You are herecontent / Bush Plans Yet Another Push to Improve Poll Numbers on Iraq, With Yet More Speeches Linking Iraq with 9/11

Bush Plans Yet Another Push to Improve Poll Numbers on Iraq, With Yet More Speeches Linking Iraq with 9/11

Bush plans bid to rally Iraq support
Texas protests continue as Republicans disagree on conflict
Aides say Bush will attempt to portray the Iraq conflict in the context of long wars like World War II.

CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- President Bush will launch a new round of speeches to rally support for the war in Iraq, advisers said Sunday, as protesters camped outside Bush's Texas home and polls showed weaker support for the two-year conflict.

Senior aides say Bush will attempt to portray the Iraq conflict in the context of long wars like World War II, which U.S. forces fought from 1941 to 1945.

They said the president also will invoke the September 11, 2001, attacks, arguing once again that the insurgents battling American troops in Iraq share the same ideology as the al Qaeda operatives who crashed hijacked jetliners into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field.

On Monday, Bush travels to Salt Lake City, Utah, to speak to veterans at 1:35 p.m. ET (11:35 a.m. MT).

In a previous attempt this summer to boost sagging support for the war, the president delivered a prime-time, nationally televised address in June to a military audience in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In his speech, Bush assured Americans that the conflict in Iraq was worth the sacrifice. (Full story)

The sacrifice includes 1,862 U.S. troops deaths, including a soldier who was killed by a roadside bomb Saturday near Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

"Our mission in Iraq is clear: We're hunting down the terrorists. We're helping Iraqis build a free nation that is an ally in the war on terror," Bush said in June.

"We're advancing freedom in the broader Middle East. We are removing a source of violence and instability, and laying the foundation of peace for our children and our grandchildren."

But his remarks did little to move public opinion. A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted August 5-7 found that 54 percent of those surveyed thought the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a mistake. (Full story)

The 9/11 commission's report, issued in July 2004, found no evidence that Iraq had any operational relationship with al Qaeda.

The CIA concluded in February that Iraq had become a training ground for terrorists who wish to attack U.S. troops -- a haven critics say did not exist before Saddam Hussein's ouster.

Crawford protests

The Iraq issue has followed Bush into his planned five-week vacation in Crawford, where dozens of antiwar demonstrators have set up a makeshift camp near his ranch.

The protesters are led by Cindy Sheehan, whose son, Casey, was killed in Iraq in April 2004.

Hundreds of white crosses commemorating U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq are now planted just outside Bush's property, and the demonstrators drew support Sunday from folk singer Joan Baez.

"I think Cindy and the women have impeccable credentials -- no matter how hard people try to slander and assassinate their personalities, it is impeccable credentials," Baez said. "I think they simply can't be not listened to."

Sheehan, the founder of Gold Star Families for Peace, began camping outside Bush's Crawford home on August 6 in hopes of having a second meeting with the president.

The first occurred in 2004, when Bush met with families of those killed in Iraq at Fort Lewis, Washington.

She left Thursday to tend to her mother, who suffered a stroke last week, but says she will return to "Camp Casey" if possible.

Meanwhile, in downtown Crawford, more Bush supporters arrived at a pro-Bush camp, The Associated Press reported.

As of Sunday afternoon, more than 150 people had visited the pro-Bush camp, which features a large tent with "God Bless Our President!" and "God Bless Our Troops" banners, the AP reported.

The pro-Bush camp is called "Fort Qualls," for Marine Lance Cpl. Louis Wayne Qualls, 20, who was killed in action last fall in Falluja, the AP said. Qualls' father, Gary Qualls of Temple, Texas, said the anti-war demonstrators are being disrespectful to soldiers.

White House officials concede Sheehan's vigil has drawn much more attention than they anticipated.

GOP discord

Meanwhile, some congressional Republicans have raised questions about the progress of the war.

Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a long-time critic of the administration's handling of the war, told ABC's "This Week" that "'stay the course' is not a policy."

Part of the problem, he said, "is we have no measurement for progress."

Sen. George Allen, on the same show, backed the president's war effort even as he acknowledged that it was beset by problems.

"I think there's progress being made, but it's very difficult," said the Republican from Virginia, noting that the Iraqi parliament is attempting to meet a Monday deadline to create a draft constitution.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, told "Fox News Sunday": "Nobody wants to withdraw, but people are concerned. It's gone on longer than we thought. The violence is larger than we thought it would be."

A bipartisan group of House members and Sen. Russ Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat, have proposed a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq by the end of 2006.

The administration opposes the plan, arguing that a timetable would simply let the insurgents wait out U.S. troops.

Feingold, a possible Democratic presidential candidate, said the date was "target," not a deadline -- one that would spur the fledgling Iraqi government to take more responsibility for its own security.

"Without any sort of a time frame in place, we'll never even get to that point," Feingold told NBC's "Meet the Press."

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican, told NBC that setting a timeline for a U.S. withdrawal would be a bad idea. He said the United States is winning the war in Iraq but that his constituents want to know more about U.S. plans.

The president "needs to get out there and lay it out more," Lott said.



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Dear Loyal Subjects, Serfs, and Cannon Fodder,

There has been much talk lately criticizing our "Just and Noble" Holy War to rid the planet of dangerous "wrong thinking people" and take their resources, like oil.

As your Emperor, I demand that you don't listen to these evil Liberal satan worshippers. The only the Truth you can trust is the Truth that "WE THE RICH" tell you.

