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Bush's lies have cost U.S. too much

Public Opinion (Chambersburg, PA)

Recently as I watched George Bush launch his dog and pony show from Fort Bragg, I was not impressed, as most Americans were not. The script was same as usual, filled with lies and no answers as to how and when our young men and women will be getting out of this disaster which Bush created in Iraq.

On May 1, the London Times made public a confidential memo detailing a July 2002 meeting held at Downing Street between Tony Blair and military intelligence chiefs. The subject was support for the Bush administration's plans for war in Iraq.

According to the minutes, the head of British Intelligence Service, Richard Dearlove, had just returned from a meeting in Washington to announce that the decision to invade had already been made. The Bush administration was working on building an intelligence case, based on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, to justify the upcoming war. Vice President Cheney had made several visits to the CIA to make sure the intelligence would fit policy lies.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld's lies have cost the lives of over 1,800 men and women, 14,000 wounded and permanently disabled and over 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children dead. The financial costs stand at over $350 billion and growing at a cost of $1 billion a week.

President Clinton was impeached for lying about sex. Why is Bush given a free pass?

Call your congressmen and demand that they call hearings on "The Downing Street Memo." To learn more, go to or

"Patriotism is the last refuge for scoundrels."

Bob Cooper




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You're right Cooper, the antics of Nixon and Clinton were "storms in a teapot", peanuts, and trifles compared with the bloody consequences of the outrageous deceptions we now have had thrust in our faces. But these things seem invisible to many of those in congress (not all), and the MSM is slow to look at it.

It appears the MSM will follow the pace of Congress, where some members may be reluctant to admit they were duped when they voted for the war, and so are holding back. They should wake up and realize they can get past that by noting that when they voted for the war they were misled and deprived of the correct information that came out later. Everyone knows that by now anyway. The public is rationale enough to readily understand how the deliberate deceptions thwarted them, and would excuse them in a minute. They could then get on with the investigations without fearing backlash for their vote on the war.

The election for Kerry and some other congresspersons surely would have gone the other way had the deceptions been fully uncovered as they are now, which is unfair to the whole country which effectively had the wool pulled over its eyes.

Its time for congress to do their job, investigate, and make corrections. There are signs the tide may turn and the job may yet get done, although initially at a glaciers pace before full momentum is reached.

This is what American troops are fighting and dying for in Iraq. It starts on the twentieth word of the draft constitution:

1. Islam is a main source for legislation.
a. No law may contradict Islamic standards.
So, what the politicians in Baghdad are angling for is an "Islamic Republic" just like Iran ... they may not use the title "Islamic Republic of Iraq" but that is what it is ... and Bush is very excited; Rice is excited. If the Shia are able to keep this thing together and move this draft to a referendum election, it means that 1,869 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq for the lie of finding non-existent WMD, and to protect the establishment of an Islamic Republic. Indeed, once this sinks in to the knot-headed Bush zealots, this guy will be lucky if his approval rating doesn't sink into single digits. Bush's approval rating is now at an all time low, 36%

Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq was a secular dictatorship. Now, thanks to Bush, Iraq is going to be an Islamic dictatorship. This is Bush's "noble cause" in Iraq.

Opium production up 500% in Afghanistan, record oil prices. Thanks Dubya.

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