From Congressman Mike McNulty

(Washington, DC): Congressman Michael R. McNulty today voted against the supplemental appropriations bill to continue funding the War in Iraq. He issued the following statement:

In the spring of 1970, during my first term as Town Supervisor of Green Island, I testified against the War in Vietnam at a Congressional Field Hearing in Schenectady, New York.

Several months after that testimony, my brother, HM3 William F. McNulty, a Navy Medic, was killed in Quang Nam Province.

I have thought -- many times since then -- that if President Nixon had listened to the voices of reason back then, my brother Bill might still be alive.

As a Member of Congress today, I believe that the Iraq War will eventually be recorded as one of the biggest blunders in the history of warfare.

In October of 2002, I made a huge mistake in voting to give this President the authority to take military action in Iraq. I will not compound that error by voting to authorize this war's continuation.

On the contrary, I will do all that is within my power to end this war, to bring our troops home, and to spare other families the pain that the McNulty family has endured every day since August 9th, 1970.


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Ok, everyone in McNulty's congressional district, call or fax his office and thank him for this vote. Do it.

Even if you're not in his district, give him a call or send a fax.

ph: (202) 225-5076
fx: (202) 225-5077

Iraq has nothing to do with Viet Nam and the McNulty family. To vote against funding it for reasons unrelated to the War on Terror shows how stupid most liberals really are. At least if he pretended that there is no Islamic threat facing the US, he might have been able to get away with the appearance of logic to his vote.

But I suppose if there were no useful idiots in the world how would Islam ever be able to dominate the Earth, as they promise to do?

I suppose I should be against the Iraq war because in WWII I lost 98% of my relatives. Perhaps if Britain and later the US had simply surrendered to the Nazis right off we never would have had tens of millions of deaths. This supposes that if Hitler controlled the world (along with the Japanese) he would not have needed slave labor camps to manufacture war munitions and that he also would have turned into a decent human being.

But being opposed to the Iraq war because some previous war didn't turn out well is immaterial. The reasons for not wanting to be in this war should be based on material relevant to the Iraq situation. Not supporting this war will not bring any soldier who died in Viet Nam back nor will it save future lives, in fact, it may lead to even more deaths of those who Congressman Mike McNulty supposedly wants to save now. Not very wise.

From Planck's Constant

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