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Brad Show Live From Crawford

The Brad Show is broadcasting live from Camp Casey at high noon CT:

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Dear Brad, or David, or Cindy or whomever,

Have there been considerations to set up a screening area for night time documentary film screening such as:

The Oil Factor
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm
Hijacking Catastrophe
The Corporation
Manufacturing Consent
Liberty Bound
Plan Columbia...

To name but a few off the top of the noggin

God Bless all of you: I believe that you are truly saving the world, by turning this tide; you are history's keepers of truth and honour and time will measure you all in fond light.

Oops I'm posting again...

TWIMC: Have their been consideration given to the possibility of screening night time documentary films such as;

The Oil Factor
Liberty Bound
Hijacking Catastrophe
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm
Manufacturing Consent
The Corporation
Plan Columbia
The Oil Factor
Preventive Warriors....etc

Could have stunning results methinks.

& Then, perhaps, have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of FREE COPIES to take home and have House Parties...

& then: Build a website to track the proliferation of these copies as they move from friend to friend and from group to group...

Call it the Intellectual Self Defence --- Head and Shoulders Campaign

All we need is for people to know the truth !!!!

Documentary films are far and away the path of least resistance...who doesn't own a DVD ???

Reference 'THE CORPORATION' a film by Mark Achbar;
They would probably be a wealth of knowledge and help.

Please consider this SOMEONE ----

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