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Q Is the White House concerned about the protests that are planned in Salt Lake City today?

MR. DUFFY: The President addressed that directly. He can understand that people don't share his view that we must win the war on terror, and we cannot retreat and cut and run from terrorists, but he just has a different view. He believes it would be a fundamental mistake right now for us to cut and run in the face of terrorism, because if we've learned anything, especially from the 9/11 Commission Report, it is that to continue to retreat after the Cole, after Beirut and Somalia is to only empower terrorists and to give them more recruiting tools as they try to identify ways to harm Americans.

So he believes that people have a fundamental right to express their views. That's one of the reasons we're fighting this war on terrorism, to protect our fundamental rights. But at the same time, he disagrees strongly.

Q Cindy Sheehan's group is airing commercials in Utah, again asking the President to meet with her. And there's going to be protests planned. Is the President -- does he know about these protests, about these commercials at all, and does he have any response?

MR. DUFFY: No. I don't have any -- there are people along the side of the road wherever the President goes, supporters and others. So the President is certainly aware. But, again, he believes that Americans, obviously, have a right to express their views. That's part of being American. That's one of the things we're fighting for.


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The sad thing is that so many Americans will buy this sort of bull****. I sincerely apologize for the language, but this is getting worse:

  • 'He can understand that people don't share his view that we must win the war on terror, and we cannot retreat and cut and run from terrorists'

That's correct. Cindy Sheehan and the rest think that we should run from terrorists, that terrorists should do whatever they like. The sad thing is that so many Americans will just buy this. Likewise:

  • But, again, he believes that Americans, obviously, have a right to express their views. That's part of being American. That's one of the things we're fighting for.

That's also correct. Our freedom of speech is one of the reasons that Bush invaded Iraq and that America continues to occupy Iraq. That sounds right. That makes sense. How could anyone be against the Iraq war without being an obvious hypocrit or simple idiot -- enjoying his/her free speech while 'attacking' the only option for enjoying free speech.

I'm sorry for the sarcasm. How is it that so many Americans fall for this sort of stuff? (That question, incidentally, is neither sarcastic nor rhetorical.)

Maybe the old adage is right: Ruplicans want cynicism about politics, so that nobody will vote the issues. (Sadly, far too few Democrats seem much different. But there are exceptions.)

Your comments are bang on the money. Also note the "I'll set them up and you knock them over" style of questions.

America is in a pre-fascist state.

There is a holocaust in Iraq and we are committing it. History will judge us harshly if we do not fight to stop it.

I am glad you wrote the comment "History will judge us harshly if we do not fight to stop it". I hope your comment is voiced in every town square of America. WE THE PEOPLE cannot be silent when we have so much overwhelming evidence of Bushco and PNAC conspiratorial complicity, cronyism, and wrongdoing. It is imperative that we inform the ignorant, the stubborn, and the blindfaith among us with speeches and flyers.

You are utterly misinformed by the corporate owned media and government. There is no way that Iraq could have ever threatened our freedom. They demonstrably did not have the power to do so. The weapons of mass destruction had long since been dismantled and destroyed was being verified by weapons inspectors from the UN teans in 1998, when the US informed them they were about to start bombing again.

In 2002 thay were also in the process of demonstrating that when the US government decided it was time to start another bombing campaign, so the inspectors decided to leave ahead of the bombs falling. They were not thrown out by the Iraqi government as our government liars and complicit media have trained you to believe. Again in 2002-2003 the weapons inspectors were in the process of verifying that there were no longer any WMD when thay were informed of another impending bombing campaign by the US military. We had placed CIA spies with the inspectors and the Iraqis knew it, but relented and let them in to have unfettered access because they knew the hell we would unleash on them if they didn't. They suspected we would anyway, thus their reluctance to allow inspections which included spying to render them more velnerable to military strikes by increasing the accuracy of the bombing. Bush and his fascist administration were determined to invade to steal control of the oil and to privatize the Iraqi economy so American firms could buy it up and reduce the Iraqis to a neocolonial condition. This is what has really been happing. It is the epitome of hypocracy to say it's about protecting our freedoms when we actually invaded a sovriegn nation posing no threat to us to subject them to neocolonial domination by a superpower. As a great Indian novelist recently said, "this is the most cowardly war in history". I do not apply this to our soldiers but as regards the chickenhawk bush administration it fits perfectly.

