that it could, as the Washington Post began trying to intimidate Democratic politicians and prevent them from standing up to voice opposition to the war. I figured that was rock bottom, but in recent days, we've seen that yes, the braindead insulated elitists in the Beltway media have found an even lower road to take than this.

In the last 48 hours, we've seen the "objective" mainstream media now openly attacking people who oppose the Iraq War. Mind you, these aren't the editorialists or the opinion pundits, these are the people who are supposed to be telling the objective truth - and instead they are literally attacking war critics.

Take MSNBC's Nora O'Donnell. In an interview with former FBI agent Colleen Rowley (now a candidate for Congress), O'Donnell claimed that Rowley "had decided to align [herself] with anti-war extremists" because she visited Cindy Sheehan's supporters in Crawford. Or, take the Washington Post's Mike Allen. He said those who oppose the war are "PETA, hippies, Naderites" - again, a blatant effort to paint those who oppose the war as fringe, even though polls show a majority of Americans oppose the war.

These nauseating examples need to be put into a context. They follow the media's open pushing of the Iraq War before the invasion and refusal to question what they knew were pre-war lies. They also come as polls show Americans oppose the war, want an exit strategy, and believe the entire mess is endangering U.S. national security. And they come even as Iraq War veterans themselves say they understand that criticism of the war is not criticism of U.S. troops.

All of that should lead any honest person to conclude one thing: The Beltway media - spurred on by the elitist, bipartisan foreign policy establishment that doesn't want to admit it was wrong - actually wants the war to continue, no matter how many American casualties mount, no matter what the ramifications for U.S. national security, no matter what the consequencs for our country over the long-term.

Think about it: The reporters who cover politics are comfortably insulated from the war - the violence and death of American soldiers to them is an interesting talking point on the Washington cocktail party circuit, nothing more. And besides, they cynically look at it all as a spectacle that makes for good TV - rather than a national security crisis, and a human disaster.

I'm not sure what's next from the media - although we've already gotten a taste. Some local television stations are actually refusing to air anti-war groups' ads, moving this media problem from one of gross dishonesty, into one of actually gagging people and infringing upon the First Amendment. Will it ever end? Stay tuned, I guess.

ABC News justifies media's refusal to cover the Iraq War:
Washington Post tries to intimidate Dems out of opposing the Iraq War:
MSNBC's Nora O'Donnell labels war critics "extremists":
Washington Post's Mike Allen labels war critics "PETA, hippies, Naderites" LINK
Media pushed war before the invasion:
Media refused to question pre-war lies that they knew were lies:
Polls show majority of Americans oppose the war:
Polls show majority of Americans want an exit strategy from the war:
Polls show majority of Americans believe war is endangering U.S. national security:
Iraq War vets say they understand war criticism is not aimed at U.S. troops:
Elitist, bipartisan foreign policy establishment still pushing the war:
Local TV stations now refusing to air anti-war ads:



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I have already cancelled newspapers, stopped buying magazines...and soon I will cancel my cable... To call people extremists who do not support this war is immoral... Don't these people understand our constitution... It does not give us the right to invade foreign countries at will... Our constitution has served us very well for over 200 is not the time to let the media endorse tossing it aside for their political agenda... What are they thinking...

It's sad isn't it? If you don't support murdering people so you can steal their oil, your considered abnormal and an extreemist. I never thought i'de ever see the day when this country would be home to so many brown shirts. AMERIKA! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! Well, i already left it. Im so ashamed. I just want to crawl under a rock. **HUMPHREY**

Maybe, but the verb may just possibly be in the wrong tense.

Clearly, wars are good for the media in many ways. Witness "Citizen Kane" Hearst and his newspapers' involvement in the Spanish-American War as, perhaps, the most blatant example. There are, however, some signs that even today's media barons may be perceiving some changes in their own self-interest.

Quoting from a recent article by Mike Whitney: "What we're seeing in the Sheehan affair is the yawning chasm that has opened up between the elites who control the media and a large part of American industry. In essence, these men see the same thing that you and I do; a bunch of incompetent bunglers who have failed in everything they have set out to achieve. The lack of faith in the Bush administration is not limited to confirmed liberals who spend their time on Leftists web sites. The men at the top of the corporate food-chain are not fools. They understand failure and they know when to cut their losses. The Bush ship-o-state is rudderless and adrift and the media is just helping them to the nearest reef.

"That doesn't mean that Bush is not still a formidable adversary. The boys in the administration have no intention of leaving and allowing some other administration to start snooping around 9-11, the Cheney energy papers, the Downing Street memos and the long litany of crimes perpetrated in the last 5 years. But, certainly, some of the Bush faithful have stepped off the boat and are looking for new leadership."

Never underestimate the willingness of the enemy (especially fascist enemies) to sacrifice any individual or sub-group who no longer serves their purposes and interests. If the peasants accept their "bargains", they're quite capable of clinging to and even augmenting their power without much pause.

SOURCE: Turning Sheehan's Victory into Defeat

Two guests whinned this past Sunday that those who oppose the war are lefists and John Roberts did nothing to correct them such as show the latest polls on the screen which would have contradicted them. This article nails it - the journalists have become part of the administration and they're probably receiving payment form the neo-cons as well.

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