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America is beautiful after all.

For the unexpected pleasure of viewing the Impeach Bush video you sent, I am happy to pledge to World Can't Wait's impeachment efforts once again. Joanne Storlie

That was scary.
This is a matter for adults.
Exploiting kindergarten children belittles the importance of this issue. It is a tactic much used by, & best left to, the "Other Side."
Samantha, Hawaii

Scary? Perhaps it is about time that American families speak about politic around the kitchen table. If kindergarten children can be taught about religion, can be taught to do prayers before a meal and/or before going to bed, do you call this "exploitation"?

I dont know what was so "scary" about the video. Kids need to know the truth also.

People are still sleeping and think the media will tell the truth!

The fact is that the media is looking out for Bush! The media loves Bush and are proctecting HIM. Don't trust your media!

Hope the voting adults are the little children.

I am fervently supporting the efforts to impeach Bush, but must agree with Samantha of Hawaii -- these kids shouldn't be impressed into this kind of thing...reminds me of "Jesus Camp."
Scott from Phoenix

Cool little vid. Don't be scared, be active. Replace the kids and their club with yourself and your own "adults only", "No Kidz Alowd" Impeach Bush Club. Lighten up a little, this was cool! Any excuse for a parade, or to "act" when I was a kid was fun. And is there anything wrong with anything at all that they are saying? They are learning that even The President can be fired from his job. That's a good thing. Way to go, videographer, and thanks for the uplifting dose of cute.

If it truly were a cardboard sign "No Kidz Alowd", THAT might have been cool. It would have meant the kids had come up with the idea on their own. But the message in the video was spelled perfectly on a shiny plastic banner and the slogans were not their own; that is to say, the children were just being used as conduits for someone else's opinions -- that they happen to be OUR opinions doesn't make it OK. Using children to make an argument on your behalf is meaningless and kind of creepy. As Samantha said, that is what the "other side" does. Personally, I passionately believe in the message they were carrying around and parroting -- hey, that's why I'm here! But I would be MUCH more interested to hear their own opinions, expressed in their own words, even if it didn't come out so "cute" or black-and-white ... or staged. Now before you say this is much ado about nothing, it is not. I know, I know, it feels like we're finally coming up for air after being "waterboarded" by the Right Wing for 6 years, but let's not forget: It's our ability to distinguish emotions from reason that has enabled us to see through the Right Wing media & BushCo's lies. Going forward, especially with impeachment, we're going to need clear thinking skills more than ever. So instead of fluffing off Scott and Samantha, consider this little mini-debate about the video a beautiful opportunity to sharpen those skills!

"Sorry" again -- I forgot to sign my reply!

Bruce from Portland :-)

The media should listen to the children. They are repeating what
they hear when the family talks.
This video captured the truth with these beautiful children.
America is alive and well!


Let it be

This is hardcore indoctrination of the little ones with hatred, just like the Muslims teach their kids. Our country needs to remember who our opponents are and unite to defeat terrorism. Let's not add to it in the same way the terrorists do!


I think its adorable and in 20 years these kids are going to think back on their little club and wonder why more adults didn't get involved.

Although it isnt likely to happen, it is a pleasant thought, that our liar president and his master- tricky dick cheney being held accountable for their crimes ...instead of using the "get out of jail free" cards they seem to have issued to themselves and all their friends.

First off let me say that there is certainly value for young people coming to their own conclusions. But it is absolutely maddening to hear liberals freaking out about some supposed "indoctrination" going on, ESPECIALLY when they equate what these kids are saying, which happens to be a very GOOD thing, with reactionary ideologies. (Though I think Bella has got some explaining to do when she so casually lumps Islam together with terrorism. That is racist and wrong.)

What is up with a mindset that says, "What I think is true and good, but I should never actually STAND UP for waht I believe in, because that's 'indoctrination'"? That kind of relativism has TOTALLY disarmed us as a people, and has allowed the very real and powerful fascist forces in power to trample all over the people of this world. The body count is in the hundreds of thousands...yet some people think that it's wrong to oppose it, or to convince others that they should oppose it.

Ramming any ideology down someone's throat is problematic, to be sure. But if you can't see the difference between fascism and anti-fascism, between raising kids right and indoctrinating them, you're not helping things.

Damn! That shit makes me crazy. People need to stop feeling so guilty for having principles and beliefs, and start standing up for them.

I loved it! A famous quote came to mind immediately "And a little child shall lead them"

If it's so simple that young children know Bush needs to go, why can't their parents?? Laura

I do think that Bush has engaged in some dishonesty during his presidency...I am not sure that he should be impeached...anyway, like some others said, I am disturbed that the kids are being indoctrinated. They don't even know what the heck they are saying and it is wrong to get them involved before they truly know what's going on.

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