Louis - I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the guy you are replying to was being sarcastic... You are agreeing with him, not correcting him.


Why is it that Bush will not answer any questions on his own. He always has to have a talking head doing it for him. That incessant "The President believes this ... the President believes that. Why can' Bush speak for himself, ad lib, off-the-cuff to the American people?

Mr. Duff's answer speaking for Bush is nothing but a pile of horseshit! I don't care how many of those self-righteous, so-called "Christian" right wingers can't handle the lingo. Get a life!

The American people are pissed off, oh, I mean upset, at Bush and his lies and deceit perpetrated in our names. You know what, we all pay his salary, especially those of us who aren't getting huge tax breaks. Just think, the ones who really support him aren't paying much of percentage of his salary at all. I'd think that should piss off most middle class Americans with any grey matter between their ears.

The bush administration simply refuses to answer any questions.
Press secretary Scot McClellan probably makes a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year, basically for his abiity to never answer questions in any way that might reveal what they are really up to. They frame the whole debate. For example, the whole business of an exit strategy is deception because they have no plan to leave.They are building 14 military bases and the largest US embassy ever.This indicates a plan to stay.

They never planned to leave. They went in to take over control of Iraq's govt by installing politicos who are friendly to our "national interest" They also want to control as much of the production and sale of oil as they can. They protected the oil fields and let the rest of the country descend into chaos. Chaos is good for a fiscal invasion. The incredible suffering of the Iraqi people and the death or wounding of our brave military is apparently irrelevant to them.Bushco went into iraq to gain as much control of iraq's govt,the region,its infrastructure and of course the oil, as is possible.

This is not a "noble cause" See Perkins" Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" The Iraq policy is pure PNAC.They did not hire any Iraqis, but brought in thousands of American contractors to completely rebuild the infrastructure in our image. The Iraqis know this, which explains some of the motivation of the "insurgency". A percentage of the American people still buy the story about freedom and bringing democracy to the Middle East. Its a very good moral rationale to cover their real intentions. Exporting democracy is not the major motivation.

Bushco invaded iraq to gain as much control of the country and its oil as possible. This is the camel in the living room Last Fri. Rumsfield was interviewed for an hour by Charlie Rose, a 'liberal press' public television personality. All the talk about the troop strength and setting dates and exit strategies was a waste of time Its very deceptive as they dont plan to leave. The press does not ask about the military bases and the largest US embassy ever being built. The debate about exit strategy is a ruse. There is no exit strategy.

We have to learn to think logically about the issues and ask basic questions which go beyond the absolute stonewall of arrogance, spin secrecy, and lies. They frame all the issues; highlighting topics or talking points they want discussed. They dismiss all the issues they dont want discussed.Where is a discussion of the billions Halliburton is making in Iraq? How about the fact that cheney is still receiving a salary from Halliburton while he is our vicepresident? It would seem this conflict of interest would be a rather large story, yet its barely mentioned.

Another deception is the statement that we are "fighting them over there; so we dont have to fight them over here". This assumes that killing Iraqis "over there" means that some "terrorists" wont come here. This is an 'either/or fallacy'.That is, killing people in Iraq in no way insures terrorism will not eventually reach our shores.
There is no finite number of terrorists. In addition, killing thousands of people not only creates more hatred towards us, but the war itself provides a real life training opportunity for insurgents. The idea that we would invade a country which did not do anything to us, and then use the country as a staging area for a war on terror is another incredibly illegal, immoral and/or fantastic scenario which some people seem to accept on face value.

