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* Bring the troops home from Iraq now!
* Support Sen. Webb's amendment to prevent funds being used to attack Iran!
Call the Congressional Switchboard toll-free: 888-851-1879

On Monday, the U.S. Senate began to debate its version of Bush's supplemental war funding request. It appears that, like the House of Representatives, the Senate will give Bush $100 billion more to continue the occupation in Iraq, while calling for troops to be brought home next spring, a year from now. It is important that the Senate hear from the antiwar movement: We want this war to end now!

It is likely that the bill will be voted on TODAY, so we urge you to make your calls right now. It is critically important that your Senators know we want them to support an amendment from Senator Webb that would prohibit the use of military funds for operations against Iran. Given the ongoing tensions and the recent decision by the UN Security Council to impose sanctions against Iran, this amendment is very timely and must be supported.

Some have argued that a bill with any kind of withdrawal date is the best we can hope for, and that we must accept "reality." Within the special kind of "reality" that exists in the halls of Congress, that might seem true. But what about the other reality? The reality where dozens are being killed and hundreds wounded nearly every day that this war continues, and where our critical infrastructure at home is decaying from neglect? It is our job to remind -- and keep reminding -- those who represent us in Congress of that reality.

Whatever the outcome of the debate and vote in the Senate is, the Congressional process around the supplemental funds is far from over. The House and Senate versions of the bill will be different and so this all will move into a Conference Committee, out of which will come one new version of the bill. That new bill will then go back to both houses of Congress for a final vote before going to the President. In other words, in the coming weeks we will have more opportunities to remind Congress of the clear mandate that came out of the November elections: It is time for Congress to take action to end the war, not to prolong it!

Next week Congress will be in recess, which means that members will be in their home districts. The Senate is scheduled to be out for one week and the House of Representatives for two weeks. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to bring your concerns directly to your elected representatives.


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