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Finish the Intelligence Investigation!

By Steve Cobble
Huffington Post

Kristen Breitweiser's great post yesterday about the failures of the 9/11 Commission reminded me of another failed Committee--the Senate Intelligence Committee, who never did finish their intelligence investigation.

We were promised an investigation into the use and misuse of our intelligence by the White House and the rest of the government.

C'mon, Senator Roberts, let's get going.

(Don't hold your breath. See this link to Raw Story's article for more on this esteemed Kansas conservative.)

C'mon, Senator Rockefeller. You're the Democratic head of this select committee. Aren't you tired of the GOPs playing you for a chump?

C'mon, Senator Levin, you've got the guts--and you only need 4 of your colleagues to hold a hearing. Let's do something here.

Senator Feinstein? You wrote that great letter--can we help you follow up on it?

Senator Bayh? You want to be President--don't you want to know how the Bush Administration misused our intelligence?

What about the other Dems on the committee? Senator Wyden? Senator Mikulski? Senator Corzine?

And Senator Kerry, you had a good letter on this issue!

Don't you think it's time?



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The intelligence apparatus was misused and abused, and a New Department was invented to correct the so called problems with the intelligence apparatus. But what is clear is that several people or portions of these systems were performing their duties.

The People need answers.

The People's tax dollars pay for these investigations, Committees, and (New) Departments. As such these leaders(?) should get down to the business of the People.

The Declaration of Independence states that the government derives:

“their just powers from the consent of the governed,

All it takes is one (look at Cindy Sheehan) to get things rolling. C'mon, Senator Somebody-D?, be a hero--do your job!

R Ap

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