We have to inform/teach each other and those americans who have been persuaded to believe the lies. They can be informed by the simple truth of what has happened. We have to learn how to think outside the box created with propaganda, and an emotional manipulation of fear and the 911, national security and patriotism cards.

Cindy Sheehan is an honest, truthful person. Bush cannot face her because she is not afraid of him, not afraid to look at the truth, not afraid to speak truth to power. She has tapped into that love of truth that millions feel who hate being fooled/lied to, especially about matters as deadly serious as war.

They never let bush speak off the cuff because he might slip up and say something which reveals the truth about whats really going on.
He is not as good a liar as Mc Clellan. His skill is in presenting a scripted image to people who have not really educated themselves.

Bushcos policies benefit the few. They are a continuous attack on our country in every area: education, medical care, jobs,the environment, separation of powers, civil,individual and workers rights. Every where you look you will see a reversal of policies which helped average americans and protected us from corporate corruption/abuses.
Unfortunately they control the media which might mention these corporate scandel/ give aways for a night or two. The legislation is quickly forgotten. What remains are the consequences in our lives. The recent energy bill gave billions in corporate welfare to energy companys who are already recording huge profits, while we get to pay 3 bucks a gallon. (see Thomas Register for Congressional Acts & Laws)

They want to completely dismantle all our social programs like Social Security and Medicare. This is why they are not concerned about the huge deficits because at some point the Fed.govt will be unable to fund these programs anymore. Then they will say bush tried to reform soc sec. In reality, this was not reform but another corporate giveway, this time to banks and wall street. If people really knew what this regime has done with secretive deals and late night legislation; he would be impeached for DSM & rovegate. The republican control of our govt. would be reversed in next election.

Hey, Citizen G.
You've got a firm handle on the problems that face our country. I'm enthused about the prosepect that we can educate our fellow citizens concerning the issues you outline. I'm encouraged by the debate that is beginning. I'm a teacher who has done practically nothing over the summer but research, organize, create literature, and plan activities to get the message out there. I hope that everyone realizes that creating opporutnities for dialogue is an essential part of the process for change. Let's get folks off their couches, out of the malls and into the public square. By the way, do a little research about the newly formed Iraq government and the politics of each faction. Yes, our presence in Iraq has attracted terrorist recruits. The U.S. government has played directly into Al Qaeda's hands. It is also importat to consider the political implications of a government consisting of a Shia majority, and the limitation of rights (women's religious minorities) in the prosepective constitution. This area is a perfect target in the campaign against the war.

If he cannot take a few minutes to answer one woman.......then let him take time to answer the millions who have the same questions.
WHY did we go into Iraq? WHY did we find no WMD?
a much bigger question: WHY is he not interested in Osama Bin Laden ,IF ,as he says, OBL was the one that is responsible for 9/11?
It amazes me that some still believes the old, sad story he continues to tell us. WE have created the hell hole of Iraq ,that spawns terrorists ...WE have created a world of hatred toward us...we have no allies anymore. HE has seen to that!
the god bush talks to is NOT my God...WE are NOT safer in the US, because he has made us a feared nation.....there is no room for love ,when you create fear!!

Does anyone know how long it has been since Bush mentioned Osama bin Laden's name in a public speech?

I heard it was 13 months!?

It is a truly breathtaking indictment of the MSM that they let Bush get away with going on (and on) about 9/11 whenever he defends his Iraq folly and no one ever challenges him on the status of the hunt for the so called perpetrator of the act itself.

The MSM needs to be dismantled after Bush & Co gets jailed. No barons, no foreign ownership.

If anything stinks of bullshit it is this...

Why oh why Mr Bush have you forgotten Osama? It is hugely revealing.

He needs Osama out there. Ready to take the fall for the next neocon engineered atrocity.

Can't be long now...

ps Courage Cindy.

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