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Juan Cole's 10-Point Plan for U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

August 23, 2005

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* Juan Cole's 10-Point Plan for U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

More than two years after the US invaded Iraq, there is a debate in this
country that is increasingly dominating the public discussion on the
occupation: the issue of withdrawing US troops. We speak one of the most
respected independent Iraq analysts, Juan Cole, who released a 10-point
plan, outlining what he calls a responsible stance toward Iraq.


* Draft Constitution May Strip Iraqi Women of Basic Human Rights *

Iraq's parliament received a draft of the country's constitution but delayed
a vote for three days on the highly contested document to win support from
Sunni leaders. The document stipulates Islam is the official religion of
Iraq, and is a fundamental source for legislation. We go to Baghdad to speak
with Iraqi feminist Yanar Mohammed.


* Rev. Joseph Lowery: "The Mothers in Iraq Call Us the Terrorists" *

As the antiwar vigil at Camp Casey continues outside President Bush's estate
in Crawford, we speak with the Rev. Joseph Lowery, co-founder of Southern
Christian Leadership Conference.


* Headlines for August 23, 2005 *

- 2,000 Protest Bush in Salt Lake City
- Rep. Lynn Woolsey to Hold Hearings on Iraq Exit Strategy
- In Haiti Jailed Priest to Run As Lavalas Presidential Candidate
- Connecticut Sues U.S. Over No Child Left Behind Act
- Pat Robertson Calls For Assassination of Hugo Chavez
- Police Chief Sues Taser Over Injuries Suffered During Training
- Electronic Music Pioneer Robert Moog, 71, Dies


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Wed, August 24: A look at rising oil and gas prices, hybrid cars and Pat
Robertson's call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez

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I was troubled by Professor Cole's approach, thoughtful as it may be, when I first read it on his web site. Now, he has graciously published an excellent rebuttal here:

I also emailed Professor Cole with my concerns:

Dear Professor Cole:

I was impressed by your thoughtful delineation of the ten steps that should be taken to resolve the Iraq disaster. However, I wonder if you really think that this plan will actually be implemented by the Bush Administration? If so, I think you should say so, explain just how the Bush Administration or Congress will be persuaded to do it, and point out how Alan Richards' equally thoughtful analysis (ref. "The Iraq Avalanche Cannot be Stopped" ( in your 6/24/05 blog) is wrong. If not, I think you should say so, explain why they can't be so persuaded, and tell us why staying in Iraq one more day does not do more harm than good. I would appreciate it, and all your readers would as well I'm sure.

Here's his response puts that it all in perspective:

Thanks, Gary. The point is to put pressure on Bush to do the right thing, and to avoid the charge that simply bringing out the troops is irresponsible.

cheers Juan

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