Not only are these Liberal satan worshippers evil LIARS, but some of them aren't EVEN WHITE PEOPLE. And worse, some of them are WOMEN!!
We all know that women can't be trusted and must be made to serve
men like the Bible says. Cindy Sheehan is the Anti-Christ and kills babies. She and her kind will eat your babies.

Darwinist Science clearly proved in the late 1800s that Rich White Anglo Saxon Protestant MEN are the REAL Master Race and that is why you should only trust the British Ruling Class and the American Ruling Class. We even have really cool double secret fraternity handshakes and stuff.

Now, for the time being, we are working with the Zionists to really
make people feel sorry for poor, poor, poor pitiful Israel. So, please note in your church doctrines that we have moved "Jews and
Israel" from the "THEM - THE PEOPLE WE HATE" column to the "US - THE PEOPLE WE TOLERATE & SUPPORT" column. We will be sending lots more of your tax dollars to Israel so they can buy guns to kill more evil non-white people."

Blah, blah, blah, Saddam killed 8 BIILLION people . . . blah blah . .
Saddam was the one that flew all the planes into the World Trade Centers . .. Saddam created "Poison Ivy" and "Mosquitoes" in secret bio-weapons labs. . . Saddam created AIDS, not US, . .. really. Saddam listens to the Dixie Chicks. . .

Oh, we need your children to kill for us. If they won't go, we will be forced to drug them or send them to prison. The clever ones we will allow to be educated provided they can make us new weapons and drugs to rule the world.

We must stay the course or you will all burn in hell for all eternity.
For the time being, we may have to have a couple more "False Flag" operations so we can round up all these trouble making Liberals and throw their heathen butts in our FEMA concentration camps. The rest of you will just get ID chips implanted for global tracking.

God Bless America.

Now salute me and cheer wildly.

- Emperor George W. Bush

Aides say Bush will attempt to portray the Iraq conflict in the context of long wars like World War II.

I wonder if he'll portray it in the context of the longest one?

Vietnam -1960-1975

Bush pull out like your father should have!

Yes, Dubya is very accurate comparing this illegal War of Aggression against Iraq with WWII . . . from a "False Flag" operation, the US has invaded TWO sovereign countries, overthrown their governments, imposed a police state, plundered the art & history museums,and claimed the resources of the country.

From this launching pad, the AIPAC-PNAC NEO CONS plan to continue their "FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE" on the entire world while purging the "HOMELAND" of artists, intellectuals and liberals.

Yup, just like WWII. Go Dubya!! Good Analogy!!!

So let's see if I've got this straight.

The President tells us that all Iraqis who are currently fighting against foreign occupation share the same ideology as the al Qaeda operatives who destroyed the World Trade Center. Therefore, U.S. military forces are deployed and engaged in battle as a counter-measure against an ideology.

Leaving aside the questionable comparison, does anyone with any knowledge of history seriously believe that ideologies can be defeated by force of arms? It seems to me an open admission that U.S. troops are being sacrificed in an eternal and utterly impossible mission.

Whatever happened to our confidence in the truth and in evidence provided by our own way of life as the primary weapons against other ideologies? Our current leadership seems to see truth as the most fearsome weapon against itself. They are right.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and each time expecting a different result. In the case of George Bush hold the course regardless that the course is wrong school of leadership, this following anti war song puts it best.

It was back in nineteen forty-two,
I was part of a good platoon.
We were on manoeuvers in Louisiana,
One night by the light of the moon.
The captain said, "We've got to ford the river",
That's where it all began.
We were knee deep in the Big Muddy,
And the damn fool kept yelling to push on.

The Sergeant said, "Sir, are you sure,
This is the way back to the base?"
"Sergeant, I once crossed this river
Not a mile above this place.
It'll be a little soggy but we'll keep slogging.
We'll soon be on dry ground."
We were waist deep in the Big Muddy
And the damn fool kept yelling to push on.

"Captain, sir, with all this gear
No man'll be able to swim."
"Sergeant, don't be a Nervous Nellie,"
The Captain said to him.
"All we need is a little determination;
Follow me, I'll lead on."
We were neck deep in the Big Muddy
And the damn fool kept yelling to push on.

All of a sudden, the moon clouded over,
All we heard was a gurgling cry.
A second later, the captain's helmet
Was all that floated by.
The Sergeant said, "Turn around men!
I'm in charge from now on."
And we just made it out of the Big Muddy
With the captain dead and gone.

We stripped and dived and found his body
Stuck in the old quicksand.
I guess he didn't know that the water was deeper
Than the place where he'd once been.
For another stream had joined the Muddy
A half mile from where we'd gone.
We were lucky to get out of the Big Muddy
When the damn fool kept yelling to push on.

Well, you might not want to draw conclusions
I'll leave that to yourself
Maybe you're still walking, maybe you're still talking
Maybe you've still got your health.
But every time I hear the news
That old feeling comes back on;
We're waist deep in the Big Muddy
And the damn fools kept yelling to push on.

Knee deep in the Big Muddy
And the damn fools keep yelling to push on
Waist deep in the Big Muddy
And the damn fools keep yelling to push on
Waist deep! Neck deep! we'll be drowning before too long
We're neck deep in the Big Muddy
And the damn fools keep yelling to push on

Little George Stupid wants to stay the ; which means continue the lying, continue the deceit, continue the killing, continue the dying!

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