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"Go Home and Take Care of Your Kids"

by Cindy Sheehan at Daily Kos
Mon Aug 22nd, 2005 at 09:28:51 PDT

Day 16 - The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford

I have received dozens of emails with this heading: Go Home and Take Care of Your Kids. I think of all the name calling and unnecessary and untrue trashing of my character, this one offends me the most. What do the people who send me this message mean?

First of all, it offends me because it is so blatantly sexist. Would anyone think of emailing George Bush when he is out and about (now he is going on a vacation away from his vacation to make speeches in Idaho and Utah defending his killing policies), telling him to go and take care of his kids? Does anyone write to ANY man and tell him to go home and take care of his kids. I have news for all of these people, my children are adults and their dad is home to take care of them if they need any taking care of.

The second reason this command from the self-righteous right offends me is that I believe that what I am doing is for my children, and the world's children. I think that the strategy of eternal baseless war for corporate profit and greed is bad for all of our children: born and unborn. We heard a few weeks ago that Rummy said that we would be in Iraq for at least a dozen more years, and we recently heard over the weekend that the military is planning for four more years of this occupation, at least. If Rummy is correct, then Soccer Safety Mom Susie's kindergartener will be fighting and dying in the harsh sands of the Middle East and if the military is correct than NASCAR Dad Nick's middle-schooler should start boot camp now. Constant war is not a family value and George Bush's policies of wars of aggression to control natural resources do not make our country more secure...on the contrary. How are SSM Susie and ND Nick going to be able to afford to fill-up their SUV's soon? But I digress.

We as mothers need to stop buying into the load of misogynistic crap that our children need our constant presence in their lives so they can thrive and grow. What we need as families is strong support systems that allow each family member to grow and achieve his/her full potential as human beings. What we as Moms need to stop doing is giving our children to the military industrial war complex to be used as human cluster bombs: to kill innocent civilians and perhaps to die enriching and feeding the gluttonous war machine.

It is up to us Moms to make sure our children are whole and safe. We can start doing this by always opposing the wars that bury our kids. So what I am saying to the people who want me to go home and take care of my kids: I AM taking care of my kids, and yours too.

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Perhaps the e-mails were meant for PNAC NEO CONs who abandon their own children for the "Golf Course" every chance they get. ;-)

In my years of working in "corporateland" and my years of working with the Boy Scouts, I never got used to how completely "abandoned" a lot of the children of the "rich and powerful" really are. It is truly heart breaking.

Of course, here the problem is always with the "god damn kidz", right?

I guess this is why I maintain that the "Older Kidz" have to look after the "Younger Kidz" because the "Patriarchal Grownups" are all crazy.

My "New Age" friends tell me the Age of Aquarius is the "Cardinal phase" of the Pediarchy, the Aeon of the Children, while the "Piscean Age" was the "Mutable phase" of the Patriarchy that introduced "the Gentle Man Lover" 2000 years ago who would liberate the woman. I just know that kidz are dying and suffering and a lot of people in the world want this cycle of violence and abuse to stop.

Thanks Cindy Sheehan, for having the heart and courage to look after the "Younger Kidz" of the world. You are truly wonderful.

"Yesterday a child came out to wonder
Caught a dragonfly inside a jar
Fearful when the sky was full of thunder
And tearful at the falling of a star"
- Circle Game by Joni Mitchell


Dear Cindy,

I have not been abused like you have so I offer my advice in the most humble way possible.

The people who say these things want to make you angry, they want to try and take your eye of the ball. Anger closes the mind.

Abuse is all they have left. They can offer no argument so they reach down to the gutter and sling mud.

Less and less people are fooled by it every day. The world has seen you take the blows with dignity and the world has woken up to their filthy tactics. YOU HAVE DONE THAT AND IT IS A HUGE ACHIEVEMENT.

I was initially incensed by the terrible abuse leveled at you. It staggered me that people were capable of such hate. But now they have shot their bolts and they have bounced off you.

You honestly do not have to address this sort of rubbish. In fact the more they abuse you the stronger you all will become.

Courage Cindy, You are changing the world.

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