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* Cindy's Crawford: Camp Casey Continues to Grow Despite Sheehan's Absence *

Hundreds of supporters converged on Camp Casey outside Bush¹s Crawford
estate this weekend. Although Cindy Sheehan had to leave temporarily to care
for her ailing mother, other military families delivered a letter to the
gates of the presidential property.


* Pro-Bush Demonstrators Mount "I Give a Sheet" Campaign *

Bush supporters also made their way to Crawford this weekend. About fifty
people delivered sheets with messages of support written on them, a local
business-owner started a pro-Bush camp, motorcyclists rode past Crawford to
show support for the president, and mainstream media commentators continued
to attack Cindy Sheehan.


* "If Bush Is Right, Martin Luther King Jr. Was Wrong" - Activist Rev. Peter
Johnson Speaks at Camp Casey *

We play a speech by longtime activist and former SCLC staffer, the Rev.
Peter Johnson who says, "War is not the answer. Only love can conquer hate.
If Bush is right, then Marvin [Gaye] was wrong. If Bush is right, then
Mohandas Gandhi was wrong. If Bush is right, Henry David Thoreau was wrong.
If Bush is right, Martin Luther King Jr. was wrong. If Bush is right, Jesus
of Nazareth was wrong."


* Mother of First Soldier from Georgia Killed in Iraq Also Demands to Speak
with Bush *

We speak with Patricia Roberts, her son Jamaal Addison was killed in Iraq in
2003. He was the first soldier from Georgia killed in Iraq. She says,
"[Bush] goes about choosing which parents he talks to because I don't know
why I haven't gotten the opportunity to talk to him."


* Former Homeless Veteran Describes How Horrors of War Continues to Plague
Soldiers at Home *

We hear a speech by former homeless veteran Ed Boyd. He says, "When the
parade ends, and the military person takes off that uniform, and the horrors
of war are still deep within them, and they can't get help because the
Veterans Administration has got a $2 billion shortfall, they enter into a
world of real terror, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence."


* Military Wife Speaks Out on Eve of Husband's Deployment *

Tammara Rosenleaf came from Montana to join other military families at Camp
Casey. Her husband is about to be deployed to Iraq.


* Mother of Soldier Serving in Iraq Calls Continued U.S. Troop Presence a
"Moral Sin" *

We hear a speech by Andrea Hackett speaking at Camp Casey. Her daughter is
currently serving in Iraq. She says, "Let's make this a huge movement so
that [Bush] has to either answer or go back to the White House and hide.
We'll meet him there on September 24th, though."


* Brother of First Pennsylvania National Guardsman Killed in Combat in 60
years Speaks at Camp Casey *

We hear from Dante Zappala, whose brother, Sherwood Baker, was killed in
Iraq in 2004. He was the first member of the Pennsylvania Army National
Guard to die in combat since 1945.


* Headlines for August 22, 2005 *

- U.S. Drafts Plans to Keep 100,000 Troops in Iraq Until 2009
- Anti-War Protests Grow In Crawford Texas
- Utah TV Commercial Refuses to Air Cindy Sheehan Ad
- U.S. Backs Role of Islamic Law in New Iraqi Constitution
- 2005: Deadliest Year For U.S. In Afghanistan
- Unions Launch International Wal-Mart Organizing Drive
- Police Taser Anti-War Protesters in Pittsburgh
- Peruvian Man Dies in Texas After Being Pepper Sprayed


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Tues, August 23:

* Middle East analyst Juan Cole and Iraqi feminist Yanar Mohammad on the
Iraqi constitution.

* We speak with Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson who is calling for a
protest against President Bush's visit hoping for the "the biggest
demonstration this state has ever seen."

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